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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal's sweet Thanksgiving date

Taylor Swift Quality time between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift consists almost exclusively of excessively sweet dating rituals, seemingly ripped from the lyrics of one of Swift's songs -- and Thanksgiving morning was no exception.

The power pair was spotted back in Brooklyn, hitting Park Slope's Gorilla Cafe, near Jake's sister Maggie's home, People said.

The couple enjoyed specialty lattes made with Vermont maple syrup. Swoon. In our idealizing version of the coffee date, Taylor doodled "Mrs. Gyllenhaal" on her napkin and occasionally locked eyes with Jake in his letterman jacket.

Let us not forget that the couple (who, BTW, need a nickname -- Tayke? Swillenhaal?) have previously enjoyed Italian food in the same neighborhood, plus an ice cream date in California.


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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal? Seriously, you guys?

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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Taylor Swift at the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards. Credit: Getty Images

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Nickname.. How about "Giltay"

Haven't we officially decided on Gyllenswift?

Creepy, she's too young and too skinny.
Nothing "womanly" about her.

Jake had that teen ager hitting the high note.


I'm still waiting for that song about where she'll rip Jake to shreds for dumping her...I guess I gotta wait about 3 more months...

Lattes and maple syrup. Ooooh, ahhh! Maybe they shared a candy cane?!

I wonder if it will last? Seems like only yesterday...hw was tight with Reese Witherspoon.

jaytay could be their nickname...

Funny how Taylor Swift manages to get her grubby little hands on every single man in Hollywood. By the time she's 35, there'll be none left untouched by Miss Swift. Swift, indeed...


Jaylor !

How about J-Swift!?

Seriously? She got another man in Hollywood.. and guess what?! We'll be hearing another song from her later on.. and it would be all about JAKE! Can she just grow up? or is she growing too fast? Let's wait and see who's next..

Who cares? They look lovely and sweet. So what with the age gap? They are both adults and can make the decision to date who ever they want. He's cute... You go girl! :)


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