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Jennifer Aniston can flop all she wants, Rupert Everett observes

Jennifer Aniston Perhaps Jennifer Aniston would appreciate a break from the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie discussion, but maybe not the kind Rupert Everett offered in a recent interview.

Everett named the actress specifically when discussing how Hollywood promotes people it considers stars, despite failures at the box office. Stars like Aniston, apparently.

"Jennifer Aniston will just have one too many total flops," he told BBC radio. "But she's still a member of that club."

"And she will still manage to — like a star forming in the universe — a whole lot of things swirling around and suddenly solidifying into yet another vital, tasteless rom-com: a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula." 

That "club" Everett is referring to seems to be an abstract collective of power players who protect and promote their industry favorites. Though Aniston gets a dig, at least old Rupey is taking his medicine too — he's clearly not one of the chosen few.

Leave your thoughts on Everett's observations in comments below.


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Jennifer Aniston walks the red carpet in 2008. Credit: Associated Press.

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I agree 100% with Rupert Everett (excellent actor). I cannot watch one J.A. movie. They have been awful stories/plots with the same acting style Jennifer portrays in everyone of them. All brainless and dull.
Thank you all for voicing your very accurate observances who have agreed with R.E.
True, J.A. might be a wonderful, sweet woman who happened to be adorable in Friends....but then that should have been the end of her career.

WOW it's amazing how far things have gone from that infamous day when that photo of Brad Pitt and Jolie surfaced from that remote beach overseas - how far did the media go to embarrass and humiliate Aniston and how little Jolie and Pitt cared about the hurt they were causing by displaying temselves like a big trophy to the world.

All that Aniston ever did was MOVE ON. Some of her movies are better than others, but they are FAR more interesting than average and those who insist that they flop are delusional. People are genuinely interested in Aniston - it is not a fabrication of hers, for she has publicly said very little about her divorce and the infamous Jolie. It is the media who has insisted on the matter.

People are fascinated by her resilience and willingness to put herself out there despite the public embarrassment she went through. She doesn't claim to be an Oscar actress, and those who criticize her acting better face it: A LOT OF PEOPLE ENJOY HER MOVIES! A LOT OF PEOPLE ENJOY HER ROLES! A LOT OF PEOPLE ENJOY HER CHOICES IN MOVIES! They are heartwarming, they are unpretentious, they are funny and simple and most importantly they have HEART.

It has never been about whether Aniston has flaws or not. Everyone does, and she likely had at least 50% to do with her divorce, but still it was a private matter that should have been handled with a lot more respect than the way Pitt and Jolie handled it. They didn't fall inlove, they fell inlove with the publicity they were going to get by getting together. They fell inlove with the idea of possibly shocking the world - never did they consider doing things in a more discrete and respectful manner - THEY WERE THE SELFISH ONES.

THE PUBLIC SEES THROUGH THAT! And it shows up on the charts and the money Aniston movies' make. No one would invest in her if her movies didn't sell. She has done nothing but wish Pitt and his new family a good life. And that makes her even more endearing, and the Brangeloonies hate that! So it's time they swallow the bitter pill. If Pitt and Jolie have found closed doors it's only because they have created that for themselves, as Everett probably has done himself.

Aniston is an example of strength and courage as a woman and we all support you and believe in you! Keep going! We look forward to seeing you in many more films!

I never understood the appeal of 'Jennifer Anniston', or should I say, 'Rachel.' She was cute in friends, until that show 'jumped the shark' and turned into a cartoon, and she has continued to be 'Rachel' in everything she does, just about. She is not pretty, not even cute, her face is not attractive at all! She has a great body, that's it! I'm sure she is a nice person, but certainly not some super star. I think she just lucked out with Friends. I do feel sorry for her losing Brad Pitt, but wasn't she seeing him while he was engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow? Hmm. Or at least they sure started dating VERY quickly after that breakup. Not a Jennifer Anniston fan..

Well, here we have a rather cutting comment from Rupert Everett, ending lamely with your tired attempt at a sting: "at least old Rupey is taking his medicine too — he's clearly not one of the chosen few." Your 'riposte' is crude and it seems you can't take things beyond the barest exposition "take your medicine ... sour grapes". Everett stated things beautifully, albeit caustically. Why could you not just let it be? Why spoil everything with your 'last word'.

