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She's not Camille Donatacci quite yet, Kelsey: Grammer planning wedding while still married

Kelsey Grammer tells David Letterman he's getting married in February

Kelsey Grammer talked up the idea of a February wedding to "new girl" Kayte Walsh on Thursday night, despite the fact that the former Camille Donatacci is still inconveniently his wife.

"We're planning to get married soon," Kelsey told David Letterman on Thursday about his plans with Kayte. "Sometime in February," the "Cage aux Folles" star added.

Camille Grammer, however, has asked the court to reject Kelsey's bid for a quickie divorce -- making it legal now, and working out the details later -- and wait until a property settlement has been reached.

In related awkward situations, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star -- at least for now -- met Kayte for the first time Thursday, seeing and speaking to her estranged husband for the first time since he called her and said he didn't want to be married anymore. She filed for divorce in July.

Kayte was at one time pregnant with Kelsey's baby, but miscarried in October. They got engaged in December.

"I saw Kelsey today, and I met Kayte for the first time," Camille told Popeater. "It was a little uncomfortable at first, but then I met her and I shook her hand. And I looked into her eyes, and I thought, 'She's OK, she's nice.' "


That's nice.

The current Mr. and Mrs. Grammer are due in divorce court on Jan. 26.


Kelsey Grammer engaged to Kayte Walsh

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Camille Grammer dodges Kelsey Grammer cross-dressing questions

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Reuters contributed to this report.

Photo: Kelsey Grammer talks with David Letterman on the "Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday. Credit: John Paul Filo / Associated Press / CBS

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kelsey wasted no time using his kids as props on the Letterman show.On his visitation day with the children the no show father of the year exploits his children and displays them with wife to be mistress who destroyed their lives.He just doesn't get the hurt and continuing damage he is doing to them.The "they (kids) will get over it "quote rings so pathetically true of his concern for his young children.He implied he spends alot of time with them. When? They live with their mom in california. Kelsey is a self-absorbed arrogant creep.What a horrible evil sicko dad. Disapointed that letterman gave him a forum for his lies.

David Letterman and Kelsey Grammer are both cheaters. Both are yukking it up together, perhaps comparing mistresses?

No wonder nobody wants that man on TV anymore. He's a jerk. He might as well stay in New York and work in the theater for the rest of his life.

This is probably really about his career. Camille married him when he was a big TV star, and he's never going to be a big TV star again. So he had to get a new wife to go with his new lowered expectations.

Both of the folks in this "marriage" have issues and their children are right in the middle. Shame on both of them.

It seems like there is very little respect with regard to marriage and the vows that were made. I find it difficult to believe that there is such a big deal about gay marriage and saying it ruins the institution of marriage between a man and a woman... while men and women go about doing things like this. THAT is the breakdown of marriage, IMHO.

he is total ass, never care for his comedy!


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