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George Bush calls Kanye West's 2005 race comment 'disgusting'


While we're pondering what Kanye West will deliver for his upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance, it seems George W. Bush has heated up some leftover controversy between the two.

Discussing his memoir "Decision Points" with the "Today" show's Matt Lauer, Bush recalls when West delivered his infamous 2005 sound bite, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

"That [means], 'He's a racist,' " Bush told Lauer, "and I didn't appreciate it then. I don't appreciate it now. It's one thing to say, 'I don't appreciate the way he's handled his business.' It's another thing to say, 'This man's a racist.' I resent it, it's not true."

The tome even says the West incident marked "an all-time low" during his time in office. 

Watch the video of West during 2005 Hurricane Relief telethon, and let us your thoughts on Bush's recent comments in the field below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: President Bush at the Pentagon in 2008. Credit: Gerald Herbert / Associated Press 

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George Bush will go down in history as the most inept, bumbling boob to have occupied the Oval Office since that senile astrologer Ronald Reagan wandered around the halls in a doofus daze. Sad, but Kanye West is far more trustworthy than George Bush. Kanye will speak his mind regardless of the ramifications and public opinion, but Bush appears to be lacking in cranial alacrity, he simply trusted his Machiavellian cohorts in imperial criminality to make decisions for him.

I live in a large Urban City, find that the most of the people..nope not even going to finish this. Just upsetting that someone of money would say such a thing...

Really George? That was the all-time low? Not 9/11 occurring after your administration failed to heed warnings of an imminent attack? Not finding out there were no WMDs in Iraq after you had all but destroyed the country? Not watching coffins of our dead soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq? Not the actual destruction of New Orleans and the drowning deaths of a thousand people? Just the moment when a black guy got mad at you about it? And you whine that you think he's calling you a racist? That was your low moment in eight years?

Loser. Sniveling cowardly loser.

In today's society it's the worst thing you can call someone and people like West belittle the impact of the label. We can dislike folks for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with the amount of melanin in their skin. In this case, it's absolutely bonkers and destructive to society for him to perpetuate paranoia that an elected official of a party that needs every vote from those with darker skin that it can get would do anything because he cares less about those with darker skin than those with lighter skin. One also wonders if they dislike those with lighter skin after they live in the sun for a few years and become darker.

Who is Kanye West and why should anyone of any importance care what he says?

Just another tempest in a teacup controversy caused by an overzealous media wanting to create more of a problem than what should have been given any attention. If I had been President Bush, I would have ignored this person as some with an attitude and a mouth out to show off both, and if I were Kanye West, and really wanted to create a grass roots movement for myself, then you should stop playing the stereotype that Hollywood has set you up as for the past 30 years. Actually 90+ years, if you count D.W. Griffith's, "Birth of a Nation" national hysteria producing consequences.

nicky for president!

I thank bush for destroying the economy with his single minded war in Iraq for now I dont have to pay much on my mortagage due to the interest rates so slow after everyone folded on their mortagages when they went underwater, and who is this west kid but nothing but a thug and why bush is bothered by some ghetto guy is beyond me,,but then again, bush had an ego bigger than the universe.

Kanye West is a clown. This thread exists solely to let bitter Bush-haters vent after the pounding they took last night.

Fire away, losers!

Kanye West is disgusting. Plays the race card when he is down. Low life.

I don't think W is a racist. I think there are a lot of bad things you can say about him that are true, but I don't think that he would have handled Katrina any better if more white people were affected.

It's clear that a lot of my fellow Americans have serious disdain for Pres. Bush's policies. However, I find it mind-blowing that anyone with an education would support or even tolerate someone as repulsively self-praising and masturbatory as Kanye West. If someone were to transcribe Kanye's words here, it would be embarrassing how inarticulate he is. However sincere his emotions and frustrations were, it doesn't justify his unfounded, disrespectful, off-topic, and "disgusting" comment.

hahaha...Kanye is such a rambling fool.. I like his tunes but, dude...give it a rest..You sound moronic.

It is appalling to have anyone imply that someone is a racist without concrete proof. To imply that President Bush is racist is ridiculous! Most people don't know that one of his greatest accomplishments as president and as a human being was all he did for aids in Africa. He has done more for that than any other president in history. No one ever talks about that. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words and if he were a racist, I don't think Africa is where he would want to focus any of his energy as president.
Kanye West and his constant ignorant remarks are what fuels racism in this country. You know racism can be applied to all races not just blacks.

No, Bushie, he is calling YOU a racist- he never said anything about your race. And a singer you probably never heard of before this says something against you and THAT is the lowest point in your 8 years???? Wow.

