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'Octomom' Nadya Suleman makes a fetish video; grown man cries [poll]

Octomom Nadya Suleman has made a fetish video'"Octomom" Nadya Suleman has apparently made a fetish video -- and from the clips we just saw, heaven help us, we have to say we just wish she'd done a porno. It would have been less annoying. And might not have had a Rick Dees connection.

Suleman busting out of a tight black corset, unsvelte L.A. radio personality Tattoo in a droopy adult diaper and nonstop adult crying as she whips his big ol' hairy backside. This video actually could have been made as leverage to get her mortgage-holder to just give her the dang house for free, just so she'd make it stop.

Our kingdom for a groovy synth soundtrack, please, and no baby costume.

Tattoo, a.k.a. David Gonzalez, is the guy who emceed Octomom's yard sale back in September.

"It's rare to find a unique talent like Tattoo who is willing to be attacked by a pack of pit bulls in an effort to increase ratings," Rick Dees said Sept. 14 when Gonzalez signed with Dees Entertainment.  "There are several projects we're incubating with Tattoo, and he has some amazing ideas."

Incubating -- ha, ha, we get it. So how long has this crime against humanity been in the creative queue? And why didn't we have the option to vote for the pit-bull attack instead?

Also available at Rick.com, in addition to repostings of the pics and videos from TMZ: a lovely recipe for "Chef Dees Date Sauce," to be ladled over cake while it's hot. Let's hope we're the only ones who looked at that combination of Web pages.

Tattoo had no comment Wednesday when contacted by the O.C. Register. And really, can you blame him? See the video at TMZ, if you'd like. But don't say we didn't warn you. And for the love of Western civilization, don't watch it at work.

P.S. Nadya -- spaghetti arms, dear. Now everyone knows you must throw like a girl.


'Octomom' Nadya Suleman facing eviction -- for real this time?

Porn producer offers 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman help with the mortgage

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman unveils spay and neuter sign for PETA on her front lawn

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Octomom Nadya Suleman wears a T-shirt promoting pet birth control outside her La Habra home on May 19, 2010. Credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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Ok.. Here's the information for all that are truly worried about the neglect and welfare of these poor little children.

Office of Governor Jerry Brown //www.gov.ca/m_contact.php

Phone: 916-445-2841

He's just the person who can get things in motion in regards to her neglect and use of the California taxpayers money.
Everyone needs to take a stand for the sake of these little children.
The Governor also needs to check out the connection between her attorney and the CPS in Orange County. Family maybe?
Maybe being Governor he can contact the Federal Government and have the IRS investigate her finances and how she's being paying taxes the last couple of years.


If this was just her having fun and was a video that was never going to be leaked or sold, then I'd be more likely to think kindly of her. I'd still be horrified that she performed sexually charged acts in the same house her kids are supposed to live in and with items that they use, but I'd understand it a little more.

How much more will her children have to take before someone finally takes them away from this insane woman?

All I have to say is, the media is being trolled, i've actually looked into the AB/DL fetish lifestyles before (when your bored on a friday night with the internet, you'll look up anything)
and I can tell you this. This video is NOT a fetish video, thats a parody of a fetish. a real fetish video about this would be much more different. Hearing about a "fetish video" every day on TV just makes me want to pimp-slap the media and tell them "NO".

they just really dont get when they've lost. Octomom was using this only to boost her ratings so more people would search her, therefore, media is getting trolled.
Also, how that would be considered a fetish video about adult baby diaper lovers, I have no clue in the world. if you guys want to dive into that lifestyle to see what their videos are really like, look it up. its in no way like that.

Nadya Suleman is the #1 argument for birth control, but not by her - by her mother. Somebody please give me a time machine and an IUD.

She's obviously confused. She sadly has little or no moral or spiritual guidance. If she does, she's not heeding it. The battle between the choice for a path of sheer patience and a path of infamous breakthrough is tearing her. I fear for her... She's obviously sinking.


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