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Justin Bieber tells all: 'I'm not normal'


Justin Bieber news comes forth to please the rabid masses in the form of a dishy interview with Vanity Fair -- in which the Biebs discusses his signature hairdo, Will Smith's reading recommendations and Justin's own hero, Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber But first things first: He's nuts.

"Just the way my brain works. I'm not normal. I think differently -- my mind is always racing. I'm just … nuts. But I think the best [musicians] probably are," he tells the mag.

"Music is music, and I'm definitely influenced by Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men," Bieber said, adding that Tupac Shakur is among his faves. Though we'd pay to see him rock out to some "California Love," we'll focus on those Jackson aspirations.

"He was so broad, everybody loved him, and that's what my goal is -- to basically make people happy, to inspire them, and to have everyone root for me," Bieber said.

Bieber was photographed at a private residence in Beverly Hills, where a handful of lucky fans got to participate in the VF goodness (watch a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, above). While these gals were invited to the party, it's often difficult for Bieber to find any privacy from his fan legion.

That's why when Justin's female "friends" -- like, we don't know, Selena Gomez -- want some alone time with the idol, his personal bodyguard makes it happen.

"I feel like I've become an expert at covert operations,” security head Kenny Hamilton said of the lady visits that occur on Bieber's mandatory days off (up to three per week). 

Other gems from Justin's world include his on-the-road tutoring (he hates school), during which he doesn't read much aside from Will Smith's recommendations, including "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Also, Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, is super convinced that her son is here for a reason.

Mallette says that "after a personal encounter with God, she believes that she and Justin have been put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world," the article says.

We'd like her to elaborate on that one. See for yourself when the issue hits stands Thursday.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Justin Bieber, kisses and all. Credit: Art Streiber / Vanity Fair  

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Justin bieber is inspirational, I know that he gets a LOT of haters, but really I think they're all scared to admit their secretive obsession with him - just like everybody else already has! His talent is mindblowing, his songs are MOVING, and his eyes are well ... STUNNING! Justin is born a superstar, and he has the many fans all around the WORLD to prove this. I am certain that Bieber fever won't just be just a small virus, but spreading like the plaugue!

AKA he has bipolar disorder or beginner's schizophrenia or both. But he is right, the best artists usually have some sort of mental disorder, but often to a lesser degree than those being treated in psych wards. Depression or bipolar disorder even a little schizphrenia (shown in people called schizoids) has been shown to help creativity as long as its not too much. But yeah, look at writers like Hemingway (shot himself) or artists like Van Gogh (cut off his own ear!)—the best artists do crazy things.......

Which creates a paradoxical conclusion. Justin Bieber is crazy and crazy artists are the best..... Bieber is one of the better artists out there. How does this make sense!

I just threw up a little in my mouth! ;(

His music is none too different than the standard teenage dance music of the last 20 years, his voice auto-tuned. What a pioneer!

The Bieb should look at the teen idols who came before, avoid their pitfalls, invest wisely, find better things to read than the crap Will Smith recommends, and enjoy the few years of popularity that he's got ahead of him.

"after a personal encounter with God, she believes that she and Justin have been put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world,"

Hm...another Dina Lohan in the making? Heaven help us.

Justin ur not normal but u r a great guy well at least i thought u were.

Leif Garrett wanna-be soon to emerge in 5 years tops...enjoy!

Hey my response about justin bieber is that people should just give him pease and let him live his life like a regular 16 year old so what hes famouse he probobly wants a normal life too i know i would want a little privasy too so what hes cute theres a lot of cute boys hes not going too just give out his number or anything for all we know he could be really mean looks arnt anything people should just leave him alone and im just saying whats best

Hey u guys should just leave Justin alone he probobly just wants to live his life like a normal 16 year old im sure he enjoys the fame and everything justin if ur reading this im not a hater but if i was famouse like that then i would probobly want a little privasy and be able to walk down the the street with out the poperatsy i wish u the best and to be honest ibefor wasnt a fan and non of my friends like u but i think ur a little cute andluv ur music now so i guess u can call me a fan right:) i seen some vidios on youtube and u seem pretty sweet i think it would be awesome to have a interview with u but im not lucky like that and u rock :)

His mother should get him a therapist immediately. This kid is headed for trouble if he's talking like this.

That video stunk, where's the interview? It's a set up photo shoot. Also, he says that he likes MJ, so why do they have him posing with Elvis' albums....?


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