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Kevin Smith ponders the fate of his career in Sundance


Kevin Smith is making his Sundance rounds (so far without transport issues) and stopped by the Bing Bar to discuss his controversial new flick, "Red State."

Though Smith, a '90s phenomenon for his film "Clerks," is courting political tension with the new thriller, wherein a cult-like conservative group wreaks havoc on sex-seeking teens, he's also aware of the state of his career.

After seriously upsetting journalists and potential film buyers with a bait-and-switch on the distribution rights to his film, he reflected on Sundance making his career (where "Clerks" was sold) and his latest visit — the beginning of the end?

"I am a creature of Sundance. I made my career here, and tonight I might have destroyed my career here," he told Bing.  

"Or created the second phase of the career."

There's that Smith optimism. What do you think of Kevin's snowcapped drama? Tell us in the comments section below.


Kevin Smith's 'Cop Out' star: Southwest Airlines was unfair

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— Matt Donnelly



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Red State will be great and Kevin's internet supporters will keep he box office receipts flowing if nothing else. And although I should hesitate to speak for the internet.... '011101101001000101001100001101'

Long live the SMODCAST!


"Red State will be great and Kevin's internet supporters will keep he box office receipts flowing if nothing else."

LOL! Yeah, they really kept it flowing for that giant turd known as Cop Out, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Jersey Girl. The guy is an overrated hack. His idiotic and egomaniac rants are more entertaining than his films.

Bravo Joe. You have said some very insightful things here.
I can appreciate the fact that you don't enjoy KS's movies. Hey, there are lots of movies I don't care for either.
You know, you and I may not be that different. Oh, for the exception that I like to say nice things about people and you like peruse the internet being a d-bag.
The fact that that you refer to KS as an 'egomaniac' reinforces the notion that you know nothing about him and are just firing off nasty posts in the hopes that it will make up for some inadequacies in your own personal life.
It is tiring to continuously read nasty posts about people in the public eye by people who have nothing constructive to say.
This isn't just in defence of Kevin Smith, but anyone who get crapped on by cowards hiding behind their computer screen firing out slurs and insults because there is no recourse by the target.
Do yourself and everyone else a favour and go find someone you like on the internet and say something positive.



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