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Oprah Winfrey weeps to Barbara Walters over Gayle King; talks Stedman

This is gonna be good -- Barbara Walters let slip a little sample of her upcoming cathartic chat with Oprah Winfrey, wherein the most powerful woman in media lets loose about her super-close friendship with Gayle King.

"She is the mother I never had. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don't know a better person," Winfrey, overcome with emotion, said of King. Walters pressed her about why she was so verklempt.

"Shoot, I wasn't going to cry here," Winfrey said. "It's making me cry becuase I'm thinking about how much I probably have never told her that."

"Tissue please! I now need tissue."

Babs addressed the longtime rumors that Oprah and Gayle are perhaps more than friends.

"Well, I have said we are not gay enough times. I'm not lesbian, I'm not even kind of lesbian," Winfrey said. She said she finds homosexuality nothing to hide, but is frustrated by the rumors because they won't die.

Winfrey also discusses Stedman Graham, her only public male love interest for the last 100 years or so. Walters told the big O that, like, no one thought she and Sted were still an item.

"That's shocking to me ... [he's] the love, the lover, the man, the partner, the mate. ... I do not know another man on this planet who could live this life with such grace," Winfrey said.

The entire delicious interview airs Tuesday on ABC.


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-- Matt Donnelly

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I find it really disrespectful to ask anyone such a personal question. Maybe Oprah should ask Barbara Walters how many affairs she's had with married men & if she's a lesbian in the closet, maybe the reason she has no
husband. There's a point where celebrities have to say ENOUGH already

I saw the video of her last self-denial statement. It was all carefully staged including her infamous crying act.
She her boyfriend were holding a puppy dog in front of a typical suburban home, not Oprah's huge mansions (she recently toured an $82,000,000 New York estate).
I believe her father: he doesn't trust her and neither do I.
But my emotional wife does. Such is life!

Barbara must have been living under a rock if she did not know Oprah and Stedman live together. Seriously? Babs that's a huge embarrassing moment for you. You thought they were no longer together? Not only does it prove you do not watch the Oprah show it also shows you don't do your homework!!

Don't understand why folks assume that you are gay just because you have someone of the same sex that you spend much of your time with. I admire O & G.. My best friend of 30 plus years resides overseas. I haven't seen him in 6 years, due to my wife's inability to travel and he likewise. But, there isn't a passing day that I don't sit back and remenise about the great times we shared. It is most incredible when you have someone that you can share your most intiment thoughts and the things you've done with out passing judgement and without being gay. There is nothing like a best friend. O. & G., continue to march and allow the folks think what they may. You don't need them!

Oprah is God! so she can cry if she wants to...Now as for Ms. O and Gayle..why can't they be friends without inuendo and suspicions???? One of my very dearest, best of best friends is a straight, married man of 4 children. He and I have been friends since childhood. After he married in the 80s I (regrettfully) didn't keep in touch as often as I should have or would have, but we've reconnected a couple of years ago and spend more time together than ever. Always knew what a wonderful friendship I have with this person who accepted me for being a gay man or being a little "different" when we were kids. We have a friendship of love, trust and respect--something I cherish dearly with this man now and forever til death do us part...

Bill Clinton looked right into the camera and told the American people that he did not have sex in the White House with Monica Lowinski.

oprah, first of all i love you so much oprah how lucky we are to have that some SPECIAL PERSON IN our lives God BLESSED ME WITH A MOST WONDERFUL NEIGHBOR ABOUT 15YEARS AGO just because we love a friend we our messed up we all need a sister to help us make important decisions about decorating paint colors clothes etc what man wants to listen to some of our decisions ? Thank god for our dear friends and sisters how sad people judge us i met a good friend 50 years ago am i gay because i kiss her

O and G, You go Girls. My 2 suggesions!
1. Get All / Most SBF or and SF together to Speak to the USA IF they Qualify within 3 stipulations
A. Over Age 55
B. Never been Married
C. Never had a Baby

2. Then have Bonnie Raitt there to sing 'Give Em Sumin to talk about" lol

These 3 stipulations start with OPRAH, then ME. I am A, B, C, Black and Not Gay!. How many of Us 'the Rumor' innocents are out there?? Inquiring Minds want to know?? I am also sickened by people assuming that I am about me!!!.,.
I have ask many ladies, and I am posting this very question for others to comment on my FACEBOOK PAGE! OR POST Here / Aqui, IF you Fit under A

Surely it must have occurred to all you Oprah freaks that the entire interview was a set-up. Barbara Walters and her team know where Stedman lives, and she has NEVER, EVER done anything but puff pieces on all the celebrities she has interviewed. In this case it's obvious that Oprah pulled the strings on the entire interview by feeding the questions to Barbara, which gave her the perfect forum to tug at the heartstrings of her minions.

I don't care if she's gay or not - it's OPRAH who controls the media, and she'll push whatever agenda gets her the most exposure and cash. She is so transparently insincere that I can't believe that even the craziest Oprahloonie hasn't picked up on it by now. To all of you I say, "Get a life."

yes I agree somewhat that Oprah is all about Oprah, but she is still a SBF that folks are Still talking about. Ones have said it was a set up show for her, whoa.. I agree tho after my day of interviewing folks about being of age, not married before, no biological kids; it's very rare to be all that in one like Oprah is. Oprah please pull your strings to Just see, request people to admit if they fall under the 3 categories..
Never married
never had child
Over 55.. Please ask the world about how rare that is!


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