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Justin Bieber finally makes the Super Bowl worth watching

Justin Bieber on his Super Bowl commercial set with Sharon Osbourne

OMG! Justin Bieber's playing in the Super Bowl! Where do we get tickets? Oh, wait -- Justin Bieber made a commercial that will run during Super Bowl XLV, and anyone with a TV can catch the madness with the Biebs and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne next month? Still, OMG!

Bieber's Ozzy-and-Sharon adventure was filmed in mid-January in L.A., according to Best Buy, the bankroll behind the "edvertizment," with the beans spilled by the Biebs on Twitter this week.

"Me and OZZY did a pretty funny commercial," the teen dream said, adding the hash tag "#ugottajustlaughatyourself."

"We know people have high expectations for these ads" -- gee, ya think? -- "and Justin and Ozzy add a whole new dimension of fun," said an exec for Best Buy, in a statement that promised humor and creativity as well.

Color us giddy. After all, "Crazy Train" is one of the best driving songs ever. Plus, yeah, Bieber. Christina Aguilera will sing the national anthem, and the Black Eyed Peas (remember them?) will perform at halftime. We hear rumors football will also be involved.

Young ladies, for your parents' sake and the sake of delicate flat-screens nationwide, please do not crush up against the TV during the game, 'K? Same for you Sabbath fans.


Justin Bieber tells all: 'I'm not normal'

Christina Aguilera to sing national anthem at Super Bowl

Sharon Osbourne: My implants will be Ozzy's paperweights

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Reuters contributed to this report.


Photo: Justin Bieber meets Sharon Osbourne on the set of their Super Bowl commercial. And we'd love to know what that chick in the background is thinking. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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Even in a techno outfit Justin Bieber is still hot.:) Love ya JB!! Never Say Never!!!

Wow. So is this some 15 year old girl writing this crap or what?
Oh Bieber, I'm so giddy! TeeHee!!

How tragic.

Well there goes good entertainment for Superbowl cant we just get ozzy? on a side note i think its funny as hell that bebe was asked never to come back to Vt or allowed in a wall mart ever again he is a little (size and brain) turd and hope he grows up and takes responsibility for his actions some day.lol.

Another reason not to watch....I don't know why, but this kid bugs me. Maybe it is the hair that looks like matted cat butt hair that is glued to his head, or maybe it is becuase he just comes across as being so arrogant...Mr. Bieber is just creepy.

Anybody who uses the phrase "OMG" in conjunction with Justin Bieber has no right to call anyone else "young", much less to write articles for a major News publication. "K", sunshine? That's a good little Generation Whine member. Oooo, hurry now, Justin is on again, ya lucky little flake. :-D

@Saint Subversive @MisterOkay -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. Check out my bio, if you'd like to, in the link on the right ... and a glance at previous MOG coverage of Bieber might better illuminate the extremely serious tone of this post.


I rather like to think of myself as a 12-year-old boy, actually.

Thx for reading and commenting.


OMG Justin Bieber finally makes the Super Bowl worth watching, no oh my god i cant believe some one would use such a dumn tittle. the only thing that makes must everyone who watches the super bowl watch it is the actual game not some annoying little kid. im appalled that some one would use that type of tittle do us all a favor and get a new degree maybe in literature minor in fiction

Yes Christie, it's obvious that you think of yourself that way. After this article, now we do too. Thanks for clarifying. ;)

What is it about this kid that everyone thinks he is hot stuff? He looks like he is 7. He is just the pop version of Billy Gillman (okay, I am aging myself here). I just hope he blows in and blows out just a quick, if not more quickly. CREEPY CITY.

Oh for Pete's Sake, enough already with this little Bieber pipp-squeak. He's the product of a magical marketing machine and little else.

I'm not a big football fan, but I'm far more interested in this football game because my 89YO mother is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. The Black-Eyed Peas don't mean squat to me, and I've barely heard of Lea Michelle and have never watched nor am I interested in Glee. So the heck with the, uh... "entertainment" and bring on the game.

I watch the Super Bowl for the game and some commercials...the Beaver Bieber is not worth watching...therefore, I'll just switch the channel to something else while his bad commercial is on and switch back for the game...I suggest everyone else do the same...

Justin Beiber Seriously I would rather watch the history channel that watch that arrogant little punk do anything. He is a disgrace to music

Everyone is correct! That kid does look creepy.

Isn't Lea Michele going to be singing at this years superbowl....i heard she was singing America The Beautiful..

@niki -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. As a matter of fact, Lea Michele *is* going to be singing.



I wish Justin would sing the National Anthem. He would do it justice.

i love you so much i wish i can see you.Ps.i love you.lol :) .I wish i can you so much :( :(.

justin bieber is so hot i luv him:)

I love you JB you r so awsome and hot!!!!!!

are you stupid or something? the super bowl is the greatest sporting event behind the world cup and the olympics. if you like bieber more than the superbowl than you have serious brain damage.


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