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Camille Grammer calls out Faye Resnick at 'Housewives' dinner party


Faye Resnick? Gosh that name sounds familiar. At least, it did to Camille Grammer at a dinner party she hosted for "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Oh wait! Camille remembers who she is! And so should everyone else!

"You know how I know her? I saw her naked in Playboy. She posed naked in Playboy after the O.J. trial," the hostess announced to her other guests in an episode that aired Thursday. 

"And," she told Faye, "I thought you looked amazing. And I have to say, I loved your spread."

Later, alone on camera, Grammer described Resnick -- there as a guest of another of the "Housewives," Kyle Richards -- as "the morally corrupt Faye Resnick."

(Let's not talk about Camille's Playboy lingerie pics, OK? The ones she said resulted in her meeting future ex-husband Kelsey Grammer? OK.)

Resnick is, in fact, the friend of Nicole Brown Simpson who co-wrote a 1994 book about her murder ahead of the O.J. Simpson trial, then followed it up with the Playboy gig in 1997. Nicole Brown Simpson was killed in June 1994 along with Ron Goldman. Her husband was found not guilty of murder in October 1995, but held liable for $33.5 million in a 1997 wrongful death civil suit brought by Goldman's family.

O.J. is currently in prison in Nevada, serving a 33-year sentence -- perhaps with parole in nine years -- for a September 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Camille is currently in the middle of a divorce from Kelsey, who recently proposed to Kayte Walsh, the future Mrs. Grammer No. 4. Kayte, who was pregnant with Kelsey's child, recently miscarried.

Kelsey and Kayte, by the way, say they don't watch "Real Housewives."


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Camille is one sick puppy,she has a crazed look about her and she is cross eyed,she needs to go back to her stripper roots,you are nothing without Kelsey
I cant blame him for leaving and you are the ugliest housewife of them all,its your demeanor that makes you look dumm and there is no such word as machevelik,it machevellian

Camille does seem certifiable, but you have to admit Kyle's constant eye rolling and snide comments under her breath are bound to create problems. She's not exactly little miss innocent...just look at how she treats her sister.

Maybe the "medium" (ha ha) that is Camille's friend, should have tolde her that HER husband liked the "Ladies" too. Smart guy.

So what is next after you invite all the housewives to watch you and your TWO sidekicks make ugly eyes at your guests? Are you going to do as you threatened when Kyle wouldn't "cop" to your accusations of negative and nasty words to you? Yes, you texted your threat, but you sent the threat the first time through Allison Dubois. You want Kyle to be sensitive to what you already perceived... that her husband is more attuned to his business than to supporting his wife. You are trying to cause marital difficulties for Kyle. It is like you think everyone is against you so you go after the others one at a time using your non-BH friends to help you do the most damage. Nobody should wonder why other women are not going to agree with you... and apparently everyone has to agree with you or they are "catty" toward you.

But realistically, just recognize that YOU are the one with no power and soon there will be no money for you to hold over anyone's head. So why WOULD anyone want to be around you when you continually attack them... ALL OF THEM. You've already said you weren't there to be their friends... You are there to be their enemy. So we KNOW who you are and why you are there. Here I am hoping you get the boot because, like Kim, I don't like having to watch YOU make the show uncomfortable for ME.

I do vaguely remember when Faye Resnick wrote her book about Nicole Simpson. It was badly received and she was accused of exploiting her murdered friend. Also, remember much gossip that she was a druggie.

Now she's pushing 60 years old and still tries to look the same as 20 years ago. She's fake and hard looking. Don't understand why this woman should be in the limelight again. Once was enough. She and Kyle together were the snarky guests from hell. They brought out the worst in Allison who is obviously a very mean drunk. Faye and Allison were both kinda creepy.

WHAT was Kelsy thinking? However did he end up with this night crawler, this heifer of easy virtue?

Kudos to Kelsey for lasting as long as he did with Camille--Camille has the most
annoying voice I ever heard. With that horrible pitch, Camille should never do any time of broadcast.

I don't see how Camille has ANY friends...Everyone around her are such brown nosers. What's up with Nick?? Really? Friends? Kyle (not one of my favs on the show either) She needs to lay off her sister Kim---Lisa is my FAVORITE ONE on the show--Real--Funny. Taylor---Honey no more lip filler--Adrianne she is a shaker and a rattler--no drama kinda gal. Love the show---Can't wait for the next one!


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