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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson share New Year's Eve -- again

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson likely wouldn't be the types to rage out in Las Vegas or jet off to Cabo to ring in the new year -- but that shouldn't suggest they don't love a getaway.

For the second year, the "Twilight" stars enjoyed some time off together on England's Isle of Wight, a large and lovely resort town right off the mainland. 

Clad in jeans and black jackets, Pattinson and Stewart surfaced several times at the Isle's Spyglass Inn (the irony) lunching on New Year's Eve, then returning for a spot of music and the countdown with a group of friends that evening.

The on-screen lovers returned the next day, where according to People they were recognized by "several fans." 

So why this rather obscure location, for two years running?

One possibility is England-native Pattinson's love of music. The island has a legendary rock festival, with roots in classic rock performances from the likes of Jimi Hendrix. There's also plenty of draw for romantics -- Queen Victoria's gorgeous Osborne House is situated on Wight as well. 

Tell us your thoughts on the two's New Year's tradition in the comments section below.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Credit: Kimberly French / Summit Entertainment / Associated Press 

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They make a beautiful couple.

My thoughts? They are dating. Rob's friends have a yearly get-away to IOW for NYE and he's been bringing his girlfriend the past two years. Its odd that this article won't even dare say they are dating. Yet they are never with anyone else and have been "caught" kissing several times now.

They are a beautiful couple - I would say trying to keep their relationship as "normal" as possible. A quiet, relaxed somewhat private location for a getaway seems perfect. I wish them the best - love them both.

It IS all PR! Positively Romantic!
I love them both! Very good grounded people, and I am happy they met each other.

Good on Robsten. Now on the business end these two talented stars need to be rewarded with oscar recipients. They've astounded the entertainment world with their performances.Its time fulfill that measure with that award that they deserve.

God! Every People in this world knows they're dating!!!! for crying out loud!
and i admire them on how they handle their relationship. Keeping away from many eyes, not talking too much about their private lives. No doubt these two will last together and get married.

I love robert and kristen they are good toghater they make each other happy so we sould be happy for them.

Rob always says he is single. I believe Rob.

I think that is key – Hendrix was working. Rob and Kristen were trying to have a nice night. Such a shame that they couldn’t have had the night for themselves and fans could’ve posted the sightings the next day.

Yeah, just so you know, the Isle of Wight is NOT a resort town. It is an isle of the coast of Hampshire in the south of England which has several small towns on it.

Besides that, I'm a bit bored of the whole are-they aren't-they thing. Just say one way or the other!

the posting by aureliel means what - how ridiculous a comment that rob always says he is single, single means my dear not married. and rob is not married. where is that comment coming. from

YEAAH I LOVE THEM TOGETHER THEY ARE BOTH THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish these people would leave them alone or they will end up breaking up because of them

i hope they are together for a long time !!

The two of them are NOT together. They were just there as the best of friends. They were having the times of their lives. The only I will believe that that they are dating is if they take a lie detector test &/or truly come out to the media (from their own mouths) that they are officially dating. Everyone who thinks they are dating are extremely delusional.

Rob and his Brit Pack pals have been celebrating NYE there for many years. Kristen is a tag along. She's made films with Tom Sturridge and Eddie Redmayne, who were also there, among about a dozen friends who did everything as a group. Several accounts said Rob stayed by the bar with Tom and listened to music while she spent most of the time outside smoking with the girls. Rob has always said he's single and when Breaking Dawn finishes filming and they both go their separate ways, they never have to explain anything. Shippers need to get a life.

I don't care what they did over the holiday, I'm more excited to hear about Rob's newest role. He's just been cast in David Cronenberg's film, Cosmopolis. He plays a jaded New Yorker who has a wild day in a limo, Marion Cotillard plays his wife and Paul Giamatti co-stars. Great career move for everyone involved.

@WonderFalls -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG ... and funny that you should mention "Cosmopolis" ... because fresh on the blog is ...




Good job, guys!

so i read an article before this saying the pair are acting in public and putting on a front with their supposed off screen romance , i for one am sick of reading this negative garbage and wish it all could be deleted before its printed to read as this material is trash whether true or false so just leave them be and i cant believe summit or their publicists arent taking better care of the situation , anyway in love or lust or whatever i just love their relationship whatever it is , they keep the fans guessing and the media crazies crazier so thats worth it all . happy new year to all , be safe and most of all enjoy the moment

I think Robert and Kristin are basicly private people. What time they do get to be away from filming movies, they want that time to themselves.

I think we have to be realistic here on the situation of two people( in case we're so obsessed of the idea of their Twilight characters)that these two youngsters also needs their privacy just like any regular human beings.I love both of them and I think wether they're dating or not they're compatible and enjoyable to watch with.They have this connection and chemisty onscreen that is so cute and fun to watch. Happy 2011 Everyone!

robert i love the new moon


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