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Kyle Richards attacks Kim Richards on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'


The Ministry promised you an amazing "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special -- but let us not forget the last piece of grist for the mill: the reality show's season finale.

Yes, the refined women of America's most coveted ZIP code cover Camille Grammer's divorce, a super fun trip to the psychic and, naturally, a blood-curdling display of total maturity between two hysterical sisters.

Indeed, Kyle Richards implodes, funneling all of her shrapnel at sister Kim Richards -- whom she outs as an alcoholic. We'd normally pull delicious quotes from their screaming match but, honestly, the entire video clip is a trainwreck best seen in its entirety.

Feast your eyes, then leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Camille Grammer and the gals: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion apocalypse

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-- Matt Donnelly

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kyle you are low class and obviously living accidently in that zip code...aren't you and your husband and children embarrassed to be on tv for all to see your lack of breeding?

Remember: these sisters are actresses. They are improvising a scene for a TV show . . . I remember seeing them together as children in the movie "The Car" about 30 years ago.

Kyle richards is a real witch and she loves to be viscious to her sister and she is real cruel witch. She thinks she is pretty person she needs to take a look at herself in a mirror and see how ugly and a very cruel and rotten there nothing pretty or not one kind bone she is full of

Kyle Richards body is full of hatred and there is not one kind bone in her body. How dare should she whine and expect anyone out in public to feel sorry for her back stabbing her sister and try to tear down her self esteem...Kyle is cruel and always want the spot light on herself at any cost. Well we the public see the cruel witch attitude she really is. And Taylor is her twin in the two face and trouble maker stirring up trouble where none should be happening. Take a close look at your show and its clear who are the cruel & mean people Kyle you and Taylor are two of a kind & dont deserve any respect or any sympathy. You both have lost any respect from us the public.

kyle is a b-i-t-c-h. i just want to give kim a hug! i don't think an alcoholic can function as 'well' as kim did. shes got huge heels on, doesn't fall - yes, she was a little more emotional because she was drunk, but kyle has been mean to kim all season. kim was the one who was right ALL season about how taylor fueled the fire between kyle and camille, by telling camille how they talked about her in the airport on the way to new york. when kim tries to bring it up, no one listens or they don't want to. i sure hope kim comes back, she is by far the best housewife - out of all the seasons!!!

I think everyone has this wrong - Kim told Kyle she didn't want to see her or don't "start with her" at the party - all Kyle did was walk into the middle of her conversation with Taylor. Then in the limo, Kim, who is obviously drunk and just made a fool of herself in front of all the housewives, tells Kyle that "she stole her house." This is what sets Kyle off - it's obvious that Kyle and Mauricio have been supporting Kim, and it's likely that they had take over a house Kim could not longer afford. Kyle states that she and her husband will no longer be taking care of her and that Kim is now on "her own." She may have been a bit harsh, but I don't see her being out of line at all, given the underlying story, Kim's drinking and baiting Kyle, and Kim's lack of social skills.

I was shocked and appalled by Kyle's rage towards her sister, Kim. Kim was the victim of bullying and abusive behavior, IMO. Obviously Kim is dealing with some demons in her closet and may also be self-medicating herself? But for her sister, Kyle, to cruelly attack her and show no sympathy (in front of the cameras) was disturbing. Kyle has some serious anger management issues and is very bitter to Kim (thanks to the mother's dying wish). They both need therapy and reconciliation. Kyle really needs to apologize to her sister and stay away from Taylor. Taylor was behind all of this mess from the beginning.

Not saying that Kyle was completely right, but both of them were wrong, so it is not right to put all the blame on kyle. Obviously her sister has big problems that havent been shown and she has had the burden of it. Eventually it was too much. Kim looks like the victim, but obviously Kyle has been supporting her emotionally and financially... I like Kyle and Kim, they just had a rough sister moment...

Kyle is disgusting. She PHYSICALLY ATTACKED her sister, and now she's claiming it was her sister's fault because she is such a burden in her life. Typical rhetoric of an abuser--blame the victim. Lisa Vanderpump is so foolish for being friends with this violent and angry woman.

Seriously, people who take Kim's side are low IQ ignorants..

I could tell the first time this show aired that this woman had issues. You can easily see a neurotic woman with issues that do resemble dependency and in this case alcoholism.

