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Josh Duhamel says 'lesson learned' after being booted by small regional airline


It took getting kicked off an airplane, but Josh Duhamel says "lesson learned" about banging on that BlackBerry after the cockpit crew says to stop it.

"I learned that it's best to always turn them off," a somewhat tongue-in-cheek Duhamel told Access Hollywood on Sunday. "Not my favorite moment. I’m good, I’m good. Lesson learned."

Duhamel was attending an event for the Trevor Project, which is behind the "It Gets Better" anti-bullying campaign. The actor says, sure, he was bullied as a kid, though "maybe not to the degree that some of these kids who are really dealing with feel it." Still, he said, he can understand.

But let's get to the really important info: Does the fact that Duhamel was pwned by Air Wisconsin somehow make the story better?

We think so.


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He was at an anti-bullying function and then apparently taunted the flight attendant staff? Lessons still to be learned I think. What a tool. Go Air Wisconsin!


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