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Phil Collins admits having suicidal thoughts

Phil Collins suicidal thoughts Hello! Phil Collins has admitted there were times he thought he must be going -- permanently.

The Genesis frontman and solo artist has had suicidal thoughts, he told Rolling Stone. However, "I wouldn't blow my head off," he said.

"I'd overdose or do something that didn't hurt. But I wouldn't do that to the children."

Dark indeed for a guy who's next offering is an album of Motown covers, but maybe not so much for the prog-rock musician who hit solo in the '80s with "Face Value" and "Hello, I Must Be Going!," penning lines along the way like, "Well, if you told me you were drowning / I would not lend a hand" and "You can tell everyone I'm a down disgrace / Drag my name all over the place / I don't care anymore."

"A comedian who committed suicide in the Sixties left a note saying, 'Too many things went wrong too often.' I often think about that."

Collins also said he's considered leaving music all together.

"I sometimes think I'm going to write this Phil Collins character out of the story," he said. "Phil Collins will just disappear or be murdered in some hotel bedroom, and people will say, 'What happened to Phil?' And the answer will be, 'He got murdered, but, yeah, anyway, let's carry on.' That kind of thing."

Do Phil's thoughts make you want to boogie to Motown? Or convince you there's no way in, no way out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Photo: Phil Collins in 2008. Credit: Getty Images


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-- Matt Donnelly

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I liked this story. It made me see how silly my own occasional depression is.

Whoever wrote this piece of garbage and whoever authorized its presentation as an LA Times piece should be ashamed of themselves. Those two lines at the closing are disgusting. Is a man's admission of suicidal thoughts amusing to the LA Times? What is wrong with you people? And Tom, while there may be multiple definitions of depression, in this particular context, there is nothing silly about it. The attitudes expressed by yourself and the writer (using the term loosely here) who came up with this waste of white space are insensitive, hurtful and dangerous. As a blog that employs censorship I expect that my own comment will not be shared, but at the very least I hope that whoever is doing the censoring for the Times will at least undersand how angry this makes me.

I am a huge fan of Phil's and was very upset to hear about his current state. Actually, I was shocked. I find it very, very sad. I hope he realizes how many fans he does have and how much enjoyment he has given them through his music over the years. Maybe he will realize there IS a reason to go on and continue with his music. I will keep him in my prayers.

His comments sound like a "coming out" for most everyone who's even thought the same things. Which means, his thoughts are not alarming and may even help to disarm those who are, or have, contemplated murdering themselves to the degree of planning it. "If Phil Collins can think the same things and still hang in, then I can hang in there too" would be the presumed mental tape playing, like a subliminal message. I grew up in Motown, so, no, he doesn't influence Motown interest for me. I am wondering however, most of all, why it is the press can't find something more interesting to publish, although, I take it Mr. Collins knew he was speaking to the Press when he said this, yes?

There is a period of drumming - around the lamb / trick of the tail where phil was incredible - powerful and artistic - If he made a record just with his drum jams it would still be a massive hit - people who really know what phil is and was know he is up there with the greats - he can hold his head very high. The critics really didn't know what made him great ( along with peter gabriel and others from the seventies ). I remember always getting a thrill from seeing them in interviews or downtime - he had an incredible vibe / sense of humour - like the beatles he was a big fan of english comedy. One bootleg from montreal 1974 sums up the spirit of those days - the ending of dancing with the moonlit knight .....

Unlike a lot of modern celebrities Phil is a down to earth kinda guy. He's never really been removed from the everyday person. I'm sorry to hear that things have been tough for him lately. Lots of big changes in his life the past couple of years.
I hope people in his life reach out to him. The guys worth the effort!

Trying to make a connection with the In The Air Tonight lyrics is pretty weak.


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