This article didn't state that Rupert said there are many, many stars who are supported by the industry, then he goes on to mention Jen as one of them. He also blames the industry for being homophobic because he's gay. I wonder who the many, many other stars he's referring to are? I'm sure all the "stars" he's referring to are all laughing at him. Rupert please give us your list of the many, many stars. He's just another loser who can't handle the fact that he is a talentless and unsustainable actor. Don't blame the fact that your gay, blame the fact that you're not a money maker for the industry because you're not a good enough actor. Don't blame the industry for wanting to promote the "stars" who are bankable, unlike yourself. Why would they want to lose money on a flop of an actor such as yourself?

Just who are the many, many actors besides Jen that he's referring to? This little snippet about Jen was taken out of context from his original interview were he says, there are many, many actors sustained by the industry, then he goes on to mention Jen as just one of them. he also goes on to mention that Hollywood is homophobic and this is the reason he can't find work? He seems to blame everyone else but himself.

Why are people so lame? Rupert has said that there are many, many stars supported by the industry. He goes on to mention Jen as one example. Who are the many, many stars? It stands to reason, if there are many, many stars supported by the industry, it's because these "stars" are what the public chooses to spend their money on. Whether he agrees they have talent is baseless. The public obviously feels they have talent and likability and that's what the industry will promote. Note to Ruppert: If the public won't spend money to see you act, it's not the industries fault.

He has a very good point. Hollywood pretends to be liberal, artistic, and provide critical thinking on society. While there are some such good movies that make people think, the truth is that Hollywood has become as capitalist and big business as it gets. Even self proclaimed liberals like Jane Fonda just can’t resist the temptation of doing cosmetic commercials. Stars are all over the magazines, TV, and commercials these days. Even actors that are at the pinnacle of their careers, earning millions per year do commercials (e.g. Kate Winslet, Scarlet Johansson, Charlize Theron, … the list is just too long – almost everyone is doing it). I’m not even counting non-artistic commercial actors such as Jennifer Aniston – with all the yearly millions does she really need a perfume? The hypocrisy is that they think they’re liberals, but they’re as greedy as the greediest capitalists when it comes to their own self-serving ways. Few are the ones that walk the talk such as Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Annette Bening, etc. Actors all complain about us being a “star obsessed society” but they’re the most active participants in creating the biggest marketing bonanza in recent memory. We are just victims of their greedy and manipulating ways.

The caption should read: Rupert Everette says Hollywood is homophobic, and many, many stars are supported by the industry. This is what he said in the interview, before he went on to site one example, Jen. I'd like to know names of the "many, many" stars he's referring to? I'm sure they know who they are, and they're all laughing. What he fails to realize is that he's not a bankable commodity. The public at large will spend their money to see the "many, many" stars including Jennifer. However, they obviously will not spent their money to go see Ruppy. Yes Ruppy, there are many, many stars in the galaxy, you're just not one of them. Take your nebulous nonsensical quote, and shovel it where the sun don't shine.

Thank you, T, for telling the truth about the manipulative fraud Aniston.

The public is tired of you and your shenanigans Aniston. You cannot ACT, that is a FACT and Mr. Rupert called it right and proper. Call your dogs off of him. He does not deserve your vindictive backlash. Call them off before someone else has even worse to tell the public about you.

You have been given a "pass" in Hollywood only because of your ruthless PR dog. Admit it and move on. Everyone in Hollywood knows this to be true. Lay down your weapons. Aren't you tired yet of trying to slay everyone who speaks the truth about you and does not see you as talented, sweet and lovable? Shall we ask your mother for her testimony about the vindictive, hold a grudge for 20 hate-filled years daughter she spawned?

In this new year, I hope you will turn over a new leaf Aniston. I hope you will let go of all your hatred and bitterness and your insatiable desire for covert revenge against anyone who says anything negative about you and your lust for revenge against innocent people who never did anything to you. You see your own self as having been "humiliated" in your own eyes because you have no self respect. You seek endless revenge because you are a miserable person who can find no happiness unless others are as miserable as you are. LET IT GO! ENOUGH!

The fact that this discussion has deteriorated into all the Jennifer vs. Brangelina nonsense is just more proof that the problem people have with Jennifer is not her acting, or being overrated, or supposedly playing herself in every role. It's angry, bitter, petty Brangelina fans who just want Jennifer to disappear into the wooodwork and make things more convenient for Princess Angelina, so the world can forget that Brad was Jennifer's husband when he and Angelina met.

