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Beyonce lands Clint Eastwood as 'A Star Is Born' director

Beyonce-a-star-is-born Beyonce Knowles just got a major break in her longtime bid for an Oscar: Clint Eastwood has signed on to direct her in the Warner Bros. update of "A Star Is Born."

Eastwood's announcement more than solidifies the flick, which has seen several incarnations over the past year (or years) with various directors and male talent attached (Beyonce has long been the female lead in mind).

Last February a short list of names including Russell Crowe, Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. were circulating to play opposite the pop sensation, as an alcoholic superstar in love with Knowles' budding singer. 

A current short list includes varied types like Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and Jon Hamm, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson brought the tale to life in 1976, earning permanent spots in pop culture for their efforts. Streisand won a Golden Globe for her acting performance and best original song but saw Oscar love only in the original song category.

Clint Eastwood will direct "A Star Is Born" Knowles, wife of rap mogul Jay-Z, has always been open about her Academy Award aspirations. In 2009, she told Self magazine that the thought of snatching that trophy motivated everything down to her fitness.

Referring to a painting of the Oscar that hangs above her treadmill, she said, "I look at it, and I'm like 'OK, I have to stay in shape.'"

It was 2006's "Dreamgirls" that gave Knowles her best critically received performance, yet her awards campaign stalled in the presence of Jennifer Hudson's breakout effort in the same film (Hudson won the Oscar for supporting actress).

But now Beyonce has another chance at bat — and under the direction of Eastwood, she could transcend her previous high-camp fare ("Obsessed") and pop-culture cakewalks ("Austin Powers in Goldmember"). Eastwood won directing Oscars for "Million Dollar Baby" and "Unforgiven" and was nominated in that category for "Mystic River" and "Letters From Iwo Jima."

Beyonce has certainly got the chops to play an ingenue and now has a master to help her create a memorable performance. Is this Beyonce's moment? Tell us in the comments section below.


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— Matt Donnelly

Photos, from top:  Beyonce Knowles in New York City on Nov. 22, 2010; a portrait of Clint Eastwood on Oct. 11, 2010. Credits, from top:  Michael Loccisano / Getty Images; Victoria Will / Associated Press.

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Money can buy anything, even an Oscar. She can't act. "B" you're beautiful, BUT don't believe your own publicity. BUT like I said, $$$$ can buy anything, even an Oscar.

Eastwood should cast Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce isn't really a "star".
She doesn't have the screen prescence as Jennifer Hudson.

Beyonce seems VERY self serving as well.

Again, why can't people be satisfied with the natural talents they DO have. Beyonce is not, and never will be an actress. She does not appear to have the depth and ability to come out of HER head necessary to truly become another character. I feel like I am watching beyonce TRY to act when I watch her in films. It truly is painful.
Be happy about the life you do have.

---BTW ---seems arch-EUGENIST, techno-worshipping
James Cameron has fled the Jolie Cleopatra project after
word spread it was to be used for predictive program us
for the coming mainstreaming of 'suicide culture'.

Eastwood's been fronting cunningly demoralizing, cunningly timed POST American 'eugenics friendly' pictures for years
(IWO trilogy, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby etc.).

This 'STAR' with its primetime star is up to exactly
the same thing.

------BEWARE one and all! ---esp. BEYONCE!

Please, please, please, say it's a faux story!
I can't take another musical remake of the great 1937 film.
Also, if Judy didn't win, what makes anyone think Beyonce's non-acting self could have a chance to win? First off, forget the acting, Beyonce' is no Judy Garland nor even a Barbara Streisand. She lacks the vocal abilities of either one of those women! So right there, if making a musical version, she has no chance. As far as acting, Judy was a great actrees, Janet Gaynor was a great actress, Barbara is a great actress, she cannot come close to any of these women in the acting department being they are all of Oscar caliber. Beyonce' is worse than the whole entire cast of 'Purple Rain', and most of them were 1st attempts, and all blow her out of the water, and she's had some acting under her belt. She's not even that convincing in her videos and concerts other than coming off raunchy, that's not acting, though. LOL.

Beyonce is a talented singer. Singers who act can be quite good. I remember when Whitney started acting. I thought Whitney had decent acting chops. Barbra Streisand is another fine actress; as is Cher. Beyonce is a newer actress. I think she has fire and presence. However, I have never believed Beyonce has stretched and created memorable characters in any of her films. I've also heard that she wants an Oscar. To address that point, she should be more concerned with being a great actress than receiving the Oscar. If she becomes a great actress, she'll receive accolades. With Clint Eastwood directing, he might be able to get that star making performance out of her. Clint is an amazing director. He also knows his name is on the line for being the director to get Beyonce to act. I believe Clint will get a very good performance out of her. Clint does excellent movies. Most of his actors have done their finest performances in his films. Regarding Beyonce, in the editing room, they will help shape her performance even more. When the movie is finished, it will be excellent. I wish them luck. They have a lot riding on this one.

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