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Benjamin Millepied: Who is Natalie Portman's future husband?

Benjamin Millepied Benjamin Millepied? Those unacquainted with the making of "Black Swan," or who don't frequent the New York City Ballet, might not be entirely familiar with Natalie Portman's just-announced fiance and baby daddy.

Let the Ministry help you with that. Some Benjamin Millepied essentials include:

Serious pedigree: Millepied is a principal dancer at the aforementioned NYCB, and he choreographed "Swan" with both professional dancers and shaped novices including Portman and Mila Kunis

He's a smokeshow: To your right.

But he wants to direct: Millepied appeared in several scenes with Portman as, um, the principal male dancer in the fictional "Swan" ballet troupe. The Frenchman also directed a short film, "Time Doesn't Stand Still," and doesn't seem opposed to a Hollywood crossover. "I think you can learn to act," Millepied told Details in June.

He's a romantic: In the same Details interview, Millepied took cues from Portman on their fierce privacy, but couldn't help giggling while text messaging her under the table. Likewise, we couldn't help but notice he posted this sweet image of Camille Claudel's "Bronze Waltz" on his blog Monday morning after the world learned he was off the market. 

What's your impression of dear Benjamin Millepied? Tell us in the comments section below.


Natalie Portman pregnant, engaged to dancer Benjamin Millepied

Portman, Kunis, Ryder pirouette into New York before 'Black Swan' opens wide

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Benjamin Millepied shows off his ballet body. Credit: Eric Ray Davidson / Details

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His last name keeps making me giggle to be honest. But he's hunky and French so what else is there? I'm happy for Natalie and I hope he's good to her.

Mazel Tov(congratulations) to Natalie Portman for her upcoming nuptials & Baby;I think she'll make a v.good Wife & Mother:-)

Funny, the places where they're putting really-wierd tattoos. So much for progress!

It seems too sudden and convenient. She is a very bright and beautiful young woman. I hope it works out and they are very happy. They just come from two different worlds. I hope that it works as a good thing.


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