Jeremy, you apparently missed the Good Girl. Jennifer did a fine job carrying that movie as the female lead. This is Hollywood, it's a business town, and the bottom line is always the bottom line. If you simply look at the numbers, Jennifer is still one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, or she wouldn't keep getting work. It's just that simple. Nicole Kidman rode high for a while after her Oscar win for the Hours, but then made the top of the list of most overpaid actors in Hollywood. Australia was her last big "star" vehicle, and that was several years ago now. She's had to go back to doing small indies like Rabbit Hole to regain critical aclaim and get the salary back up. Rupert is just being petty and bitter. Probably a friend of Angelina's. Jennifer wouldn't still be cast if her movies weren't making money, period.

And as for "being sick of hearing Jennifer complain" when exactly was the last time she complained? I read pretty much all her interviews and she hasn't said word one since Brad first left her for Angelina. The final papers were barely signed when Brangelina posed for those cheesy 60's photos and Jennifer simply said "there's a sensitivity chip that's missing" which was nothing but the truth. A couple of years later, AFTER Angelina said in an interview that she couldn't wait to show her kids Mr. and Mrs. Smith because it's the movie where mommy and daddy fell in love, and 'daddy' was still Jennifer's husband during the filming of that movie, she responded by saying apparently things were going on when we were still married that I didn't know about and I found out through a magazine interview, not cool. Also, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Other than that, Jennifer hasn't said anything bad. people keep asking her about it, and she has to deflect as best she can. When Marley and Me and Benjamin button went toe to toe at the box office and it turned into a whole Brad vs. Jennifer thing, she said "why can't they both do well? I've seen most of Benjamin Button and it's amazing. I hope both movies do well." Brad himself has said that Jennifer is "a sweetheart," that they were once a very important part of each other's lives, and the whole Jennifer vs. Angelina thing is "so manufactured." So why don't you angry, bitter, petty Angelina thugs just give it a rest?

scj - No, Jennifer did not date Brad while he was still engaged to Paltrow. Rumor had it Brad broke up with Paltrow because she cheated on him and emotionally left the relationship. Sorry, your whole "So what if Angelina stole Jennifer's husband, she stole him from someone else too, so she deserved what she got" theory doesn't hole water.

It is so disappointing to see so many "hate" letters here that I don't bother to read each and every line -- but I only come to sites like this because I care for my favourite one and only Jennifer Aniston. But liking Jennifer doesn't necessarily mean that I hate Angelina Jolie. They both have qualities - they both aspire for good things in their lives. It just so happened that Jennifer has been my favourite ever since I saw her in Friends.

Jennifer to me is a very beautiful woman, young-looking for her age, with a girl-next-door personality and a known real-life character of kindness and consideration to others. All these, I believe, draw a huge following to her. She just has that appeal that attracts the masses and not only a small group of fans. Angelina is very beautiful and has her own huge following.

I won't talk here of Angelina as I don't know much about her. But regarding Jennifer, it is obvious that her movies have been successful, e.g. Good Girl, Derailed, Come Along Poly, etc, plus the top box-office hits Break-up and Marley & Me. Obviously she has a good record as an actress.

Why others (excluding the haters) seem to criticise her, I think, is because they are seeing she has potentials to be in other great roles, such as drama, action, and the like -- but for some reasons, she hasn't been given those opportunities.

So, I hope her Management will work harder to find her some type of extraordinary films (e.g., romance-drama, war movies, mysteries, heavy adventures, royalty stories, law stories, etc.) She's been through comedy pictures, and I hope she herself and her Management will find something more that will reveal her acting talents.

Some people might say that she cannot act -- this I object to. Only those who hate her that much will have visions that are blocked from seeing the goodness in her acting abilities. I believe that, as she gains experiences from the extraordinary type of films, she will improve ... and her acting potentials will not lay dormant but will be developed, just like those of award-winning actresses.

Again, it is so sad to see so many hurtful cruel words against Jennifer Aniston. The same thing on Angelina's behalf - I feel so sorry to hear those bad unforgiving remarks about her past. Clearly, technology might be making our world easier, but it is also making it easier for people to hide behind cyber-names only to ridicule co-human beings such as Jennifer and Angelina.

You don't know me and I don't know you .... but being an internet-user like you, I wish that less and less people will use the internet for their hatred, 'cause it can possibly affect their personal lives and other readers like me who find your hatred unreasonable and unfair and thus discomforting.

If Jennifer and Angelina are your loved sisters, best-friends, or daughters, you won't like it if others say nasty things to them, I'm sure.

I close this note with the prayer in my heart to God Almighty that you move away from such cruel use of this technology and to be kinder in your hearts. The world has enough bad things in it that we don't want to add to them anymore.

