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Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva: Custody showdown in family court


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva were in the same Los Angeles courtroom Monday as Gibson petitioned for full custody of daughter Lucia, with no overnight stays and only supervised visits  between mother and daughter.

Among the witnesses TMZ spotted outside the closed courtroom waiting to take the stand at the hearing, which was expected to go all day: Oksana's mom, Lyudmila Chernukha, working with an interpreter.

Chernukha has spoken up on her daughter's behalf before, telling People in May 2009 that Oksana had nothing to do with Mel's split from wife Robyn Gibson, and refusing to confirm reports that her daughter was pregnant.

(The singer adopted her current last name after performing under other stage names, according to a 1997 Daily Mail story written when she was pregnant with boyfriend Timothy Dalton's child. At that time, mom said, "I do worry about her. I sometimes wish Oksana would marry a modest teacher here in Russia and not such a celebrity." Though Grigorieva has been married twice, she did not marry either of the celebrities with whom she had children.)

Other potential witnesses included the nanny, a private monitor hired by Gibson, and Jimmy Hoyson, the music producer whom TMZ says may or may not have seen what happened between the couple on Jan. 6, and who told photographers earlier this month that Oksana is not just a pretty face but has the skills to deserve a record deal.

Gloria Allred gave her opinion on the topic, ABC says. "I think it's unlikely he'll obtain this," she said, because the court would be likely to keep the child with the parent who has had primary physical custody, unless that was not in Lucia's best interest.

However, Allred said, "What you say in public can have an effect on the custody outcome. Ordinarily judges don't like it when one parent makes derogatory comments about the other."

Transcripts from the Russian singer's recent "Larry King Live" interview -- the one where she accused him of choking her and punching her twice in the face -- have been entered as evidence by Team Mel, TMZ reports.


Confirmed: Mel Gibson tapes were all from the same day

Mel to seek full custody of Lucia, Oksana talks to Larry King

Document: Gibson admits slapping Oksana Grigorieva, not punching her

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo:  Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson on Feb. 1.  Credit: Juan Medina / Reuters


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Ah--this isn't news and it isn't much of an article. It lacks a lot of fats available. Why don't you RESEARCH and write a real article/news report?

It's sad that Mel Gibson, a very talented, passionate and visionary artist could end up in this trap. I understand he may have made some mistakes but he has apologized for them and lots of people say all kinds of things they don't mean that are totally not politically correct why is he any different? That he is a celebrity? Well in that case the public should stop snooping into celebrity's private lives and then publicizing their private thoughts and comments. But getting to this case, its very clear that she is out to extort him by using his weaknesses and pushing all his buttons.
If her primary concern is indeed about domestic violence then instead of publically humuliating a man you say you love or at least loved going in to the relationship, and who is especially the father of your child why doesn't she really make efforts to work it out with him in private and if really there is no hope still, indeed seperate in a way that is fair to both people again in private and if she feels she wants to pursue idea of making a difference with "domestic violence" issues she can go volunteer her time towards that then again in private.
Sorry but this just wreaks of obvious extortion and of a girl who couldn't manage to get the level of life she desired on her own and now she is middle aged and pretty soon won't be able to rely on her looks anymore either as she has been so is trying to take the "easy" road out by using someone to get a better lifestyle secured for herself. Yawn.

I don't think Oksana said anything on Larry King as nasty or derogatory as Mel's comments on the tapes. If someone had called me all the names Mel called her, made the threats Mel has made and accepting his version slapped me in the face I think I would be very angry. I would not want my daughter anywhere near him regardless of the fact that he is her father. Mel has acknowledged that he has a dark side and mental health issues. Sorry Mel but this makes you an unfit father. I don't believe he really wants the child and is only doing this to try and hurt Oksana. All the things he said on the tape were designed to hurt her. It is obvious Mel hates her. How can he be a good father to a child when he has such intense hatred for the child's mother.

This is what you get when you marry gold-diggers.

How they can trust a mom who once hired former criminal as a body guard? She could do this again (this type of mistakes). Little Lucia in potential danger with such mom.

