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Miley Cyrus bong-smoking video has dad Billy Ray 'so sad'

Cyrus-familyMiley Cyrus' bong smoking video was finally enough to get dad Billy Ray Cyrus to criticize his daughter's behavior. Well, almost criticize it.

"Sorry guys. I had no idea," he said Friday on Twitter. "Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

He and Miley's mom, Tish, filed for divorce in October after 17 years of marriage.

Billy Ray, who costarred in "Hannah Montana" with Miley, has previously defended her in situations where her behavior raised eyebrows. For example, when she held a pole and danced at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, when she posed semi-nude for Vanity Fair, when she made racy videos for "Can't Be Tamed" and "Who Owns My Heart," and when video surfaced showing her grinding her butt into the crotch of fortysomething film producer Adam Shankman at the wrap party for her film "The Last Song."  (We didn't hear what he thought about the cleavage-baring maxi dress she wore to meet the queen.)

Miley turned 18 in November, and if -- as sources told TMZ -- she was smoking the hallucinogenic herb salvia divinorum at her L.A. pad and not marijuana, she wasn't breaking any laws. Still, it must be hard for a dad to see his little girl all grown up. 


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tish, Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 11, 2010, in Beverly Hills. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images


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Every or almost every teen is going to try some kind of drug . I would rather see them smoke pot or saliva , it doesn't affect you like alcohol or the other street drugs do or cause a adiction like the rest of the others do .

o.m.g miley Cyrus is smoking o m g

I still think it is wrong. I am a teenager and I have never done drugs. I had the chance to but I was smart and though about it unlike a lot of teens. She is just wasting her life away like all pot head smokers....

Janet, hey thanks for stereotyping, but no not every or almost every teen will try drugs / alcohal. I have never considered either for a second, and I'm still 17. I never will consider them. There are still kids who care more about their health and making smart decisions than being "cool". (I don't even understand why that's considered cool!)

ummm...no most teens won't. Usually the only teens who do try drugs are those who hang out with the kinds of people who cause the proliferation of the substances or those who have crap for parents. I would rather them live their lives responsibly.

JANET PERDUE are you crazy?! I don't care if it's lemons she smoking! Don't smoke at all! It's not right and it's not mature AT ALL! She needs to sit down and be an 18 year old. Stop tying to be grown up. Her father needs to leave now and don't look back becuase this girl is out of her mind and her little trashy blonde mother needs to grow up. I mean look at them in this picture. They look so....alike! Both trashy, both nuts, and both druges! I told everyone before, she was going to be a lindsey Lohan and a Paris Hilton. No getting around it! Come on look at all the facts! Her friends are the reason why she's acting out like this! COME ON!!!

Why does everyone keep saying all teenagers do this stuff? You know there's many kids out there who care about their health and actually use their brain to make the right decisions? I'm a year away from 18 and could care less about drugs and alcohol and yes I've been around them but I've never tried that crap. Besides, we all know this is only the beginning for Miley to what's to come in the future for her. Surprise her father actually didn't say "that's what kids her age do." She's 18, but still young and stupid.

All I have to say is, I am really glad I didn't have a camera following me around during my freshman year of college. I am a 22 year old Masters level social work now, but when I was 18 I *gasp* drank alcohol and *gasp* tried pot. Do I recommend drinking underage or using drugs? Of course not. The truth is every person that reads this has made a mistake in their lifetime or done something that they would rather not feature on the 6 o clock news. The difference was, we didn't have someone video taping every minute of it. She didn't break the law, and until she does, let her be!

She should be able to smoke if she wants to smoke. Its a free country. Get off her ass! She's 18 and she made her own decision. She doesn't care what you guys think nor should she. Let her live her life and you guys live yours.

I saw Miley in concert in Charlotte last year and was shocked (along with most of the people arond us). There were thousands of 10 and under girls who showed up only to see Miley put on a show that was clearly designed for a MUCH more mature audience. Most of the people expressed dissapointment as they were leaving. I don't think we have played any of her music at our since the concert. The problem with her smoking from a bong is that is sends a horrible message to a large group of her still young "Hanna" fans. Unfortunately, I don't think she cares. Smoke away Miley. I'll sit back and watch the train wreck. What a waste.

Yeah, I have to agree with the others, Janet. I can NOT stand when people associate inappropriate things (i.e. underage drinking, drugs, and pre-marital, unprotected sex) with ALL teens. Not ALL teens do drugs just because a large number of teens do them. I'm not criticizing her for this, though. She's eighteen. The drug is for eighteen year olds and older and it is legal...but just because something is legal doesn't mean it's right. People often forget that man made these types of rules. When being put in situations like this, you have to think of the infamous question: What would Jesus do (I understand if you don't practice a religion, or if you practice some other religion)? Like someone said before, she's allowing negative people to influence her, and she seriously needs to get away from them. The girl needs help, and will definitely be in my prayers, tonight.

wow i never new how much of a stud she was

Ladies and Gentlemen I now present you the new Lindsey Lohan...Salvia is just the precursor to something more potent and powerful. Does she not get the fact that some of her peers have been through hell because of making unwise and very clueless decisions when it comes to drug use. This here is a classic case of too much money and losing your values and principles due to it. I pray she will get a grip before it leads into a more serious situation as this video clip of Miley smoking a bong is already very serious and distrubing.

