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Tucker Carlson prefers dogs over Michael Vick or Obama


Tucker Carlson thinks that Michael Vick "should've been executed" for killing dogs, and that President Obama shouldn't have bothered weighing in on the Philadelphia Eagles QB's post-prison return to the NFL. Ah, the holiday joys of fill-in punditry.

Taking Sean Hannity's place Tuesday night on Fox News, Carlson brought up Obama's weekend chat with Jeffrey Lurie -- in which the president reportedly praised the Eagles owner for giving dog-fighting felon Vick a second chance -- and tossed it to the pit bulls on the panel for a good mauling.

Though the idea of execution for what he sees as Vick's unforgivable acts led the chat, it wasn't Carlson's primary argument.

"I'm a Christian, I've made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should've been executed for that. He wasn't, but the idea that the president of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale."

Watch the video to see the discussion that ensued -- or simply enjoy these quotes.

"He's some creepy rich overpaid football player," said Carlson, who also called Vick's post-sentencing work with animal organizations "grotesque."

"It's like the Donner Party becoming spokesman for vegetarianism."



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-- Christie D'Zurilla

(Hat tip to Mediaite for the video.)

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I am a dog lover, so my opinion of Mr. Vick is fairly obvious. Vick, by his own admission, has drowned and electrocuted dogs after failing to perform to his expectations in his "dog fighting ring". I am all for forgiveness, and I would forgive him, if not for all the misplaced praise and attention this guy has garnered of late. NFL players are supposed to be role models, when they're not emailing pictures of their "junk" or killing dogs, and being rewarded and praised in spite of it? Sickening. There has to be a line that has been crossed. He did his time, and more power to him, but he should not be afforded a role model position, such as a QB in the NFL.

You said you believe in second chances "but", there's no but in second chances..... who are you to judge? That's why forgiveness is not left up to man, the last time I read that's God's job not ours.

Tucker Carlson is a joke. He, as so many others are intent on smearing Mike Vick's name for life. Let's face the facts: Vick slaughtered pit bulls that are raised to go for a human's throat until death. In my opinion, he did the world a favor! Pit bulls are worthless animals who should ALL be put down before they kill another human. These dogs are unpredictable. Secondary, lets not forget about NFL poster boy Ray Lewis. A man charged with stabbing to death two human beings in a knife fight in Atlanta back in the 90's. I don't hear the same outcry for justice; and you can't compare a human's life to a dog. Vick didn't kill Lassie, Snoopy or Rin Tin Tin. He killed a bunch of dogs who just might have killed Tucker Carlson.

I like Obama, voted for him, and, honestly, will vote for him again. In his first year, I think he did things that the country needed to have done, however unpopular (i.e. continuing GW Bush's bank bail-out and stepping in at GM). His healthcare law ain't perfect -- but he moved us in the right direction with respect to that. Under ordinary situations those accomplishments would have been tremendous on their own, but, given the MAGNITUDE of the economic downfall, he nonetheless was/is judged harshly this past November because he did not implement and articulate an economic plan to strengthen the middle class, other than health care reform and dealing with the headline issues of Wall Street and GM. But I still like the guy and will vote for him. And, to boot, his spate of success in the closing days of December 2010 was, frankly, IMPRESSIVE, whether you like the substantive of the issues, you got to marvel at how he turned things around with regard to the gay/lesbian in the military matter, the GW Bush tax cut extension/unemployment benefit extension deal, and the Russian arms treaty. But . . . . having said all that . . . I just dont see why he had to make a big issue of the Michael Vick matter. Which leads me to a growing concern: I suspect Obama does not have a clue as to what Vick really, really did to those dogs. Truly horrendous. I will vote for Obama, support him unequivocally, but I think what just transpired was a "jump the shark" moment, Where this act suggests Obama might be out of touch with ordinary Joe Schmoes who follow the rules, play fair, pay their taxes and do no harm. Backing a billionaire athlete who killed (torrtued animals) just dones't add up, and the only way you can explains this is by concluding Obama is out of touch with the travails of ordinary joes and janes, like when George Herbert Walker Buish had no clue what a laser scanner was at a supermarket. So, to conclude, as a moderate Democrat, I like Obama and will vote for him: I think he's smart and makes the right policy decisions. But I guess I am left wondering if he really gets it.

