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John Mellencamp, wife Elaine Irwin Mellencamp call it quits

Elaine Irwin Mellencamp and John Mellencamp are splitting after 18 years of marriage John Mellencamp and his wife, Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, are splitting up after 18 years of marriage, their rep says.

The Mellencamps "are proud of their 20 years together and are very happy with their accomplishments both as parents and as a family," said publicist Bob Merlis, who declined to say Thursday whether the two had filed for divorce yet.

The Indiana rocker, 59, and the Almay cosmetics model, 41 -- who met in 1991, got engaged after dating for 10 weeks and married in 1992 -- have two teenage sons together. Elaine is the "Pink Houses" singer's third wife. He has three other children from the two other marriages.

They first crossed paths at work, according to the Hollywood Reporter -- she was booked to appear on the cover of his album "Whenever We Wanted."


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Elaine Irwin Mellencamp and musician John Mellencamp at a charity event in New York City on Oct. 21. Credit: Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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Wow, he has aged a lot, he should get some work done on his face, color his hair, work out, try something-maybe that's why his wife left him-he seems to have no pride in his appearance.

Well I have loved john ever since he started singing, it's to bad they are splitting up, but celebrities don't stay together forever. Hey, he's 59 years old people what do you expect him to look like, some of these celebs that get all those face lifts and end up fake all over?? Come on. He used me and my husbands harley to take pictures when he first started out and they were put in Creme magazine, so that is something to brag about. I cam meet him anytime I want, and now I just might. Love you John forever!!!

Girl, Maggie, you got guts but I love you for it. Keep on banging til it stops feelin' good!!!

I don't know if he was "rags-to-riches" type guy but he always seemed like a "hard-work-to-riches" kinda dude. Those I like the best because no one can accuse them of not paying their way and making on their own. I personaly hate to see him or anyone like him go down b/c of the work ethic they appear to have. I don't think one needs to be from the heartland to show love for the land in which they live. But he seemed to always show pride in America in his music and his image. I am, btw, from the coastland, New Orleans to be exact. God bless you JCM, as well as Elaine and the rest of their fam!!! Take care. . .

Women crack me up too. They complain that he's gotten old looking and doesnt pride himself in his appearance. Something tells me if it were the other way around, like the woman got too fat, which happens all too much, or the woman stopped coloring her hair, or the woman starts wrinkling, then the women would be blasted John for being shallow and not living up to his commitments. He'd be a "Dog" then, but when they give her alledged reasons for breaking up it's perfectly acceptable.

Well here's a news flash, you're all wrong! she spent 20 years and has two kids with the man, you really believe his hair color is the reason they split? The guy could probably have most women he wants no matter how he looks, how does Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards find dates?

Ya think maybe there is more to it then her being fed up with his hair color? LOLLLL

Ron/Wendy if you really do know them personally why would you even think about posting that.Sorry "friend" but you have not fooled everyone!! And oh by the way...learn to spell!! That also says alot about who you really are!! I really think its fairly obvious that he has some talent!! Also, why would he think about doing anything to his body??? He always "supported" the blue working class and would that not put him up there with the elite?? Just sayin!

I guess they will split their names too - he will stay Mellancamp and she will become a cougar.

I'm sorry to hear this. I had hoped they would be a solid couple. He is a great performer; I don't think his age has anything to do with that or his marriage. Only those too young to know anything about life would think otherwise.

elaine is far too good for this "boy" who thinks he's the king of rock. Having lived down the road from them and shared preschool with my kids and hers, I must say she is stunning, lovely and kind. He is a prick with no class, a small-town loser who reclused her away on a remote ranch in Bloomington, Indiana to rot... thank goodness she woke up. so did I, which is why I live in California and dumped my loser "hoosier."

I wish nothing but the best for Elaine and John. What happens behind their 4 walls is NO ONE'S business. If they can split on good turns, so be it.
As far as John's career....he still is rockin'. Did you ever hear of Farm Aid? Have you looked at his touring schedule? Have you even heard his new CD? Not too sure where you are living, but here on planet Earth he's doing just fine :-)

Another failed marriage. Add it to the statistics.

Must have a backup to be fine with this decision from leaving this lovely specimen and in her case, she'll be lonely and count on something else while Mellecampe does his mulling on things.
This has happened before in the music industry and Christy Brinkley is available if he is lucky enough and for her, avoid porn industry to console herself after he leaves.
They should'nt be divorcing and it still doesn't make sense unless something is missing from both perspectives.

Some of you may know John has a heart condition. That can contribute to the aging proccess. I know, if I were very ill, I would not want my loved one (being healty and vibrent) to have to pine over me everyday. I would give him the choice. Stay and suffer with me (which I don't want for you) or go have a life. If this is their wish, so be it. I grew up on John's music. I had a rough childhood. If it weren't for some of his (understanding of what it like out here) I might have ended my life long ago. If he is an Ass that that is his right. It would seem that some on here are as well. Is that the pot calling the kettle black or what.

Let it go Wendy. Mellencamp ROCKS! Besides, Elaine probably owes alot of her success to him. I hope their divorce is amicable and they continue to raise their boys together.

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