Watching Mike Myers in absolute horror as Kanye went off the script on his own rant was the most entertaining moment of the whole fundraising event. I felt sorry for Mr. Myers who was obviously trapped with this wingnut on camera. Since Kanye has proven himself to be completely lacking in the manners and deportment department, his unhelpful and disrespectful comments should be disregarded.

Wow, this was the lowest point for you in your 8yrs. That's shocking. Expecially since you probably had no idea who Kanye West was. Kanye got it wrong too. Bush didn't care about just black people, he didn't care about anyone in this country. Look what he did to the economy. I'm a republican and no matter what anyone says no one is going to fix this overnight. My Father always says follow the money. I would love for someone to publish the stock portfolios of the Bush Administration. From what I know they made a killing in those 8 years while the rest of us are treading water.

I don't know if people remember the Oliver North proceedings. He testified that there are certain people that scare him in this world, and these people could hurt the United States. The young arrogant senator questioned the Oliver as to who could do this to us, in great disbelief. If people remember these proceedings, Oliver replied Osama Bin Laden. Does anyone know who the senator was? It was Al Gore! My point being, Bush didn't drop the ball and nor was Regan a doofus and in a daze. They are and were great Americans. How about the fact that Bush brought the economic problems (housing market) to congress and our now wonderful president told him that the market is fine. I love how people love to blame the wrong person. Do your research first. It really shows your ignorance.

Please, just take your drunk twins and disappear to your mysterious 100,000 acre compound in Paraguay. We're sick of you.

Funny, really. I guess it takes a really big jerk to irritate another one. I wouldn't give you a dime for the collected thoughts of either one of these morons.

Personally, I think Bush is sincere, as a lot of thoughtless, silver-spoon conservatives are, in believing he's not racist, and that his policies just accidentally happened to be good for people who looked like him, and for their rich benefactors.

I'll back George on that. You can accuse George of many things, but bigotry is not one of them. He was the first American president to offer blacks something other than visiting priviledges to the White House. He appointed more blacks to prominent office than any other president in American history. He paved the way for the election of Barack Obama as the first black president. Anyone who calls this man a bigot knows absolutely nothing about this man and I would suspect them of more bigotry than him.

Wow. The lowpoint of his time in office was the time a rapper called him a racist.

Why is he putting this out there as a thing? Why do you think?

Poor Pitiful George...As Albert Einstein said "Anger lies in the bosom of fools" and George and his Tea Party fans are fools...

Mr. President Bush, I voted for you twice I am from Texas. When my friend’s family lost a home in Katrina and said you do not care about blacks, I called FEMA to find out how to get them help IN YOUR DEFENSE! I declined AID but asked for information, and FEMA sent me a check. I returned the money in 3 days. A Month later the Bush White House sent FBI Task force to FRAME ME! Thanks MR. Bush, for denial of my commutation request, after you only helped Scooter Libby. I am a History Major and will never forget Mr. Bush, how you ignored people in their time of need, and turned FEMA and the FBI against the public who called for information to help loved ones to spin the media away from yourself. Yes you hired Condo Rice and Colin Powel and no you’re not a racist, but you did allow many lives to be ruined, including mine. If Katrina had hit Crawford Texas, the response would have been different, you neglected the people! You had me FRAMED! You corrupt son of a bitch, Mr. Bush! I will be a lifelong democrat the rest of my life now, and was a republican. I am in Texas, you know who I am, I am not afraid of the secret service either. You ruined people’s lives, and you had the DOJ attack anyone who smelled like a democrat under Alberto Gonzalez. You are so corrupt! I am innocent you bastard!

Cheshire, go away, you internet troll. You're full of lies and hate, you say the SAME EXACT THING (Google your own sentences. It's like you progressive weirdos have a playbook you copy and paste in forums). You said the same thing about Reagan. You liberals ALWAYS need someone to whine and complain about and blame everything on. Well, guess what? OBAMA is going down as the exact loser you described. I already think that of him, so do many of his ex-supporters. He's the only president EVER to drive moderates to the far right.

Who's the boob now? obama will NOT get re-elected. In two years, expect more democrat losses and republican gains. Lets just hope you didnt break the economy forever.

Robert, you need to research your emails before you spout them to others. That tale about Ollie North warning of bin Laden is totally and completely false. Even North refuted this tale on his website. He said the originator of the email "attributes to me certain statements Usama bin Laden and other matters that are simply inaccurate."

read about the bogus email you are perpetuating at

May I suggest you consult snopes.com before repeating bogus emails in the future.

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