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Ex-managers fear time is 'Tik Tok'-ing on Kesha's money

Kesha sued Ke$ha Kesha — a.k.a. Ke$ha, but that's just stupid — is being sued by her former managers, and those managers want the New York courts to hurrrrrryyyy uuuuuuup allllreeeaaaady. They apparently want a shot at $14 million they say they're owed before Kesha doesn't have it anymore.

DAS Communications sued the singer in New York in May for $14 million the company claimed it was owed from her successful 2010 album. Kesha responded with a countersuit in California, saying she didn't owe anyone anything, because she'd fired DAS in 2008.

But DAS is still pursuing its claim and apparently is afraid the "Tik Tok" party will in fact stop, saying in court papers that the singer "is a very young and inexperienced artist whose 'star' may not continue to rise." So, um, could the court please speed up its decision before her 15 minutes are up?

"Their legal maneuver was to try and delay everything, and we defeated everyone of those motions," a DAS spokesman told E! Online about the latest court action.

"Ain't got a care in world but got plenty of beer," said Kesha. "Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here."

OK, she said that in her big hit "Tik Tok," not in court — but for many reasons, those words should be enough to make anyone worry the big bucks might not last.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kesha performs at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 live show in Madrid on Nov. 7, 2010. Credit: Dave Benett / Getty Images.


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Excuse me but this "very young and inexperienced artist" managed to negotiate herself a record deal and produce a successful record two years after she fired your sorry asses. She may not last as long as Madonna but rumors of her impending artistic death may be highly exaggerated. Ke$ha may not be the best singer out there but she writes some damned catchy tunes, she dresses how she wants and doesn't particularly care what you think about it. I like her sass and attitude. Believe it or not, this is the kind of outside the box creativeness that Gaga is hoping to inspire in young female artists, to be themselves. Like Madonna before her, Gaga is a cultural icebreaker and has set the bar high. Compared to Gaga, anything Ke$ha does will look tame...but interesting and individualistic. So you go, girl.

Kesha sucks. Don't defend her.

I am anxiously looking forward to the day that I can read the lawsuit has finally been rejected. Ofc I didn't read the contract she once signed with DAS, but if she dumped them in 2008, probably over a year ago before Tik Tok even hit the web in late summer 2009, let alone the release of her first album in January 2010, then I highly suspect this is just an unrightful attempt to rob her of her money.

Also, she might be around for longer than those imbeciles from DAS seem to think. For all I know, her first own headlining tour is completely sold out already when it only starts in mid February, and her songs are still up and down the charts whenever she releases a new one. That's not what I'd call a beginning decline in success.


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