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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal? Seriously, you guys?

Are Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal datin

Much like the dramatic strings heralding one of her choruses, or the eerie few seconds before an explosion in one of his action flicks — could this tingling in our chest signal the unthinkable plot twist of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal actually dating

The evidence appears to be mounting.

Last week, reports said the pair attended the "Saturday Night Live" broadcast featuring Emma Stone. "They walked around together backstage, but they were careful not to be seen too close. It was hard to tell if they were together, but everyone was shocked that she brought him," a source told People magazine.

On Sunday, Swift and Gyllenhaal joined another couple for brunch in Brooklyn. Fast-forward a week, and Us magazine has details on even more quality time.

For Halloween weekend, the pair hit California's Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, where the mag says the duo were holding hands and laughing poolside. After the holiday, they surfaced in Santa Barbara for ice cream.

"They looked at all the flavors and couldn't decide, so they asked the counter girls for help," an onlooker said.

Jake chose Swiss chocolate chip. Taylor had yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. We, meanwhile, are having three jumbo scoops of seriously!?!?

Don't get us wrong, they seem like perfectly lovely, responsible entertainers with nary a parking ticket to

whisper about. And technically both are in their 20s (Swift is 20, Gyllenhaal turns 30 in December). It is perhaps the stark contrast in brands that's jarring — he rides horses in "Prince of Persia," she sticks Lisa Frank unicorns to her songrwriting notebooks.

Not that Swifty isn't capable of handling a Hollywood bachelor. In mid-October, she made waves with the condemning track "Dear John," allegedly pointed at crooner John Mayer. But would her fans be in step with such an adult romance?

Conversely, given the pool of eligible actresses, will Jake's leading man status take a hit if he's dating dangerously close to the kiddie pool? 

Tell us your thoughts on the maybe-couple in comments below.

— Matt Donnelly


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I don't think she should be dating someone who is nearly ten yrs older than her. If she really feels sorry for leaving Taylor Lautner I think she should try to get back with him. Besides, this "fling" is most likely not going to last, just fuel for future songs.

The "dear John" song makes John Mayer look bad but it's true SHE "should have known better". She practically seduced him onstage performing "Half of My Heart" in front of millions of ppl. I don't blame him for having a one night stand with her, which is probably what she wanted anyways.

Poor Taylor Lautner he must be heartbroken. :(

A. Taylor will be 21 next month, she is far from the kiddie pool.
B. 9 years is not that big of a deal, look at Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart, Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones, Demi/Ashton.
C. Jake has dated plenty of actresses, he must be ready for a change of pace.
D. They are both beyond adorable, I see cute babies in the distant future......

Jake's dating an okay looking blonde. What else is new?

Wake me when the blond is a dude.

I love them together. I think they are gorgeous and down to earth people. I say if they want to date, let them. I can actually see that they would really like each other. Totally support this couple.

Well..the age difference isnt THAT big of a deal. And unlike the douche bags she dated in the past (that Jonas, John Mayer, who knows who else...) Jake G is a mature young man who would be ideal for Taylor. She may be a bit too young but after all her relationships, she should know what she is getting into by now. I mean John Mayer, come on! He is such a player, everyone in Hollywood knows that. But anyway they seem good together, hopefully things work out.

Beyonce began dating Jay Z when she was 19 and he is 10 years older than her. They are now married with a baby on the way. I say these two could be perfect together. This is the first Hollywood couple that has realy interested me. More power to them.

she can date anyone she wants she is an adult. and plus they look really good together and the age difference is nothing maybe they actually have love if they do the age wont get in their way. so just leave them alone its their lives its their choice if it doesnt work out it doesnt and if it does way to go I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK

Just think about how many things can rhyme with Jake.
You can sit by a lake, bake a cake for Jake, sleep and then wake, make another mistake, find out he's a fake, just another rake, have your heart break, lie there and ache. How much can a girl take?


Does anyone else think the whole "Joe w/ Ashley" and "Demi going to rehab" is somehow related to this "Taylor w/Jake gossip item?

@ David, good one dude. LOL.

If it makes them both happy, let it be. None of us know who they are or what they like so I think they should decide their lives because it's their lives. Taylor is a unique and beautiful singer/songwriter, and Jake has his successful career as well..It's a relationship not a bet on their career. Let it be people.

p.s. she turns 21 December 13th! so, they're only 9 years apart. :)

From what I've read about Jake, he wants to be in a serious relationship. You know marriage, kids, etc. I just don't see Taylor being ready to settle down. I don't think she would give up her career right now to start anything that serious. She should get back with Taylor L. That is a much better suit for her.

Didn't she go off on John Mayer playing games with a 19 year old? She is old enough to figure out who she wants to date and who she doesn't want to date. What I find mildly offensive is that these boys are treated like dirty old men if the whole thing goes bust - all documented from her perspective in her music. My son, who loves Taylor, called John Mayer a sex addict based only on the song. Seems to me that one can only play victim for so long before it becomes a tale of foolishness. The girl is hard core. You have to be to get to where she is. I think she is lovely but stop with the fake innocence. It is wearing thin.
Always be here for you, Jakey ;-)

He doesn't strike me as being overly mature, so a younger woman might be about right...but she doesn't strike me as being mature, so maybe not this younger woman? but what do I know--we only really have an image of who they are, plus what little we can glean of character from the few minutes they are on a late night show or the like.

Isn't the woman he was recently dating five years older than he is? He's got some cred in going all over the age spectrum.

Is this all for publicity? SERIOUSLY taylor swift??? I wouldn't be shock if she'll date another actor twice her age after JAKE..

For someone who is only 20 years old Taylor seems to be hooking up with a lot of guys, as evidenced by the news reports and a string of songs she has written about ex's that have boinked then burned her.

Now that she has moved out of her parents' house and into her own condo in Nashville, she sure seems to be making use of her freedom. Implants will be next, then a "secretly taped video", then a break with her record company, then rehab.......

Has anyone not taken notice in HOW MANY guys Taylor has dated in since 2008?! Maybe she needs the writing material since it seems to be what her songs all about. She needs to stick to one guy her age and not write about him! Cause she doesn't seem so innocent any more!

hey let 'em have their fun. she likes his manly manhood and he likes her precious pearls. they'll both probably be enriched by the unlikey deliciousness of ghetting down together, and then move on to more appropriate lovers. i, for once, wish to have jake's baby.


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