What a shocking eye-opener. The Aniston haters are deranged and have delusional ideas that they know what a celebrity has or hasn't been thinking. Those are the kind of people that wind up with restraining orders against them! How can these people pretend to know what's going on in somebody's mind when they don't even personally know the person in question? It's you guys that should be letting it go. After all, it was none of your business anyway in the first place. And for what it's worth... get some help.

Angie can only star in the leading role in an action movie. She can't lead in any other type of movie. The Tourist is a flop. Soon she won't be able to star in action anymore because she's too old. Is this why she's trying her hand at directing? Many actors only have one venue that they excel in. It's rare to find many actors who can play various leading roles. Ruppert is a dweeb.

Of course Everett is correct. Everyone in LA knows that Aniston continues to work because of Stephen and Kevin Huvane, If she stops getting movie roles, Stephen Huvane will stop living a millionaire lifestyle (it's not like he can count on fees from Paltrow or Dunst, his only other two significant clients -- except for Handler, of course, who was signed so she would stop attacking Aniston and start on Jolie. But he isnt makign money on Handler. She is paying REDUCED fees in exchange for publicly berating Jolie. Besides, Handler is like Mayer -- you never know what she will do; she could turn on both Aniston and Huvane and start spilling the beans. You never know what a drunken sl@t will do. There aren't many weak and pathetic clients like Aniston who will pay Huvane to hold her hand and plant fake "dating" stories about her each week. And if any other actress had sent a distributor into bankruptcy (as as Aniston did when Management cost $18-20 mil then MADE back only $2.5 mil WORLDWIDE), they would be waiting tables now.

I wonder if Rupert also believes Angie is one of those supported by the industry. It's true she's only good as the lead in an action movie. She keeps playing the same type of movie. All you people posting negativity toward Jen, should really be finding out who the many, many stars supported by the industry are? Who are all the people that Rupert is referring?

Huvane LIES and spins EVERYTHING to Aniston's advantage. Example: "The Switch". Prior to the film's release, no budget was publicized (though most films post their production budgets in advance of release). Tto get Aniston on Forbes' list of highest paid actresses, Huvane listed her Switch salary at $8 mi. Once the film was released and BOMBED w/only $8 mil opening weekend, even favorable media outlets were calling her a FAILURE. So, after all domestic grosses totaled $27 mil, the Huvane brothers got the studio to publish a budget of only $19 mil so they could claim she made the studio a profit. The problem -- every MAILROOM BOY in Hollywood knows if she was paid $8 and the budget was ony $19m then ALL OTHER ACTORS and UNION crew, PLUS film stock and production equipment, PLUS teamster drivers, plus ALL equipment rental, PLUS NEW YORK HOUSING COSTS, PLUS catering would ALL have had to be paid out of only $11 mil!!!! That is IMPOSSIBLE. Even Woody Allen has said he no longer shoots in NY because his budgets of low $20s cannot sustain shooting there. Bateman and Goldblum alone would have had combined salaries of at least $6. NY, UNION RATES are the highest in the nation, so Switch cost a BARE MINIMUM of $35 PLUS a minimum of $10 mil for marketing. That's $45 mil for a film that only made $47 worldwide, PLUS you have to deduct a third for theatrical disributors shares, so no way did anyone made a profit. It is this kind of CONSTANT CALCULATED DECEPTION to which Everett is referring. Her entire career is a lie.

Aniston Haters: You sound ridiculous. Typical toxic Hollywood runoff. Cudos to anyone who can make a living as a working actor. The industry doesn't cast out of charity - its a business. Get a clue - and a life.

@M: I see you don't have any FACTS to combat the FACTS AND FIGURES stated in my posts about Aniston and her PR machine -- such as how she could be paid $8 mil on a NY studio shoot and STILL claim the film was budgeted at only $19 mil after it BOMBED at the box office. Too bad for Aniston and Huvane, but some of us have worked in the industry long enough to know EXACTLY what productions cost, and to know that Huvane is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH as he always does about her so-called career (his latest lie is the claim that her perfume isn't ALSO a financial BOMB). So when you can come up with a FACT ot two, maybe you'll be able to gain some credibility.

@Hasbeen..,.You are clearly delusional, and the poster "M" is 100% correct. Anyone with a thinking brain, of which you lack, can deduce that the industry doesn't cast out of charity. END OF STORY!!!!!

He may sound like a nut but he is telling the truth, no matter how many flops, she is still in the game, for how long who knows maybe tell one producers lost way too much money, and got ready piss then maybe at that point she is out. Till then you can all go and see her flops, because i am not i will see movies that make sense, or are interesting and get my attention.

Jealous much?

@ Andy...Your post is a flop. I could barely understand the nonsense and illiteracy you posted.

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