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Calvin Klein throws boyfriend Nick Gruber a star-packed 21st birthday party

Calvin Klein throws Nick Gruber a birthday party. For Calvin Klein's beloved, more than fragrances and jeans come with the package. The designer delivered a tres chic celebration for the 21st birthday of his boyfriend, Nick Gruber, with fashion, media and celebrity elite gathering to party.

At New York City's Indochine on Friday, Anna Wintour, Donna Karan and Vera Wang were among the glitterati popping by  the Studio 54-themed event. 

Event producer Bronson Van Wyck stocked the joint with 100 male models, 4,500 balloons and a cake with 21 sparklers, reports Page Six. 

Photographer and frequent Madonna collaborator Steven Klein came, as did figure skater Evan Lysacek, Bravo honcho Andy Cohen, clothes horse Daphne Guinness and hotelier Ian Schrager.

Calvin Klein, 68, and second wife Kelly Klein divorced in 2006.

Sound like a fab fete to you? Tell us your thoughts in comments.


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Calvin Klein at the 2010 Night of Stars Gala in New York. Credit: Steven Lovekin / Getty Images.


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Lmao divorced SECOND WIFE....and then gets a 21 yr old b/f ....wth?

Hedonistic Vulgarity

it was a great party, wish it lasted a lot longer. Happy Birthday Nick

God Bless America!!! I love it!

omg !! so his boy toy can finally drink !!

Thank god being homosexual no longer puts a mark tshirt profits - sad man. a mid-life crisis this is not. Everyone else around him is mortified and pitying him while he thinks this is some sort of 're-birth'. The two of them are like Bachardy and Isherwood for people who can't read.

I would be embarrassed for CK if ... well, if I could muster enough interest. You would think after all the years denying himself a partner of the correct gender for his tastes he would look for someone he could talk to, but I guess that's not a priority for him.

46 years difference? This is why older gay men like myself get a bad rap.

I was not sure if this was “Society News” or reports of a scene out of a Bob Guccione & Penthouse Magazine Production of CALIGULA during ‘the decline and fall of the American Empire.’ Let us look for more spiritual guidance from the so called "fashionable elites" and their reigning King, Calvin Caligula to guide the evolution of our society, shall we? The world is literally going ‘to hell in hand basket’ but rest assured my friends that the fashionable elite will advise you of the appropriate hand basket to accessorize in style for the revolution from their table at Michael’s (although I prefer Fresco by Scotto personally) as well as provide useful instruction on how to ‘rearrange the chairs on the Titanic’ while they all play with young boys. It is so special.


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