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Robert Pattinson is seriously funny, says Olivia Wilde

Robert Pattinson Olivia Wilde Despite Robert Pattinson's exceptional gift for intense stares and pursed lips, he certainly has the power to amuse, according to one Hollywood "It" girl. Olivia Wilde, to be precise.

At the Weinstein/Relativity bash, the gorgeous "House" brunet chatted briefly with the Ministry (carefully standing on the perimeter of her epic Marchesa dress) about presenting an award with the "Twilight Saga" star at Sunday's Golden Globes.

"We laughed so much," she said of her moments with Pattinson before presenting the award for best foreign film. "He's seriously one of the funniest people."

Not to peel back the curtain -- but we also told you about the moments before Pattinson and Wilde stepped out to the stage, when Rob threw back a beer and tested bits to try on stage.

We all saw the outcome, but good to know Rob has a sense of humor just the same. Did you enjoy seeing him at the Globes? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Robert Pattinson and Olivia Wilde present the award for best foreign film at the Golden Globes presentation. Credit: Associated Press

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Just wish we could of seen more of him and heard him talk a little more. Rob looked really beautiful/handsome in his suit, all else he needed was a beautiful woman on his arm for the whole night and it would have made the night really perfect! Oh and Brad and Angie looked really good last night too!

I though Rob looked very handsome and I loved his dark blue suit, too. He just seems like such a genuinely nice person, that's what impresses me the most. Can't wait for Water for Elephants. I've read the book, liked it very much. The movie with Rob & Reece, perfectly cast, should be wonderful.

"seriously funny" is a funny statement though true, of course. everyone knows that Robert has great sense of humor.

I did enjoy seeing Rob! He looked gorgeous and stylish. He seems like such a smart, nice and funny guy too.

Living in Europe I wasn't able to see the GG, but tell me, looking at this picture: how can you not enjoy this beautiful, tall man? Not only is he very georgeous, he's also very intelligent, humble and with a great sense of humour. He's not a teenidol, he's beloved by millions of women of all ages worldwide. Can't wait until Water for Elephants hits theatre, his fame only will grow!!

I did enjoy seeing Robert at the Globes because I love him as an actor, as a man but mainly last night for the gorgeous look he wore: that Gucci blue Made To Order suit made him the best dressed man around! Absolutely great taste! And, Olivia, possibly one of the best dressed woman! Beautiful pair.

Mr. Pattinson's was excellent during his presentation announcements. Poise, voice timber, control, posture...all of it went very well. He doesn't really need to ham it up since his looks and the rest mentioned made him stand out as a professional.

Go Rob! Very happy for your success ..can't wait to see Bel Ami, Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn I and II... Yea!!

Rob was the best dressed and best looking man yesterday evening. He was stunning. He really wears suits/tuxes well. Looking forward to seeing him in Water for Elephants, Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn.

And great for snatching the lead role in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis.

I watched the Golden Globes ONLY because I wanted to see Robert Pattinson and I was so disappointed with the very brief moment he was on stage. Over all, it was a fairly boring event and had it not been for Rob being a presenter, I wouldn't have watched it at all. It's been fun today seeing the videos of his red carpet interviews. He is a fantastic actor with a lot of charisma and I hope he does well and has a happy life.

They looked excellent together.


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