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Miley Cyrus bong-smoking video has dad Billy Ray 'so sad'

Cyrus-familyMiley Cyrus' bong smoking video was finally enough to get dad Billy Ray Cyrus to criticize his daughter's behavior. Well, almost criticize it.

"Sorry guys. I had no idea," he said Friday on Twitter. "Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

He and Miley's mom, Tish, filed for divorce in October after 17 years of marriage.

Billy Ray, who costarred in "Hannah Montana" with Miley, has previously defended her in situations where her behavior raised eyebrows. For example, when she held a pole and danced at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, when she posed semi-nude for Vanity Fair, when she made racy videos for "Can't Be Tamed" and "Who Owns My Heart," and when video surfaced showing her grinding her butt into the crotch of fortysomething film producer Adam Shankman at the wrap party for her film "The Last Song."  (We didn't hear what he thought about the cleavage-baring maxi dress she wore to meet the queen.)

Miley turned 18 in November, and if -- as sources told TMZ -- she was smoking the hallucinogenic herb salvia divinorum at her L.A. pad and not marijuana, she wasn't breaking any laws. Still, it must be hard for a dad to see his little girl all grown up. 


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tish, Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 11, 2010, in Beverly Hills. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images


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Adam and Bibi, you are so right on! thanks for sharing this with the uneducated readers and posters on this comment board. joanna, "this drug is for 18 year olds..." DRUGS DONT COME WITH BOARDGAMES' OR DISNEY RIDES' restrictions, ages 12 and up for example. that's ridiculous. drugs and alcohol will destroy teenagers and mature grown ups the same, but especially younger people when they have no true guidance, parenting or both. This girl, and she is still just a girl, has already doomed herself via the absenteeism of the parents and surrogate disneyfication of her thus far very short life. Someone else stated Disney can't be blamed for everything, and while that is true, there is no substitute for real school, real life experience and exposure to REAL LIFE ( Richie's third world country suggestion) and good parenting. The divorce is hurting her, yes, but she needs to grow up with it and hang on to some dignity here because all her role model values are out the window. Sad sad sad

My god, if they media is so concerned about her "behavior" effecting her young fans, then STOP SHOWING EVIDENCE OF IT ON TV AND IN MAGAZINES! She's a teenage, people need to think back to your teenage years and stop acting like we were angels.

Um just to let you know that you guys are saying "Stop Trying to be grown up!" Well just a news flash, she is grown up. She's an 18 year old woman now, yes not a teenage girl, she's a woman. Let her explore who she is going to be. Everybody has to do that at least once in their life. Her life is hard. Everyone's is. Let her be and stop criticizing every little move she makes. I'm sure no one does that with everything you do because you aren't famous

i wonder if half the people commenting on this know salvia is legal in CA. YEAH Miley is a public figure and a "role model" for kids but what she was doing was legal. she's 18 now, shes not little hannah montana anymore, shes going to try different things.

who cares? it's one person. people should just care about themselves. yeah yeah she smoked who cares she shouldn't of done it or at least done it where no one would have seen her doing it. It's on 18 year old girl. It's not the grounds for world war three.

That is a lie, she is not growing up! she is becoming more immature... Who writes this trash?? anything that makes you an easy target to others is degrading.

And this: "all or most teens do this kinda of stuff," thats just 100% pointing 180 degrees in the other direction, Im 18 and I've NEVER, (repeat), NEVER done this mess and I've never counted it as a option.

I have literally more young friends than I can count and they share the same views!! Face it, only miserable idiots that have no joy in life do this stuff, I don't need drugs/alcohol to have a good time... if its your thing thats fine, I don't care but just so you know, if you piss me off while your "stoned/drunk" guess who gonna kick who's ass?! idiots.

Do you really expect all of us to believe she was not smoking weed.
Salvia divinorum yea right. Everyone knows that she was smoking pot!
Very foolish to let someone take your picture doing that. Just goes to show your what the stuff does to your brain. The guy in the background with his hand in the cereal box gives it away. A case of the munchies is a side effect of smoking POT and we all know it!

It really bothers me when people reply to stories like this with some variation of, "All teenagers do ____." No, all teenagers do not do drugs, have sex and travel down the Britney Spears road to doom. Some actually pay more attention to studying so they can get into a good college and do something productive with their lives.

lolx she iz a bad gurl like 4 real

Every comment I'm reading is either "Every teen does ___" or "Every teen does NOT do _____ because they are smarter than that." Okay, let's get something cleared up. Every teen does things differently. Every single person has a little thing called freedom of choice, and they may use it to do whatever they so choose, be that drugs, no drugs, education, no education, etc, etc. Furthermore, just because someone does drugs doesn't mean they don't care about their health and are immediately a bad person and uneducated, or whatever other stereotype you wanna throw out. There are an awful lot of college educated people who choose to do drugs casually and don't let them run their lives. Drugs are only bad if you allow them to be. It's mind over matter, folks. Also, in the words of the great Timothy Leary, "Think for yourself and question authority." The last thing we need is another generation of people who can't think for themselves and just assume everything that has been demonized by the media, teachers, parents, and the DEA, is bad. Educate yourself, and decide for yourself - and that goes for all kinds of facets in life - not just drugs.

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