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Tucker Carlson prefers dogs over Michael Vick or Obama


Tucker Carlson thinks that Michael Vick "should've been executed" for killing dogs, and that President Obama shouldn't have bothered weighing in on the Philadelphia Eagles QB's post-prison return to the NFL. Ah, the holiday joys of fill-in punditry.

Taking Sean Hannity's place Tuesday night on Fox News, Carlson brought up Obama's weekend chat with Jeffrey Lurie -- in which the president reportedly praised the Eagles owner for giving dog-fighting felon Vick a second chance -- and tossed it to the pit bulls on the panel for a good mauling.

Though the idea of execution for what he sees as Vick's unforgivable acts led the chat, it wasn't Carlson's primary argument.

"I'm a Christian, I've made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should've been executed for that. He wasn't, but the idea that the president of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale."

Watch the video to see the discussion that ensued -- or simply enjoy these quotes.

"He's some creepy rich overpaid football player," said Carlson, who also called Vick's post-sentencing work with animal organizations "grotesque."

"It's like the Donner Party becoming spokesman for vegetarianism."



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-- Christie D'Zurilla

(Hat tip to Mediaite for the video.)

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Young and dumb. We all make mistakes. Hopefully we get older and wiser. I won't get started on Obama. I'm a 27 year former US Marine. Our President should never bow to a middle east leader. What a moron!!!

I think comments like this have no place anywhere, let alone mainstream public media. "Journalists" like Carson have nothing to offer society and they bring the credibility of real journalists around the country crashing down in record time. This man should be working for TMZ, digging around in peoples' garbage cans. (Funny how a quality guy like this gets a job at Fox.)

That being said, I in no way condone what Vick did and do believe he deserved every bit of the sentence he received because that is what the LAW OF THE COUNTRY and the Commonwealth of Virginia deemed appropriate. He did his time and has since re-entered the employment world just like thousands of ex-cons do every day.

It is my belief that the main source of Carlson's disdain for Vick is the fact that Carlson's legacy (if you can call it that) will forever be the jerk fill in for another jerk thattried to be a political lightning rod and ended up showcasing the mentality of the party that thought it was a great idea to send Sarah Palin up to run with John McCain, but I digress.

If you call yourself an American, second chances are a part of the deal, in some cases, the crimes are egregious but nonetheless he was sentenced and completed said sentence to the satisfaction to the Justice System. Maybe Carlson's career is the one that ends up being executed.

I am shocked by Tucker Carlson belief that a person should be executed because of the death of some dogs. Europeans have staged fights in Europe before Christ and it has existed in America since the 15th century when the Europeans arrived . Why is it necessary for Obama to be put to death for a beast?? Christian hypocrite Carlson may recall that in the bible, dogs qualify as beast of the field. They are not singled out as a sub-deity in the Christian faith. Although dogs are executed every week in every municipality and are killed every day by automobiles, donated to vet schools wholesale, and on the menu in Asia as any other animal , like a pig, he needs to die!! Tucker is just a one-sided racist S.O.B.

Christie D'Zurilla here with a gentle reminder that, in general, we don't publish comments that include links. Not enough time to vet them all for content/safety.

Thx for reading and commenting!! And Happy New Year.


I don't think Michael Vick should've been " executed", but he should've been banned for life from playing football. It was a FEDERAL OFFENSE people !!! I too believe in second chances just not in this case.

re: william griffin

boy is that generalization for you. you never met Gracie! a female pit bull who would lick and kiss you to death; as loving as always, even after losing a leg in a car accident.

Obama just signed a free trade agreement with S Korea, who's torture of dogs is frankly beyond belief. Animal welfare groups pleaded with him to take a stand while he had an opportunity. I guess him calling himself an animal lover is just that.

I believe Tucker Carson is a bigot. He has most likely never served in any branch of this country's armed services. He uses the media to hustle money from the public. Dogs are not people. Many animals have been killed by humans. No death penalty was ordered for these people who killed animals. Get over it. Vick paid for his crime and Obama is President of the United States Of America. Fox news is not real news. It is hate speech.
Ollie H

Not sure on the "execution" part.

However, 2 years was extremely too lenient. perhaps two years per tortured or murdered Dog would have been more just.

And to allow him back on a field to play football? If ever allowed to see the light of day, he should never have been allowed within 5 miles of any stadium, period.

There has to be consequences.

Tucker Carlson is in no way a Christian, and neither are most conservatives. They are Pharisees. They do not believe in Grace. If they did, they wouldn't be throwing stones all the time. Any person who believes that any animal is just as valuable as a human is into Darwinism, not Christianity. All animals are here for our needs, whether for labor, petting, or for food. To persecute a human because of what he did to an animal is unbiblical. To hate him for what he did to an animal is a sin. To condemn him for what he did to an animal condemns the person with the hatred in their heart.

Conservatives = Pharisees and hypocrites.

I'm no Christian and I don't forgive until restitution has been made. Has Michael Vick restored any of the lives he's taken? Until then he gets no forgiveness from me though I hope he makes a lot of money and that at least 60% of it is garnished for the support and care of animals. That would at least be partial restitution.

Have others done worse with lesser consequence? Did I say anything about forgiving them? If we forgive Vick we might as well name a children's hospital after Dr. Mengele.

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