If some of you have never lived in a dysfunctional family, well good for you.. but you have no clue what it is like to live with someone who is off their rocker 24/7 and you are expected to be there to pick up the pieces every day for the rest of your or their lives.

Kim needs to get help or stop whining and definitely needs to leave the show.

Paging Dr. Drew!

Kyle don't remember the cruel words she speaks. She really did call Camille insecure. She constantly blame Kim for everything. No one listens to Kim, I think she has always been there for Kyle (Having her back). She was there for Kyle when the other sister Kathey didn't show attend the graduation. Kyle blames Kim for starting the fued in New York. Honestly Kyle is a bitch. Kim was dressed beautifully at Taylor's party but Kyle appeared to be jealous and looked for critricism. Kyle even starred down Kim's Friend. My favorite Housewives are Camille, Kim and Adrienne.

I like Kim and did'nt feel she deserved any of that from Kyle.
Taylor is a PHONY and now I understand why her husband is so cold towards her. Kim has a career as a child star and Kyle did some work as a kid but nothing like her sister. I liked both Kyle and Kim but after seeing how Taylor and Kyle treated Kim,I like Kim now even more.

I feel so sorry for Kim. If Kyle is so put out by her own sister why doesn't she leave her alone? I think Kim would be better off without family if that's the way they act. As for the rest of them, I've never seen women so cold and ruthless attacking one woman like a pack of wolves. They need to grow up, get a life and get some class and manners. Adrienne is the only sensible one on that show. I hope she can help Kim somewhat, at least lend a ear once in awhile. TG Kim has her friend there cause she sure doesn't have family!!

Hello, anyone paying attention to what is actually being said. First of all Taylor said "insignificant", Kim said "insecure" at the airport. Camille said "I feel shy", Kyle said "don't feel insecure" in the hotel room. Taylor who seem's to have issues with Kim told Camille it was all Kim's fault because Taylor didn't know Kyle had told Camille in the room "not to be insecure" Lisa is jealous of Kyle and Taylor's relationship and had suspected TAYLOR for causing all the problems. In a way Taylor did fuel the fire in NY but then again you are dealing with Camille. Taylor stop being such a puppet, Kyle, why were you yelling so loud over Kim when she was yelling at you in the limo, were you afraid we might hear her say something you didn't want the public to know....Adrienne, I'm wondering if we will be seeing you and your kids on Supernanny one of these day's. Kim if your on this show for the money, please get out of it now, your not ready for this. Please don't let your sister bully you into it...

Taylor was the one that started all of this at the airport and what we did'nt see when she and Camille were together before they both came down to dinner.
Kim may have been drunk,but she remembered exactly what Taylor said at the airport. What's Taylor on that she can't remember what she did infact say about Camille!!
To the previous comment that Kyle supports Kim, well Kim supported the entire family including Kathy Hilton before she married into the Hilton family.
Kim and Adrienne are the most real on the show.

I cannot stand that fake trouble maker Taylor. She started all that between Kyle and Camille and when Kim called her on it she lashed out at Kim twice!
No wonder her husband looks like he wants to spit on her everytime she walks in the room. Lisa was right taylor cares more about money and her zip code then the fact her husband does'nt love her and knows she's a cheap gold digger. Kyle surprised me that she would listen to Taylor and allow her to stir up all that trouble, first with Camille and now her own sister.
Kim should have her own show, she's real and sweet,not to mention funny and I enjoy her out of all those stupid women. No wonder all these men cheat on them,if I was a man and married to them I would kill myself...UGHHH

Anyone who can defend Kyle's behavior on that episode is clearly disturbed and
callus. There is no circumstance under which you could treat someone the way she did Kim and justify it. Kyle's nonsense is not an isolated incident. She's been trashing her all season. Whatever their issues are, you just don't throw your family under the bus. You certainly don't gang up on them with a horde of females and triumphantly gloat about it. Every family has drama, and people who are ill, in whatever capacity, can be emotionally draining. You can point the finger at them for their issues, but when you let the worst of you take over that is totally your own fault.

