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PREACH IT! There won't be a Vincent Kartheiser Jr., and here's the green reason why

Vincent Kartheiser has chosen not to have children Vincent Kartheiser, the guy who plays Pete Campbell on "Mad Men," appeared on a TV show this week to talk about his green lifestyle. He takes public transportation, for example. He has xeriscaped his yard. (That's a fancy way of saying the actor has a yard that doesn't need a lot of water.)

And oh. There's more:

"I've been a vegetarian for four years, and I have chosen not to have children also, which are both green choices in my life," Kartheiser told MSNBC on Wednesday.

Well, naturally, the Internet sanctimony squad has pounced on Kartheiser the way Don Draper jumps all over the ladies of his secretarial pool. In this society, one does not, even indirectly, attack the sacred art of American baby makin'. It just ain't natural.

"Borderline misanthropic," one commenter intoned on HuffPo.

"I'm not sure if he is uber-green or mentally ill," snarked another.

"Without children," a third shrieked, "there won’t be a future!!"

The fact is, the planet has plenty of future. Perhaps too much future, if you listen to what scientists have to say about it. (And you can do that here. The gist: Kids affect the environment far more than lawns and light bulbs ever will.)

In other words, Kartheiser may be right.

Let the flame wars begin in the comments section below!


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Photo: Vincent Kartheiser in character as "Mad Men's" Pete Campbell. Credit: Mike Yarish / AMC.

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Not everyone wants children nor should everyone be a parent.

At least he knows what he wants, you have to respect someone who at least thinks about procreation before engaging in it.


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