Since OG changed her story so many times in her interview with Larry King, she has lost even more credibility! She proved with her own words that she had committed perjury in her deposition regarding the tapes, that she has since lied about them and that she edited them - she says because they were worse! Forensic's say the tapes were tampered with, if not made by her speaking into a microphone! She says the tapes were all made in one night - really all 10 of them? Me I'd want some sleep!! She says she wanted the tapes so her mother could prove who killed her - um, hello, mummy with baby and other son in house if you're in fear of all being butchered in your beds you call 911 and the cops!!
That one fact alone makes her an unfit mother because IF (which I don't believe) he was beating her and going beserk with a gun she put BOTH of her kids lives in danger by doing NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, ZIP to protect them! IF ever a dv case is proven DCFS should remove both kids from her custody immediately, since she will never protect them, will expose them to life threatening danger and is only really interested in their meal ticket value to their relevant fathers! I do believe she was hysterical, running around shaking the baby and he used an open hand to slap her cheek to shock her out of her hysteria! That is not domestic violence and as one who has seen more than I ever want to in my life I do not believe she is a dv victim!
Let's hope they permit the Larry King video to also be used in the dv and extortion cases pending too!!
Doesn't it seem just a little bit too convenient to you that the one tape that was played on ROL held racist content, that she knew people would jump on hm?! If those tapes were as bad as she says, how come that's the bit we get to hear? To deliberately stir up a backlash, this is a woman who never thought Mel would stand up to her regarding the extortion! She thought he would pay up, just like all of her previous husbands/lovers - including her first husband in Russia at 19!! If you look back at her history of this it is incredulous that she has gotten away with it for so long!
Personally, I would not let OG near my goldfish, this is the same woman who had an affair with a known felon/bodyguard for 5 months (if you believe Hertzog) and who refused to keep him away from Lucia, Mel got a court order when he found out! If anyone in that home is a risk to either Lucia or Alexander/Sascha it is OG and right now the Judge needs to order her to have a psychiatric evaluation! Her non stop interviews with ROL, People, Oprah (unreleased yet) and then Larry King show this is a woman who wants more than her 5 mins of due fame and she will throw anybody and everybody under the bus to get it - including her 42 (to date) lawyers!
Just remember the things you've said in your own home then think of the shame, shock, embarrassment you would feel if it was broadcast for the world to hear! Then think of how you would feel towards the person who set you up! Then lie to me and tell me you would not be complaining of infringement of your rights, that you would not be claiming victimisation! The only person who has followed the original gag order issued by Judge Gordon, is Mel and his legal team! OG and her many, many lawyers have not stopped talking, doing interviews, changing their version of events!
I want to hear what Allred said to OG when talking to her on the phone during the mediation, just BEFORE Mel got the extortion texts hm?!

Enough about the tapes. She admitted on film they were edited.

They were not married. They were not engaged. They never lived together. She was pregnant a MONTH after they started dating. She told Timothy Dalton she was sterile and ended up preggers by him. What do you think the chances are she told Mel the same thing? She would not sign a prenup with Dalton--couldn't get her hands on his money. She cheated on Dalton with his friend. She has a long history of using men to get ahead. If you believe the tapes then you are not educated about them. They say exactly what she wanted them to Say! Go search YouTube. Get educated. She is a LIAR extrodinaire and Mel has been her puppet until he got wise and stopped. What do you think he was so mad about?? He had just learned how she had used him!! But she cut that part out. LEARN THE FACTS!

Mel Gibson is indeed nuts if he thinks that HE should be awarded full custody! I don't think that he should have ANY custody!

The problem is that money talks! Mel Gibson can afford to make Oksana's life a living hell by dragging her back to court repeatedly.

I hope that the Courts will prove that there IS justice. Throw Mel's %%% out of there!

I don’t understand why Oksana has this obsession to tell her story ‘for the first time’ so many times. ROL, People Magazine, and now Larry King. There was that Oprah interview that was canceled too. She has to know how this could negatively impact Lucia, and her relationship with her father. This is about Mel’s relationship with his daughter – not Oksana.

I think Mel said terrible things on those tapes, but verbal abuse isn’t physical abuse, and this was between him and Oksana – not Lucia. It’s clear his truly loves his daughter and wants to protect her. Judging from the number of times Oksana has changed her story and lied, I have to wonder what she else she has done. I am a survivor of DV, and I am having trouble believing Oksana’s story -- no matter how many times she changes it.

The pic you have posted for this story kinda speaks too.. It is dated Feb. 1...
BUT if you recall HER story the fight on Jan 6 made her RUN FOR HER LIFE, so if SHE is to be believed at all, SHE WAS SCARED TO DEATH FOR HER LIFE while posing for the picture YOU have posted WITH this story..
Details, details, details.. they are So hard to keep straight when you have given so many versions huh...!
Team MEL 100%
Send the gypsy black-mailer HOME! Wherever she married and had citizenship last. (FOUR marriages, but not to EITHER of her TWO kids RICH, FAMOUS, Movie Star baby daddys'..) She is as un-beliveable as her MANY MANY stories!

