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Kardashian Christmas card: 'Dynasty,' or 'The Addams Family'? [poll]

Kardashian Christmas card poll

The Kardashian Christmas card for 2010 is getting a lot of attention -- people love it, or hate it, or think it seems familiar, but can't quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite place it ...

In what Khloe Kardashian thinks "might be my favorite" card, and the Ministry thinks might be our favorite pop-culture ink-blot test, fans of the clan seem to see "Dynasty," while others lean more toward "The Addams Family."

Click here to see the Kardashian Christmas card, and then let us know: 1980s power-glam, or Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley and Lurch?


So much for that Kardashian MasterCard

Will you brighten Wesley Snipes' prison Christmas? [poll]

Kim Kardashian not pregnant by Kanye West -- but what about a space-alien baby daddy? Huh?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Left photo: Joan Collins, John Forsythe and Linda Evans from the ABC-TV show "Dynasty." Credit: ABC

Right photo: Jerry Messing, left, Tim Curry, Nicole Fugere, Carel Strucken, Daryl Hannah and Pat Thomas in "Addams Family Reunion." Credit: Fox Family


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The Kardashian's are a glam version of the Addams Family.


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