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Kat Von D, Jesse James engaged to be married [poll]

Kat Von D and Jesse James are engagedJesse James and Kat Von D are engaged to be married. We'll just let that sit there for a second until you stop coughing.

The "L.A. Ink" star, 28, and former "West Coast Choppers" dude, 41 -- you might also know Jesse James as the guy who cheated on Sandra Bullock repeatedly when they were married -- have been dating since last summer, and now she "said 'yes,' " James told People on Thursday.

If you were thinking last year was a rough one for James, what with all that scandal, humiliation and divorce -- well, silly mortal, you were wrong: "2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend," James told the magazine. "An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs.

Bullock divorced James after the revelation of serial cheating with tattooed women he met primarily through his West Coast Choppers business and flirted with online, via Facebook and Twitter. The divorce was final at the end of June.

This will be James' fourth marriage and the tattoo artist's second.

One challenge? The distance. James is now living in Austin, Texas, while Kat is L.A.-based, and she said they'll have two homes for a while. But it's OK -- lately they've been flirting online, via Twitter.

And you thought the Octomom fetish video was rough news?


Jesse James and Kat Von D, sitting in a tree ... ?

Kat Von D and Jesse James are 'in love,' she says

Sandra Bullock's divorce from Jesse James is final

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kat Von D and Jesse James at the at a California Science Center gala in L.A. on Saturday. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

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Jesse James is such a bonehead. He sounds like an immature idiot.

I'll have to sleep with her before I make any judgements...

Jesse, You are a glutton for punishment--DUDE. In what reality do you exist?

Who are we to judge them? I think if THEY are happy, that is all that matters. Good luck Kat and Jesse!!

Maybe Kat understands him sexually!!!!
All the best to them :-)

Pathetic. What did Sandra Bullock ever see in this lout?

I'll set the over/under at 2 months.


Jesse had a good woman, Sandra Bullock, and couldn't be faithful, so there's no way he's going to be faithful to this woman. Sandra adored him and even gave him props during her acceptance speeches on award shows. A leopard never changes his spots. He's an Aries, with a BIG ego, and no 1 woman can satisfy his needs. He wants quantity, not quality. He needs more than one woman to feed his humongous ego. I give it 6 months before he starts seeing other women.

Take a look at the photo. A picture says a thousand words. Check out the body language. She's holding onto him, and smiling, he's not holding or embracing her, or looking at her for that matter. He's staring straight into the camera, with that "conquest look." "I conquered another one.". Anyone in love would have his left hand touching/caressing her right hand which is on his forearm. He's just showing off to Sandra that he could get a younger (28) woman. He's such an idiot. He can't deal with a beautiful intelligent woman like Sandra, he has to date bimbos, porno stars and tatoo artists!

"2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend,"


He has who knows how many affairs while MARRIED and then she finds out, it breaks her heart, a marriage is ended and he says it was the best year of his life?

Class A Heartless JERK.

I can imagine Jesse marrying this Kat Von D woman since she's THE ONLY woman in the world who is interested in Jesse James! The rest of the world is disgusted with him because of his actions; not only betraying Sandra Bullock in such an awful way but also by rubbing it in by going on national tv to give an interview. He was sobbing that he wanted Sandra back and now this Kat person is "the best thing that ever happened to him"?! Come on, no one will believe that! The fact that Kat believes him says more than enough about her knowledge of men and her I.Q. Everybody knows this marriage will never last and she will become the 4th Mrs Jesse James that he will cheat on and divorce. Just give it time!

once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater

Dear La times,
You have got to be kidding me? Anyone with any ounce of intelligence,and having learned the value of self respect and dignity can see that Sandra made the best choice and divorced this dog. We all can make mistakes that leave us scratching our heads saying, "What was I thinking"? Then plead to our closest friends temporary insanity. But this the ultimate "See i told you so" I was insane!!!
Kat deserves him, I guess she figures if Jesse choose me over Sandra, I must be important? Remember that was after he begged her to come back to him and she declined. Don"t kid your self, Honey. You couldn't lick the dirt of her shoes. One dog deserves another, both of you slum dogs. Case and Point!!! Good Luck Sandy the best person prevailed!!

James "found his best friend" when the world "turned its back on him"? This is not the comment of a conscious soul. This is the comment of a bitter person playing the role of a martyr. James first said, that "he deserved everything he got" or something to that effect. Suddenly, it's "the world" that "turned" on him??? This is a clearly emotionally unsettled, unbalanced human being who doesn't believe people should be angry at him for deeply wounding his wife, who clearly adored him. And Kat D? She knew, when she was with him, that she had the power to destroy his life and make herself famous in the process. This bodes harm to both of them, emotionally speaking. He'll learn, but perhaps not in the public eye. He seems good at misrepresenting what he really feels. This is truly sad. One should pity him -- and her -- not hate them.

I'm listening to the Etta James CD titled "Her Best", and she's belting out "Trust In Me" while I'm reading this article and all the comments about JJ - I can't keep from laughing. LOOK @ the poll, its currently @ 88% for R U kidding me!!! What really bothers me is how this effected Sandra Bullock, one of my favorite actresses. I may be reading this all wrong but to me she is an innocent, she was happy, she thought the best in this man and she got Royally Burned. I was watching 'Two Weeks Notice' starring SB and Hugh Grant the other night; clearly a Pre-JJ movie. Then I was listening to SB/HG discussing the movie with writer/director Marc Lawrence (Director's Cut) and I was just shaking my head thinking, "Oh girl, You're heading for a world of hurt and you don't even know it". So, Sandra, if you happen to read this comment please remember there's a good solid 88% of us who wish You only the best; you deserve it!" Love to you from just another fan. Can I get an Amen? JSJR 1222011

They are just perfect for each other... at this stage of his life. He lost everything good he ever had. And it is a step up for her.

I love kats work but as far as her with Jesse, She needs to step back and pay attention to him being near Sandra ,Whos to say he wont try to rekindle that fire . Im with half the human population thats saying it takes a good strong woman to tame the wild in the man if you take time for your man he wont need to go any where else.


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