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Mel Gibson domestic-violence decision still up in the air

Mel Gibson domestic violence criminal charges still undecided. Whether Mel Gibson will face criminal charges of domestic violence is still up in the air, with the L.A. district attorney's office on Wednesday pretty much saying, "Believe it when you hear it from us."

Gibson has been under investigation for months on allegations of domestic violence involving ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who said the actor hit her while she was holding their child. Simultaneously, authorities have been investigating whether there was a related extortion attempt against Gibson. And, yeah, there were those tapes.

"Allegations of domestic violence involving Mel Gibson are actively under review by the district attorney's office," L.A. County D.A. Steve Cooley said in a statement, reported by L.A. Now.

"Information received will be taken into account in deciding whether or not to file charges. Any decisions made by the D.A.'s office in this case will be made public in a timely manner."

Radar Online had reported Tuesday that prosecutors were "ready to file criminal charges" against the actor after a two-hour meeting between Gibson's lawyer and a deputy district attorney.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Mel Gibson in February 2010. Credit: Francois Mori / Associated Press


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Thank you. More hot air from ROL and Oksana's spin machine.

I seriously doubt that the DA or the sheriff or anyone else officailly connected with this case would leak this kind of information to ROL.

More likely Osanka's highly UNPAID attorneys planted it with ROL to try to push Mels buttons ... hoping the pressure will cause him to do something unseemly.

I'm betting ~ no charges due to lack of evidence. The delay? they want to be extremely thorough, especially given the high nutzo profile of O.G. ~ they don't want her bitching up their tree for the next decade like she is doing with Mel.

Nightmare, just a nightmare.

He's too powerful to charge. Just look at how his spin machine is working here in the comments section. He has TMZ in his pocket. He gets away with everything. He always will.

Domestic violence will never end as long as the whole truth about it is misrepresented to comply with feminist ideology. V.P. Biden recently called violence against women, "the very worst abuse." The very worst abuse is valuing one life less than another for having been born the wrong gender. Under domestic violence law, the wrong gender is men. Shelter and services are virtually non-existent for male victims of domestic violence. Options out of a bad relationship, that women have, are often not available to men. Men wind up gender profiled and falsely accused by the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry, because of gender feminist ideology controlling the d.v. industry. Men are often battered by domestic violence, and then battered again by the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry as shown in "Los Misandry" at Youtube.

Gibson has hired a "crisis management team" (to which he is paying a fortune) that is working overtime to put out propaganda in his favor. He is a megalomaniac who thinks he can buy his way out of legal trouble and back into the public's graces.

Let's hope the D.A.'s office sees through him and files felony charges. He beat his girlfriend when she was holding their baby, he threatened to burn her house down and muder her. If he were an ordinary citizen he would have been arrested and jailed long ago.

@ Patricia

"Just look at how his spin machine is working here in the comments section."

You're kidding, right? There are five comments (now six) and and 2 of them are anti-Mel. Sheesh, it's not like there's hundreds of comments. I'm not part of anybody's spin-machine. I just smell a rat and I cannot stand people who game the system for money. And as far as spinning goes...what do you think Oksana and her PR people (ahem, I mean lawyers) have been doing for the past 8 months?


You are wrong. If Mel Gibson were an ordinary person the DA would have never opened a DV investigation on him - six months stale, with no police reports, no 911 calls, no chain of evidence, no doctors reports. If Mel Gibson were an "ordinary Joe" this wouldn't be happening at all. The only reason it is happening is because he is a celebrity - and Oksana went to the media. He has every right to defend himself. But who's the big mouth who loves the spotlight and can't stop talking? Oksana.

From the moment I heard one of the "tapes" - forced on me by radio DJ's during my ride to work - I knew they were fake. I'm not saying it isn't Mel's voice; I'm saying my opinion is that they were edited (spliced and diced). IMO they were pieced together to conveniently convey the image OG wanted to give the public. She had his voice and him saying things, and then recorded herself on another track and spliced the "conversation/fight" together.

Context is EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to audio and video recordings. If you don't believe me, ask Shirley Sherrod who was unfairly fired from HUD because someone changed the context on a video taped speech. Where are the outcrys from the press over the Gibson tapes?

I'm old enough to remember when journalists took pride in their work and would hunt down facts and reveal the truth behind scandals. What a pathetic world we live in where so many have stopped being truth-seekers and are willing to believe anything they hear or see without questioning the facts.

I hope the D.A. is more concerned with the facts than the majority of the press seems to be. I just cannot believe all the things that have gone on with nary a word from major media sources.

Patricia, it is a crime to make threats of murder and arson over the telephone. The fact that Gibson made these threats, and that he was under a restraining order at the time, means he can be charged with terroristic threatening and contempt of court.

Do you really think that if an ordinary citizen were caught threatening to kill and bury someone, burn their house down after making them have sex, that they would get off as easy as Gibson? I work in the legal field and have known people to be arrested for less.


Mel wasn't under a restraining order when the tapes were made. They made up and OG went internationally with Mel for the premiere of "Edge of Darkness".

First Mel Gibson was communicating on a private phone in his home, he was not advised by her that he was been taped. How stupid to suggest he BEAT her while holding his infant child...Mel Gibson is the father of 7 other children and is loved and adored by them. She set him up! was living rent free in his home, and most likely didn't pay to have her child. He spent a fortune helping her get a singing career together...Mel Gibson was angry, plain angry, stupid and a verbal bully, he was in love and manipulated by this women. If she felt her life or child was in danger why in the world didn't she call the police immediately and leave the house he owns? What rights does she have? to impose her legal fees upon him? It's not about her it's about HIS child and to prevent her from leaving the country, it's emotional blackmail believe me.
Mel Gibson is ordinary a man, he made a mistake and will not allow his child to pay the price at the hands of this blackmailer. And yes this is my opinion and no one else's.


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