Spoiled rich Hollyweird brats should spend sometime in a 3rd world country to see what life is all about.

Another uneducated, empty-headed young teenage starlet with too much money, no real direction in life, no true friends or role models who care about her dignity and health. Very sad indeed.

Who honestly cares what she's doing to herself, she's going to do what she wants with it, whether it be "bad" or not who are you to make that decision? And for all the parents on here and kids on here saying "Oh I would never touch drugs or alcohol in my life" , shut up. No one cares what you do it's your life live it. Don't sit back and brag because you have never done drugs. I bet you every single one of you has ran a red light or not worn your seatbelt at least once in your life, and to be honest having pot on you will get you the same degree offense as a traffic ticket.

give the girl a break...... we all like to act as if were so" perfect " but truth to the matter is we all have faults ! She is still young and hopefully she learns from her mistakes.

I generally don't comment on celebrity gossip and stuff, but, I've got to speak out on this. Miley may be in pain due to her parents divorce, but that not withstanding, when I saw that video it made me want to cry. If it takes a village to raise a child, my friends, we've lost her. The evil hand of Disney has once again sucked the innocence from the heart of another God gifted child in exchange for big fat checks. It TRULY has made me sick. :(

To any of you moms or dads out there that are just dying to get your child prodigy signed on by Disney so they can later fulfill their dream of being another Miley Cyrus, Brittney Spears, etc; ask yourself, is it worth it? A child is only a child once. Do you want your child exposed to the sex industry that teen pop culture has turned into? Are you going to be content to watch a industry pro sexually exploit your daughter? Or at the very least expose them to all the drinking and the smoking and the drugs that come with child stardom? What about exposing them to the justification of such things as "Just stuff 'all' kids do"?

How many more deaths of children's innocence are we going to continue support? It's time to realize, and I don't give two cents about what Disney says about it, the pop culture is NOT the place to expose your child to if you want to get them into the music business! If anything get them into the southern gospel industry, or the country industry. At least there are still some execs and/or agents in Nashville that AREN'T perverts and child molesters. Are those strong words? You better believe it. But every agent and executive that was responsible for sexualizing a child star's persona is in a sense a child molester. They are taking the child and making a profit off of exploiting them. And Miley, and Brittney are the poster children for this point.

PLEASE, don't let it happen to your kid. Don't expose them to "the lifestyle". Let them be babies. Don't put them on the fast track to adulthood. They only get that opportunity once and then it's gone. How much is your child's innocence worth to you? How much is your child's reputation worth to you? Say your prayers for Miley and all these other victims of Mickey Mouse. Their innocence was stolen, or should I say bought. Now they are all grown up thinking sex is casual and drugs, even legal ones, is stylish and "fun". I'm not even going to allow my kids to listen to radio Disney anymore. I'm also going to cancel the subscription to the Disney channel.

Billy Ray summed it all up in one word that I think describes it best, the whole situation....."sad". :(

For those of you are saying that all people who smoke weed waste their lives, that is a completely false statement. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed or drinking, in fact a vast majority of celebrities smoke weed and are completely successful. It is a matter of balance in life and not over indulging. With that being said, I think that the problem with younger celebrities is that they get so overwhelmed with expectations and their image that they rely on drugs to deal with their lives. This could just be a one time experience, yet at the same time it could also be beginning of the end for her.

hahahahahahahaha yes!!!! this is funny.... lmao

Miley hitting the bong? :0
i laughed my ass off.

You know the stripper poles are not far behind after the crack parties...

here we go again what an example, I hope she looses everything !

maybe miley could get lohan to give her some davice. way to go girl. you have a good start.

Well I just think it is sad, yes it is her life and she is going to live it how she wants but with more guidance do you think she might be living it different? I agree another Lindsey Lohan but I don't think disney is all to blame. Look at Hillary Duff she is not in all the tabloids for being in trouble. She made it through child stardom without selling out. The pressures of being famous in any sense is just that an added pressure to a child who then becomes a teen and all those mixed up emotions. Teens who are allowed to run wild with those emotions are the ones that fall, the ones who are famous are the ones who get all the attention about it. I didn't see anyone at the lady I babysit for house last night with a video camera taping them pulling out a bong so they could smoke weed. Luckily her children have a few people around that will try to help guide them in a better direction. Oh and people who say weed is not addicting that is also a lie I tried (even though I myself don't smoke it) to use that as a defense and this lady's friend admits that he is very much addicted to it. It does cause withdrawls and he would never tell you different.

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