Why are we worried about who can look after who financially? I mean I love the show, in fact I watch all the Housewives franchises. DO you all know who Kim and Kyle's older sister is? It is Kathy Hilton, as in HILTON HOTEL. I think if Kim needed any money which TRUST me she does not, her estimated net worth is $20 million, then she could ask Rick and Kathy Hilton or her nieces Paris or Nicky Hilton for some cash. Everyone on the BEVERLY HILLS HOUSEWIVES are wealthy. You can't live where they live and spend what they spend if you are poor. THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT. I am looking forward to the REUNION though, should be a fun night with a glass of wine

I have had a problem with Kyle this whole season as she is always bad mouthing Kim. Kim always seems to talk well about Kyle and I think she truly loves Kyle. Kyle on the other hand seems jealous and petty, I just think she is mean and spoiled. I think Kim needs to stay away from her, as all Kyle wants to do is tear Kim down. Truth is, Taylor has started both of the fights and Kyle refuses to see that. I really feel the girls have bullied Kim this season. I think she has the kindest heart of them all! Adrienne is by far the most mature of them all! She doesn't seem to get caught up in all the chaos and generally seems like a nice person, money and all!

If I were Kim I would NEVER talk to that witch of a sister, Kyle.....She has been putting her sister out to the wolves all season long.....Kyle needs therapy and needs to get laid....Her husband is just there for appearence sake, and will leave her...She really isn't rich like Lisa or Adrienne...and I think she envies Camille for her money and freedom....I do not respect Kyle any longer. I hope dear Kim gets the therapy she needs, and finds a good man to love her...

Kyle has had so much plastic surgery that it doesn't even look like her. What a bimbo. She is a nasty witch and was totally out of line. I felt so sorry for Kim watching that. I guess this is the kind of role you play when you are a washed up former child star. Pathetic.

I feel awful for Kim. The other women (with the exception of Adrienne) gang up on her. I guess it's like animals, they can sense which of the herd is the weakest and they attack. I don't think it's in Kim's nature to be aggressive or mean and as a result she doesn't have the personality to be able to cope with these women. They will just continue to run her over in both directions, especially Kyle since she seems to love to bully her sister for some unknown reason. If their mother really did ask Kyle to take care of Kim, she asked the wrong person. Kyle has no respect for Kim at all.

A message to Lisa,
Bravo should pay you extra for making the season finale a big bang between the sisters. You definitely got the ball rolling by convincing Taylor she "needs" to talk to Kim and resolve an old issue they had already put behind them. It's interesting that you point out Taylor's fault of fueling Camille's issue with Kyle, just as you fuel Taylor's issue with Kim. So you tell the camera that you did not mean for Taylor and Kim to argue, but it's obvious that you enjoyed watching them fight as you did nothing to cool the tempers. In fact you joined in on the Kim Beat-Down (4 against 1) at the party. There's no need to judge Kyle, if you're really worried about that, we already know she acts like a teenager. What's interesting to note is that Taylor didn't need your advice or input... She was working it out with Kyle. Yet you couldn't take your own advice to stay out of other's business. Perhaps you were threatened that Kyle was going to like Taylor more than you? So just take a look at the episode again and see how you set this whole thing up for the big bang between the sisters. And note also how you did nothing to reduce the tension or calm the situation. It seemed like I was watching a bad highschool movie where the mean girls pick on new girl. It's obvious that Kim was blindsided first by Taylor, then by her own sister who doesn't stand up for her, but in fact jumps on the Taylor Team (in an argument that wasn't hers to jump in on). Too much for you to resist so you join the "Kim Beat-Down." Very classy. Pat yourself on the back for setting it all up so cleverly. If it wasn't for your brilliant advice to Taylor, it would have been a boring birthday party and not much of a final.

I feel so bad for Kim, to have a sister that publicly humiliates her on the show. The real witch is Taylor, she is a trouble maker in the bunch and staying in a loveless marriage just for the address and the sake of filling her phony face with more fillers, yuk. Please fix your lips Taylor, you would look better without that horrible implant. Try using Juvederm to plump them up after removing that thing. How dare you remove a little dog from you child, after she has become attached to that little Snowball, she will be scarred for life now. I like most of the ladies on the show except for Kyle's mean streak at Kim and Taylor the x-white trash Beverly Hills wanna be. I hate to say it I actual like Camille better than Taylor, never thought I would say that. Lisa totally cracks me up and I can see hanging out with her and Adrienne is so awesome and she is the voice of reason for all.

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