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Randy and Evi Quaid fear for themselves -- and others


Randy-and-evi-leave-lawyer Famous fugitives Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, spoke out together in an interview with "Good Morning America" on Monday, describing a conspiracy of business people who "follow us, they tail us, they tag our cellphone, they hack our computer" and warning Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson to be very afraid that they will be next.

"We are refugees ... Hollywood refugees, seeking to be left alone by the criminals in America," said Evi, who answered Andrea Canning's query about whether they're mentally ill or on drugs with her own question: "Do you think we are?," before clarifying, "No. Not even vaguely."

The interview took place in Vancouver, B.C., where the couple fled to recently. Warrants were issued for their arrest after they missed a Santa Barbara court date related to felony vandalism charges. Though Evi has been declared a Canadian citizen, Randy's status is still uncertain. They posted increased bail of $500,000 each to remain free until their next hearing, set for Tuesday in Santa Barbara.

Are they faking it? "Why would we fake -- we're just trying to find some safety and security in this and we're being pursued by these people, but we're not faking it, we're confronting it," Randy said.

The threats they fear, he said, are "all part of a larger conspiracy." He also says they've "gone, you know, a day here, day there, without anything to eat or a place to stay. And that happens more frequently and more frequently, at some point you're going to wind up out on the street."

And yeah, how's it going with actor-brother Dennis Quaid? Randy said things have "been a little tense the past couple of years," because he's concerned about Dennis, who won't respond to his warnings. Evi, however, cut right to the chase: "Dennis is now on a treadmill of making movies that are garbage, and it's unfortunate because he's talented."

Dennis Quaid's most recent project, HBO's "A Special Relationship," was nominated for five prime-time Emmys, including best actor.

Just, wow.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Randy Quaid and wife Evi walk outside their lawyer's office in Vancouver, B.C., on Oct. 27, 2010. Credit: Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press / Associated Press

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Christie, that was not Dennis Quaid's most recent project at all and it wasn't a movie, it was for tv. While I don't trust Evi or Randy for a second, the only true thing really is Dennis had a string of giant movie flops these past few years.

Why even pay attention to people like Randy and Evi? They obviously have mental issues.

I believe Randy is likely a Gang Stalking target. This very simply means that at some point in his past under these occupational health and safety laws, he ended up on a list. The lists are put together by what are called Threat Assessment Teams. Once on the list, your life is systemically destroyed. You are followed around, stalked, and everyone you come in contact with get's a letter or information about why you are on the list.

It's believed that Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and Mel Gibson ended up on the list. The problem with these lists is that a lot of times they spread false rumors, or they just poison the person social circle. Eg. Someone get's a letter saying celebrity X is a danger to themselves or others, should only be seen in pairs, this goes out to everyone that person is in contact with, online and offline. Then some people around the target deliberately follow them around, monitor their online communications, and a variety of other things. Apparently all legel under these Threat Assessment Guidelines, and all fully capable of destroying someone's life. This is the information that should be getting out there. The Targets of Gang Stalking are not mentally ill in many cases or on drugs, they are targeted and need to get the media to expose what is happening.

I too am a victim of the crimewave known as gangstalking/organized stalking. This has been happening to me for 5 years now, and it has caused great damage to myself psychologically and emotionally.

I came to know a legally blind woman, who had just graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Master's Degree in Social Work. She had endured the stalking and harassment for about a year, but she could not endure the inner pain and destruction that this causes, and she completed suicide.

I believe the Quaids were talking around whom they believe to be responsible for this. However, the most likely perpetrator organization of this crime is indeed a Hollywood cult, a cult that actively recruits many actors and actresses, a cult that does whatever it can to gain more and more money, a cult that employs a policy of "fair game" against those it deems to be enemies.

This cult acts as the provocateur and then quickly plays the victim if those they harass attempt to fight back.

I for one appreciate Mr. Quaid's courage to actually come out and say what has been happening to him.

Another story regarding Hollywood and gangstalking is entitled, "The Golden Suicides" by Vanity Fair magazine. Google it and you will find it.

May this be the beginning of the end of this filthy cult and may ALL perpetrators of this crime be brought to justice regardless of their station in life.

Lord please make it so.

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder that, in general, we don't publish comments that include links.

Feel free to resubmit without.



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