I did a 180 degree turn on this. At first I thought Mel was totally to blame – not any more. I read some of the court documents and e-mails from Grigorieva on TMZ. After she signed the short form mediation agreement in May she wrote her lawyer, Eric George, and wanted to throw in a DV claim to ‘up the ante’ for more money from Gibson. Her words. She never said anything about Lucia and supervised visits with Mel or therapy.

This really is all about money. Who uses their kid as a bargaining chip?? Grigorieva is scheming. I never thought I would say that.

She is reacting and talking like a normal human being who is trying to protect herself and her child. I don't know that I have ever heard such vile, hateful, threatening speech as was revealed on those tapes. The editing did not create the stream of poison that he spewed. If not for those tapes, she would have been powerless against "team Mel", not to mention Mel himself. And this is not out of character for him; he has a long history of rants and rampages. She said she released the tapes so that if she died, her mother would know who did it. I totally believe that, and it is a legitimate fear. This is an unfortunate, sane young woman who got involved with a maniac, and it is she and their daughter who are the victims here, not Mel.

The man is an odious bully and his fans are his enablers.

Found on internet and like it:
Who is this Oksana?

The plastic face

The plastic breasts

The smile which is only a veneer of happiness

A slim body ravaged by greedy hunger

for a life earned by another's talent.

The child belonging to a man who slipped

from fingers too eager to grasp

that which was never theirs to hold.

Scorn, derision, and legal bills

towering over the monstrous

ego which generated them.

On your side of the screen,

regardless of the legal outcome,

the loss will be the greater.

Mel is an out of control bully and his fans are egging him on and enabling him.

After Oksana is out of the picture, Mel will find another "love of his life" he can smother, control, suspect and lash out against.

It's a pattern with men like him, and I believe we will see him act out in public in this pattern again.

Charlie Sheen has a pattern too. Look at how people blamed his violence on his wife Denise, and then blamed his violence on his wife Brooke.

But now both Denise and Brooke are out of the picture, and some completely new woman has to call security on Charlie as she cowers in the bathroom, terrified by his room-destroying rage.

The fans of these men are not doing them any favors by defending them in public. This type of behavior can escalate until something dire happens. Remember OJ?

Congratulations to Chris Brown for ignoring his online enablers and getting serious about making a change in his life.

HE ADMITTED HE SLAPPED HER! DID YOU PEOPLE HEAR HIS COMMENTS? And how many DUI's does he have to have before you Mel supporters might think, "Gee, maybe this guy isn't all that stable." ???

Whether she's a gold-digger or not, she was physically assaulted. That is just wrong and tells me he can't control himself.

It's despicable to try and take an infant away from it's mother. Shame on you!
This guy is loonier than a tune.

As someone who has worked with victims of domestic violence, I can tell you that I believe Ms Grigorieva should have left the relationship at the first sign of trouble, but I know from experience there are many reasons why women stay. It's pretty clear from Gibson's history that when he drinks he loses control and becomes angry and assaultive. It's very possible that when he sobered up and realized what he'd done, he reverted to the classic abuser syndrome and showered her with apologies and affection.
Until the next time.

If she was hysterical (because as he admitted he was screaming at her), wouldn't it have been the prudent thing for him to do to withdraw and leave her alone? To stop screaming and let the situation calm down.

My wife is a professorial and has worked with DV victims or many years and she does not believe Oksana. Her reasons sound very logical to me:

"When one is in mortal fear of their life and the lives and safety of their children, they do no calmly taunt their abuser on the phone and fail to call 911 during the entire evening as they collect phones calls and text messages for hours on end. They do not expose their children to unsupervised exposure to a dangerous, life-threatening abuser for months. They do not change their stories and present inconsistent versions of the events."

She is also well versed with the ways in which people can use the courts and publicity venues as a weapon for revenge and financial gain. I have to say, I agree with her experience and her logic. Verbal abuse is awful, but isn't domestic violence.

One more comment.

I don't know anyone can say they have worked with DV victims and still maintain that a slap in the face to protect one's daughter is the same thing as being punched in the mouth and punched on the side of the head...especially when there is no physical evidence to back up those so-called punches to begin with.

It seems the only enablers here are those who are enabling potential extortionists. Let the courts decide. We will know what really happened soon enough.


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