On a grander scale, Carlson's ludicris remarks, coaxed behind a Christian banner that disregards the grace factor that ALL of us need, points toward the old Willie Horton coded form of racism that characterizes FOX news and more than just a few of perhaps well-intentioned Americans (notice I did not say white americans, for this coded racism breaks all boundries). It truly amazes me how the right (anti-Obama agenda) makes it it's duty to create hysteria and stir up the fears of white America that people of color are a threat to them. Never mind discussing wieghtier side issus such as the racial imbalance and injustice found inside our prisons (12% of our population is black, but over 30% of the prison population is black), which if Tucker did some homework, he would find that the President is likely using the very visible Vick turnaround as an example to reignite a stalled piece of Bush-era legislation that seeks to ease the transition ex-cons face once they attempt to transition back into society. I guess by Tucker's warped standards, every cockfighter in Mexico, every bullfighting team throughout the Americas and Europe, etc. should be executed. I am just glad that God has bestowed His uncensored grace upon me. When that has truly happened in a life, it is very difficult to be as judgemental and covertly bigoted as Mr. Carlson, FOX, and countless others.

Wow, This is so sad aminals over human being...true it is not cool to kill dogs and all that just for the pleasure of doing so or our own satisfaction. If that is the case, I believe that we have to stop all actions on aminal killing of any form how about that? Mr. Tucker you are such a low life, racist and your head stuck in your you know what. Mr. Vick paid for his mistake "which by the way he was not directly involved in" but that is another story. I can't believe that Mr. Tucker will still have a career at well "FOX" it is fox after all...and you call yourself a Christian ( I will soon change my believes) because of an IDIOT like you

He didn't just kill the animals, he tortured and maimed them for entertainment. And 2 of the dogs saved have become therapy dogs - obviously they have been rehabilitated, but I doubt the same can be said for Vick. Someone who can enjoy the torture of a defenseless, innocent animal is a psychopath and should not be a role model for the sports fans of the world.

And we should start ripping tongues out of the mouths of people who say stupid things. We can start with Tucker Carlson...

I'm with Tucker -- just show me where I throw the switch. I've always said Vick should meet the same end as he put those poor animals through. and his vast estate should be funding the rehabilitation of every last one until it can be placed into a home and have a life.

I believe Tucker Carlson doesn't like the Eagles and is trying to put the Eagles on the defense of their Star Quarterback so they can blow their games.(Michael)and Eagles DON"T fall for this, and keep on playing your games with WIN in your HEARTS. We do love you (even though you are on an opposing team :-) .Tucker need to find something that's news worthy or new. We all know that Michael Vick or President Obama would never be invited to this "Christians " table if they did everything even he thought was right.

Vick viciously abused animals over a span of years, it wasn't even just a one-time incident. Why is it that when rich folks do wrong it is excused so easily? Geez, even the President is being dragged into this idiotic farce.

Nobody will ever know whether Vick has repented on the inside. He has completed his time in prison, but this doesn't mean we should lovefest him now. Compassion should go toward the countless folks who go to prison for some one-time offense that was unpremeditated and did not display that level of cruelty.

Second chance? sure, give him a stab at holding a regular-guy job. No need for him to be set up as some sports hero.

Birds of a feather flock together.. Obama.. the longer he's in office, the better Bush looks! Tucker is correct in saying, " Why is Obama weighing in on this?"

As well, I'm curious as to whether he has seen any of the video or pictures of exactly the horrors Vick perpetrated on these poor defenseless dogs?? Vick should have been put away for a lot longer than he was.. Is he repenting?? Now he wants a dog?? How many murderers and rapists repeat violent acts after 'repenting.' in prison???


Tucker Carlson needs to be quiet on this one...it's ridiculous, they are acting as though Obama went in front of the press in the white house and shook Michael Vick's hand while giving him a barrel full of money.
Michael Vick DID actually spend 18-23 hours a day locked in a 8 x 10 cage, I really hope that means he paid his price. The man is one helluva athlete to be able to come back from that in the first place, and then to see him speak and the genuine understanding & remorse he shows for what he did.
As far as what was said between Obama and the Eagles Main Office, I personally think it's great that we have a president in touch enough with the general population to understand what I believe to be the majority consensus regarding the bad man in the NFL to "weigh in"' with a private conversation with the teams owner.

Why is it that 1000's upon 1000's of people fight dogs, yet with the exception of Michael Vick, practically no one gets arrested, let alone convicted and sent to prison? The crime is common, the enforcement is not. Why have the police been allowed to ignore dog fighting and other crimes of animal abuse? There are many organizations that claim to speak for defenseless animals. Many are well aware of the poor police response. Yet there is no one fighting and advocating for a widespread, meaningful police response. I believe animals have no true advocates. Instead, they have a wide range of people and organizations that exploit their suffering. Huge sums of money pour into the coffers of a variety of animal organizations, yet a dog fighter is virtually assured of never getting arrested.

