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Near death, Elizabeth Edwards quits cancer treatment

Elizabeth EdwardsThis is an updated version of an earlier post. See the note below.

Elizabeth Edwards, the political wife whose name was hurled into the gossip scene when it was rumored her husband had had an affair with another woman during the 2008 campaign, has only a few days to a few weeks to live, according to a friend of the family.

[Updated, 3:05 p.m. Tuesday: Elizabeth Edwards has died at age 61. The new post is here.]

In a post on her personal Facebook page, Edwards reportedly wrote, in part, "I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful."

Doctors have determined that further treatment of her cancer would be unproductive, the family said Monday in a statement.

Estranged husband John Edwards and their three children were together with the 61-year-old at home in Chapel Hill, N.C., the friend said, along with her sister, brother, nieces, nephews and others. The friend said Elizabeth remained in good spirits and was not in pain.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and thought she had beaten it, until the couple found out in March 2007 that it had returned and spread.

The decision was made that John would continue in his campaign for the presidency; in February 2008, campaign aide Rielle Hunter gave birth to a daughter who would later be identified as the former candidate's child. The Edwardses separated in January this year after John admitted the child was his.


'I've had it': Elizabeth and John Edwards legally separate

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-- Christie D'Zurilla

[For the record, 3 p.m. Tuesday: An earlier version of this post said Elizabeth Edwards' name entered gossip headlines after her husband's paternity of a child with Rielle Hunter was revealed. The scandal started with rumors of an affair during the 2008 presidential campaign, but John Edwards did not admit paternity until January of this year.]

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Elizabeth Edwards arrives at the Stand Up to Cancer event in Culver City on Sept. 10, 2010. Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

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Love to her now and forever.

God Bless Elizabeth Edwards and her children as for her X you should be embrassed, such a good wife and family you DID NOT deserve them

Elizabeth you are a role model for leading a meaningful life.

Wishing you the best as you embark on your next journey.

Poor woman.. I hope that she is not in pain.

Elizabeth Edwards is a woman of great character, ethics, morals, honesty and courage all of which is lacking in her husband.

It is a sad to see that she had to spend the last few years of her life in such pain not only physically but emotionally.

Cancer is an epidemic which must be cured not by chemotherapy, or current modalities which are totally useless and cause further decline of a person.

We are at a loss of words but wish you God Speed- Elizabeth. You did it with grace, love and elegance and your life is a shining example to all.

pretty disapointing that the LA times chooses to introduce her in reference to her husbands scandal as her life comes to an end. she has done many more things and deserves a testament to her life. but congratulations, again showing how well the media misses the mark in issues of humanity.

Elizabeth, I don't know if you've given up or not. But remember it's not over yet. So many have been at a point where it was thought they wouldn't make, but they made it. I remember a story in the bible where a man was told when he would die, but guess what? He challenged God, and he lived many more years. Believe, and tell God you want to live and glorify his name. I hope you will read these scriptures, and I pray they help - psalm 23, 27,91.
Lots of love.

My heart and prayers go out to Elizabeth Edwards. May her remaining days on this earth be painfree and peaceful and full of love from her beautiful famiy. I have N/H Lymphoma which is treatable but not curable, and therefore have a strong tie this dasterdly disease. I pray a cure will be found in our children's life times. Elizabeth, I love and admire your courage. God bless you and wrap you in his warm, healing arms. You are indeed a special child of his.

Elizabeth Edwards is quite a woman and a lady, unlike some of the ridiculous broads in today's celebrity spotlight. It's just a tragedy that she is dying. The likes of Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin, Kim Kardashian and all others of their greedy, self-absorbed, narcissistic ilk should take lessons from Edwards in class, courage and true beauty.

It's also revolting, as "j" wrote, that the Times can't write about Mrs. Edwards without mentioning her moron of an ex-husband and all his disgusting, immature bs. She was, is and always will be far too good for him.

Precious , your're absolutly right I hope Elizabeth hasn't given up because it's not over yet , if she or someone she knows is reading this, I have been learning about Max Gersian, I don't know if I spelled his last name right but he has found a cure for most diseases including cancer and has cured many patients deemed terminaly ill all by changing the way one eats, as well as getting regular excerise,FOOD CURES EVERYTHING but the masses of people unfortunatly consume all the wrong foods for most of their life never knowing the alternative.

I cry for you,but also know you have done all you can in your cancer fight.You have been a brave,strong woman and it shows in your children.You will be greeted by your son when you arrive to heavens door.You are my hero.I hope when my time comes I will meet you and see your smile.
God bless you and your children.

God bless this woman, and my thoughts are with her family (even with John Edwards, who just disgusts me). May her children remain strong and receive much love and support from family and friends.
Just goes to show: All the money and power in the world cannot buy one health or time.
Mrs. Edwards shows how can face death with dignity and character.

You fought the fight with grace and dignity

The Heaven is waiting for her....God bless Mrs. Edwards,,

my wife of 31yrs just passed away last july the 15th of breast cancer. she fought the cancer for the last 5yrs and it finally beat her so with that mrs Edwards and all her family and all of you that have lost a loved one to breast cancer or any other type of sickness my heart goes out to you and i will pray for all. I have grieved and still do for my wife and best friend and will for the rest of my life if there is one thing i can say is that we need to hold hands as one we need to cry as one we need one another and unite as one because in numbers we can find strength. thanks for letting me vent it feels good but so sad its hard to type while crying but i think you all understand....

I would love to have her class and dignity when I reach my end. What a wonderful lady she is.

Just on AP: Elizabeth Edwards has died.

Rest in Peace, Elizabeth. You were strong and beautiful and did your best. Cancer did NOT destroy your spirit even as it overwhelmed you. May time heal her family.

Sad news indeed regarding a lady of such class, character, and dignity. As for P. Neisman, the "chemotherapy or current modalities" that you dismiss with such disdain, they are what have kept my wife alive--she just passed her 5 year "anniversary" from her breast cancer surgery and is still cancer free.

So far I am a colin cancer survivor. There is always a "nightmarish" worry
that å cancer can return and spread at any time. Losing Mrs.Edwards or any other human being to this horrid disease just should not be.......
I would like to see more funds going to curing forever the cancer that can come to anyone , any time.....let's not go to the moon,or space or "lend" money to the world,nor spend money on projects like exploring a bee's sex life.;and/or for other dumb non serving ,useless, projects....
It would be more intelligent and humane to contribute as much as possible towards the eradication of CANCER'!

Dear Elizabeth family,

I want to pass on my condolences.

Its so sad i can imagin what her family would be going through,may her soul rest in perfect peace.oh my lord what a lose.

I am so sorry for the loss of Mrs. Ewdards.It's hard try battle something as hard as cancer ,but to aslo go the her husband affair and paterity put moer pain on her .But she with GOD now and her children don't have weary anymore .Just take each other and for Mr. Ewards somethime we make mistake ,but God he understand .I understand .she at peace now-no more pain.


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