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Kelsey Grammer, Kayte Walsh reportedly will have no prenup

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh Kelsey Grammer, who's currently looking at splitting about $100 million worth of community property in his divorce from Camille Grammer, a.k.a. "No. 3," reportedly won't sign a prenup with wife-on-deck Kayte Walsh, a.k.a. "No. 4."

"He knows she's the one and wouldn't insult her by asking her to sign a prenup," a nameless friend of the "Frasier" actor told PopEater. There was no prenup between Kelsey and Camille either, says TMZ.

"Kelsey doesn't care about the money. He never has," a friend told PopEater. "This is about being happy."

The Chicago Sun-Times, meanwhile, reports allegations of dealbreaker behavior on both sides of the Kelsey-Camille split -- the words "cold fish," "clueless" and "poisoning" come into play.

But none of that matters anymore for the manlier Grammer, 55, a guy we'd like to note has had a pretty rough life.  "Kayte and I are marrying  because we are in love and we see no reason to postpone our happiness any longer," he said in a statement. "End of story. We are planning something we wish to be a private affair among several of our friends." Walsh, a former flight attendant, is 25.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Grammer No. 3, a former Playboy model, is "nowhere near ready to date," her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" costar Taylor Armstrong tells Us Magazine.

How nice that must be for Camille and Kelsey's two single-digit kidlets, Mason Olivia and Jude Gordon.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kelsey Grammar and Kayte Walsh arrive on the red carpet for the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 5, 2010. Credit: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters


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He lost his mind. So by not getting married their happiness is being postponed? Whack job!! I thought this guy was bright, apparently not. He seems to know nothing about love. If you love someone that much you really don't need to run to the media everyday for the last six months to tell the world. The damage you're doing to your young children is truly sad. Be in "love" be private and go away. He looks awful maybe he's dying and that's his rush.

4 x means something is wrong with him.

What is this over bearing so called dad/husband doing??? What ever happened to love and honor in the wedding vowels??? What a poor example he is for his children.

he is a fool and will regret it.

Wish him well, since he did make his previous marriage last more than a decade at least. However he should still do a prenup to minimize any future problems of relationship indecisions since his present wife was more surprised than this couple on the splitup and still does. Predict the future on those two and the answer is when is the next pending story of the lifecycle of this relationship at all levels?

This guy is unimaginable stupid. Why can't he just date this fugly gold digging waitress floozy? He is so completely stupid. George Clooney should give him a few lessons in dating people completely beneath you. He's a pro at it and does the right, smart thing, buy never getting married. It's just amazing how desperate old men are. And when they get dumped they hate on all women, as if nothing is *ever* their fault. He deserves all the heartbreak he has coming. He is so shoddy.

I usually tuned in every chance but I will no longer watch any episodes of Frasier or anything else he is in. I will no longer support these actors and/or actresses who cheat on their families. I've had enough.


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