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George Bush calls Kanye West's 2005 race comment 'disgusting'


While we're pondering what Kanye West will deliver for his upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance, it seems George W. Bush has heated up some leftover controversy between the two.

Discussing his memoir "Decision Points" with the "Today" show's Matt Lauer, Bush recalls when West delivered his infamous 2005 sound bite, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

"That [means], 'He's a racist,' " Bush told Lauer, "and I didn't appreciate it then. I don't appreciate it now. It's one thing to say, 'I don't appreciate the way he's handled his business.' It's another thing to say, 'This man's a racist.' I resent it, it's not true."

The tome even says the West incident marked "an all-time low" during his time in office. 

Watch the video of West during 2005 Hurricane Relief telethon, and let us your thoughts on Bush's recent comments in the field below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: President Bush at the Pentagon in 2008. Credit: Gerald Herbert / Associated Press 

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"I don't know if people remember the Oliver North proceedings. He testified that there are certain people that scare him in this world, and these people could hurt the United States. The young arrogant senator questioned the Oliver as to who could do this to us, in great disbelief. If people remember these proceedings, Oliver replied Osama Bin Laden. Does anyone know who the senator was? It was Al Gore! My point being, Bush didn't drop the ball and nor was Regan a doofus and in a daze. They are and were great Americans. How about the fact that Bush brought the economic problems (housing market) to congress and our now wonderful president told him that the market is fine. I love how people love to blame the wrong person. Do your research first. It really shows your ignorance.

Posted by: Robert | Nov 03, 2010 at 01:00 PM"

Research? That's utterly hilarious, considering that 1. Al Gore wasn't even on the committee that questioned North in 1987 2. North never mentioned Bin Laden. Bin Laden was considered an Afghan "freedom fighter" against the Russians at that time, and didn't revert to anti-American extremism until the first Gulf War. Try not doing all your "research" from hysterical e-mail chain letters. Snopes.com is your friend.


I see Chris beat me to it but heck, it's worth repeating.

He got 4200+ Americans killed for his regime change in a sovereign country .. and he has the kahuna's to call free speech disgusting ??

Did anyone read about the flooding in Nashville this summer? No one there demanded the federal government to come and help and did not call the president nasty names because he didn't send help. I certainly can understand George Bush being extremely upset about the comment. Kanye was slandering the president and I believe falsely. Katrina was HORRIBLE. I agree that help was needed, but to place the whole blame on George Bush is SO wrong. What about Louisiana's governor? Did she not refuse federal help early in the disaster?

New Orleans, a city BELOW sea level, sees a HURRICANE coming. What does Ray Nagan, the Mayor of "Chocolate City" do? NOTHING!! Nagan is a first class racist moron, just like Kayne West.

Bush did more for blacks than any president in modern history...don't believe me...look at the facts...he had more blacks in his cabinet, hired more to other government jobs of stature. Wake up and smell the coffee...I'm sick of hearing this garbage. The false intellectualism of the left is so patronizing...get a new mantra.

I wouldn't expect any less from Kayne West or anyone who defends him. He's an idiot. As for Bush being the most inept . . . take at look at what's in office now - hopefully HE got the message Tuesday night. Apparently others on this site did not.

WOW! Cheshire, is it???
Kanye West is a rude, arrogant, self-absorbed celebrity. He relies on 'shock value' to keep his name in the media. He has no musical talent. He is the racist.....remember what he did to Taylor Swift at the MTV music awards show a year ago.
George Busch was the President of this great nation during an extremely difficult time. He lead our country through the 9/11 crisis with dignity and resolve.

What has Kanye West EVER contributed to society????

So being criticized marked his all-time low? That sounds like a narcissist. That's how they think. Criticism is their worst nightmare.

I'd have thought that watching 3000 Americans being murdered on 9/11 would have been Bush's all-time low.

Or watching Katrina destroy New Orleans and take so many lives and homes would have been his all-time low.

Or what about failing to catch Bin Laden? Or having to bail out Wall Street? Or watching the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan?

But no -- his all-time low as President was being criticized by a celebrity.

I was starting to feel more generous toward Bush now that he's our ex-President. But this remark of his just made me realize what an empty, shallow, inhumane man he really is.

The nerve of him -- to say that being criticized was a worse experience for him than watching any of the tragedies and harms that befell our nation and our people while he was in office.

So far it looks like all the Republicans here agree with Bush.

So a Republican president being criticized by a celebrity is worse than 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and losing the war in Afghanistan to Bin Laden and the Taliban?

Are you conservatives out of your minds?

That's horrifying that you care so little for our troops and for our lives as to consider a celebrity's criticism of your hero as the biggest tragedy that occurred during his term.

Kanye is obviously nervous as hell BECAUSE in the the back of his mind he knows he is going to make that statement. It was definitely an ignorant comment. But Kanye, at the time, believes what he is saying is righteous; like as if he was speaking for ALL black people. And George W. racist? Being raised wealthy must've really helped him relate to the poor. He basically helped the rich get richer while in office! And how strange that a black (actually mulatto) president has to follow his trail of mud to clean up!! Looking back I believe they both regret their actions.

I love the way folks generalize their opinions based on one blurb printed in the news media. From a statement that President Busch made regarding a racist ignorant comment by a 'rapper', folks have concluded that President Busch is hollow and inhumane?????? Really?????? I believe President Busch meant that the time of 9/11 was the low point in his presidency......it was tragic.......BUMP Kanye West and all his ignorant little fans.
Katrina was tragic as well........but, hello????? These people are living below sea level.....and there was a hurricane coming. Get out of town, duh!!!!! Gees, do you really need the government to tell you to get to high ground????? No, let's stay here and blame the President, FEMA and the government. That is so much better than taking some personal responsibility for yourself.........that kind of thinking is what is wrong today.....

Bush was right.

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