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Britney Spears not confirmed for a Grammys gig [poll]

Britney Spears For Britney Spears, it looks as if the Grammys are currently a no, and plenty of "Hold It Against Me" puns are a go.

Sadly, Internet rumors that the pop star, on a steady ascent from a few years of image hell, was going to perform her just-released single on the Feb. 13 music award show are not true. Her record label pooh-poohed the notion to People magazine.

"I really doubt it," another Brit source said.

Sadsies. But what will Britney have in store to hype the March release of her forthcoming, still-untitled album? 

Take our poll of suggested Spears publicity stunts below, then leave your thoughts on the new single in comments below.


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Britney Spears picks up an MTV Moonman trophy in 2008. Credit: Getty Images.

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The Grammys are meant for artists with talent and Britney is not an artist nor talented. The Grammys can do without her...please! Viewers would prefer exciting talent on display....boring sexpot, vapid video vamps writhing and squirming all over the floor, half-naked with limited vocal range are not worthy of TV air-time...She can perform her usual boring strip-tease act at the MTV Music Awards or on some back-street alley off Sunset & Vine...Please Grammys, no Britney!

britney might do a
"Britney Spears:live from......"

Let's not add insult to injury...It's bad enough that NARAS mostly gets it all wrong come Grammy nomination time...Need they embarrass themselves more with a performance by the untalented stripper/lip-syncher?? Really?

I absolutely love Britney Spears' new single "Hold It Against Me". I think it's pure Pop perfection, beyond worthy of being iTunes' new #1 in 17 different countries! I really think this song could mark the beginning of a new era for Britney. Not only are her vocals spot on and seductivley alluring, but the song's delivery and beat are addicting and entrancing. I give Britney a solid 5/5 stars, heck! I'd give her 10/5 stars. This song is amazing! Britney never fails to impress me and with her new track, she's also given me a new favorite song, overall! Britney Spears has always proven to be a force to be reconed with! I can't wait for the new album in March! It's gonna be EPIC!!!!

Host/Perform on Saturday Night Live! This would be the third time hosting and fourth time performing. It would be great to see her again.

I could care less either way but isn't the Grammys about the year of 2010 in music? Britney to my knowledge isn't nominated or released anything within the last year so what exactly is she going to perform?

Britney reaches multiple demographics now--her old fans have stuck by her and young fans love the new stuff--so the Grammy's will indeed have her perform, because the last few years they've done nothing but stunt after stunt to get ratings...

The Grammys will be boring without britney. Katy Perry couldn't entertain a colony of rats and all eminem does is rap at the ground. *yawn* The only people who can entertain are Britney, Gaga, and Adam Lambert. But Britney actually will perform I think. Perez is still keeping close to his report because Adam Leber (Britney's manager) told him so. If Britney doesn't perform. Then the Grammys....will be VERY VERY Boring.

Britney and her music is sooooo boring! Cher, Madonna and even the GaGa gal can run circles around her....she's just another wanna-be doing her same tired sex-pot, vamp act...She's the "Rachel" Aniston of music....playing the same character, making the same kind of music...boring, boring, boring!!

So, I read these breathless comments about the new single and went over to iTunes for the preview.


NO way will she perform. She knows she doesn't have what it takes. The Grammy's are a far more superior award show than the VMA's which loves to give Britney "pity awards" because someone pays them to. Britney is well past her prime - same old sounding crap, she can't sing live and she can't even dance well anymore. Let's not even talk about her appearance!!!!!!!! How can someone with so much money look as lousy as she does? The album photos? Hilarious. Photo shop working overtime.


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