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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood: Nothing says 'I love my kid' like a massive tummy tattoo of the little angel

Amber portwood tattoo Sometimes it isn't enough to tell your kids how much you love them -- you have to show it too.

Amber Portwood, one of the teenagers featured on the MTV reality show "16 and Pregnant" and its spinoff, "Teen Mom," had been going through a rough patch lately. The "Teen Mom" Season 2 finale footage that shows her physically abusing her boyfriend and her daughter Leah's father, Gary Shirley, not only resulted in felony domestic violence charges against her but turned Leah into a ward of the state until Amber was able to regain custody at the end of November.

After she heard she was eventually getting Leah back, the young mother set about getting a large tattoo of her daughter across her left side, Star magazine reports. The celebrity gossip magazine offers the picture at left as proof.

Of course, lots of people get names and pictures of loved ones tattooed on their bodies to mark key events, and we can only imagine what kind of stress Amber was going through at the time. Still, how much is too much?

How big would you go for your family? Share in the comments.


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-- Whitney Friedlander

Photo credit: Courtesy of Star magazine

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Tattoo's don't prove how much you love you're kids or whom ever you have tattooed on you forever. "Dead beat dads'" get their childs names on them but never even see them or help be of some support. BTW, she probably had her "walmrt" felon boyfriends' celly mate tattoo it.

HAHAHAHA they made the little girl look like the little boy on Two and a half Men!!!!! hahahahahaha oh and EWWWWE!

Anyone want to tell me why she gets custody? She is an incompetent mother, and is an abusive spouse. The children belong with Gary. Abusive women are worse than an abusive man, because unlike the abusive man, the abusive women gets governemnt backing.

I say she asks for her money back. The tattoo was terrible workmanship! The kid absolutely looks like the one on Two and a Half Men....and he's a boy! Plus, she's psycho.

I saw this pic on a different site and when i read the comments someone had said that the tattoo look like bobby from the king of the hill now tell me that aint funny. lol

Explain how to me how she is getting custody of Leah back! Seriously! How does getting a tatto of your child show you love them?! She probabley spent money that could have gone toward bills or something to help take care of Leah instead of this crap! This is hitting really close to home I am a teen mom and I know how its tough having a baby going to school and working....this just really upsets me!! I cannot even expalin. I would gladly take Leah and raise her the way she should be raised! I could go on this subject for awhile ladies and gents but you get my point

amber is a great mom. garu is rude and lazy and does not deserve to look after little leah. i would do the same as amber if i had such a douchelord for a baby daddy too

Whomp Whomp.
That doesn't even look like her kid ahahahhaha.

Hmmmmmm just shaking my head......this young lady, and the young man need some serious counseling. Somebody please help them. That little girl is precious, and they need to step it up. Amber has anger issues, and she and Gary need to come to terms with parenthood.

im a teen mom of 2 yea itz hard but diz girl is da worse mom i have seen jet she should qet leah taken away from her qary is a qreat dad n will do juzt fine rasinq leah by him self.diz girl should stay in jail with no bail!!!!

That tattoo doesn't even look like Leah! Maybe a smaller, better version, somewhere else on her body would've worked. I can't believe she even left her for 6 weeks!! How can ANY mother just leave their child?!?!? Amber is one mother, who certainly does not need to be having babies!!
Amber is so immature and does not deserve custody of Leah... not anytime soon!! Once she goes through extensive counseling and therapy, THEN maybe there should be a chance. I cannot believe they gave her back, but you can't always believe everything you read. It is the media... that tend to fabricate a lot of stories.
In my opinion, young women should NOT be having babies!! I am appalled to see the number of teen moms out there. USE PROTECTION, BIRTH CONTROL something!! That goes for anyone though! I had sex at an early age, so I can't say much about that, BUT I did use contraception and didn't sleep with my 1st until we were together 3 years... still regret that to this day, LOL!
I just don't get it.... being 15, 16, 17... how are you able to care of that baby??? IF you work, you're only making minimum wage. That certainly isn't enough to support yourself and your baby!!
I'm 30 and have 2 kids... (didn't have my 1st baby until I was 26) and it's STILL rough for my husband and myself, trying to survive. I just don't get how all of these young mothers keep having babies. Is it b/c mommy and daddy help or practically raise their child?? Oh and the government too!

Bottom line... GROW UP Amber... get the right HELP and raise Leah right!! To all the teens out there... PLEASE get on some type of birth control, condoms, IUD, whatever! Just wait until you're older, married even and then think about having babies. If you're out there having unprotected sex, that just shows, you're not very mature and definitely should not be having a baby! Especially since you can't afford it!

Eeeeewwwwwww!! That is like, so ugly!! Amber is so nasty!! She should not have her baby back!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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