Shut up, Tucker Carlson. I thought Christianity was about forgiveness. Not selective forgiveness.

NFL players are not supposed to be role models. They get paid to play football. Period. And although I do not condone Mr. Vick's actions, we are talking about animals here. It is deplorable what he did but anyone railing against it better be a vegetarian or shut their mouth. Animals are at our disposal and used for our consumption and to hold dogs in a higher regard is fine but do not put Vick in the same catagory as a murderer. His cultural upbringing puts a different perspective on animals much the way folks in India revere cows and how do we treat cows here? Vick did his time, has shown remorse, let's move on.

I'm overjoyed that Carlson made SURE to announce his Christianity so boldly, keeps others from having to point out that, once again, Christians, stalwarts of humanity that they are, have no IDEA how to prioritze. Vick should have been executed because dogs were killed? Dogs. We don't execute most murderers. Dogs are great don't get me wrong, but being a CHRISTIAN (as Carlson proudly states on air)should give you a better perspective on life. What, then, should be done about the wholesale slaughter of soldiers and civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia? Hmmmmmm no comments about the killing of PEOPLE, huh?

I have never agreed with Tucker Carlson on anything, but I am 100% in support of him now. The stuff Michael Vick did to dogs with his own bare hands is serial killer stuff and that "time" he served was not anything to do with the cruelty. He makes my skin crawl. From the book "The Lost Dogs" written by Jim Gorant, the senior editor of Sports Illustrated...

"As that dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn't kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead."

Anytime you have someone with such evil thoughts and comments that claim to be a christian you have to wonder, "what's really goping on". When you have the grace of God, and are humble and filled with humility Carlson's comments doesn't mean anything. Carlson, make up your mind, do you believe in second chances are not. Not that it matters what you beblieve anyway. I was just wondering who died and make you Lord Jesus Christ?

Tucker Carlson is a racist that is what this is all about,

I wish Vick was given the same treatment he unleashed on so many innocent dogs. What a monster he is!

mr william griffin, i believe you are misinformed about the breed and it shows your level of ignorance is extremel high. Helen Keller who was blind, had a service dog, he was a PITBULL and all her other service dogs throughout her life time were PITBULLS as well, so if you have no idea what you are talking about it is best that you keep you uneducated mouth shut....thanks!

Puhlease, tucker carlson does not give an ounce of a crap about dogs. This was just another attempt to bash Obama but this time it backfired. If you actually think Vick should be executed for dogfighting, your a nutjob. He did his time in prison, now let the man be.

Mr. William Griffin
I volunteer for a Pit Bull rescue and your comments are so far beyond ridiculous it angers me. You are the problem, not these dogs. Anyone with an ounce of education on this breed knows it. Any, I repeat, any dog that is human aggressive is not a stable dog. Think about this for a moment, Pit Bulls who are fighting in a ring are accompanied by 'their handler' and a ref. Human aggression is breed OUT of these dogs because 'their handlers' need to be sure the dogs wouldn't turn on them when they were trying to seperate them. Pit Bulls are extremely human friendly and are known as 'Nanny Dogs' in England because of their gentle temperament with children. These dogs were (prior to the news frenzy) known as Americas Dog. There are many Pit Bulls that are fantastic search and rescue and therapy dogs that visit vetrans and used to educate schools. The outrageous reports you read in the papers are very misleading. Dig a little deeper and you will see that most of these dogs came from uneducated owners, were intact dogs, and were chained outside and unsocialized. Show me one Pit Bull attack that was splashed all over the papers and I will show you 2 of your 'family breeds' that didn't even make a wave. Any dog will bite! I beg of you to please educate yourself on this breed. You are doing them a huge injustice. I have always loved this breed but it wasn't until I began volunteering and educating myself that I was aware of the huge prejudices they face and that how special these dogs are. Please don't add to their discrimination. Too many innocent loving dogs have died and too many loving caring families have lost their beloved pets because of your ignorance!

Tucker Carlson, you are my hero. It is about time someone came out and instead of praising Michael Vick said what was on his mind. Too many of these mansy pansey news anchors and commentators are afraid to speak their mind. What Michael Vick did was unforgiveable. He executed those poor dogs with no remorse. This crap of him redeeming himself is baloney. He is only doing it so he can be in the good graces of society and make money. I cannot believe the SPCA and The Humane Society are falling for this crap. I will never again support either organization. I just hope Tucker does not get fined or fired for what he said. After all it is a free society. It seems like when a person speaks out against a black person he is crucified. You have a fan for Life Tucker.

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