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Marie Osmond discusses her son Michael's death

Marie Osmond on the Oprah Winfrey Show Marie Osmond opened up about her son Michael Blosil's death, talking about his suicide note, about the call from him she missed on her way out the door that day, about people from the coroner's office showing up at their home in the middle of the night with news, about helping to prepare his body for burial.

Speaking with Oprah Winfrey in an interview that aired Thursday, the singer described "Mike" — who had changed his name to Michael Bryan — as "so fun. And cute. And darling. It wasn't until my son started using drugs that I saw him change."

Blosil had attempted suicide once before, while his mom was on "Dancing With the Stars" and he was in rehab, but Osmond said he'd promised he would never try again. When she saw him a month before his death, he told her he'd "never been happier."

No drugs were found in Blosil's system after he jumped to his death Feb. 26 from a downtown L.A. apartment high rise. He was a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Brian Blosil did not attend his son's funeral because his siblings "knew that Michael wouldn't want him there," Osmond said, "and they didn't want him there."

Osmond also took time to quash speculation that Blosil was gay and had taken his life for that reason. "My son was not gay," she said. "He wanted to be married and have a family and travel all over the world. And it wouldn't matter if he was — I have a daughter who is gay, and it was my daughter who was offended" by the implication that all gay people commit suicide.

Rather, Osmond said, her son told her the day before his death that he was lonely and isolated — feelings that brought her back to her own post-partum depression.

"It was the first time I heard him start to cry and say he was alone," she said. "That he had no friends. That he felt despair."


Marie Osmond's son Michael Blosil commits suicide in L.A.

In rainy downtown L.A., a memorial for Michael Blosil

Osmond family supports Marie after son Michael's death

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Marie Osmond and Oprah Winfrey talk in studio in Chicago during the Nov. 9, 2010, taping of their interview. Credit: George Burns / Harpo Productions / Associated Press


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I really appreciate this because i do have a daugter who is in a gay relationship!! And Marie you are so correct when you say that had nothing to do with it...I know your family has some strong values>>>>>>>>>

uh, he was a student at the Fashion Institute of Design. I think you better accept that he was gay, Marie. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!...)

It is a tough one.

Any teenager being sent to a residential treatment center will feel that his family has given up and it is sad because parents want to do their best but are in many cased fooled by professional educational consultants who are paid not only by the parents but also by the schools they arrange referrals for.

His mother did what her social circles advised her to. I guess that he spent quite an amount of time near Hurricane in Utah where one of advisers of the entertaiment industry run a kind of boarding school targeted as these kind of problems.

The tough phase is not the actual placement. Every problem we face in the modern world can be solved with some degree of incarceration. People can adjust but the day of the release can be the day where the problem re-surface because the most important phase is the aftercare.

Unfortunately it is very phase where parents are alone because but the treatment center and the education consultant is long gone because there not money left.

I will pray for his mother. She needs it.

I was so touched by your discussion on Oprah. I know exactly how you feel as I lost my daughter on June 28, 2010. She was 46 and battled breast cancer for 3 years and it truly tears a piece of your heart away. I know about the waves of grief that appear out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. Tears are always there but now the bouts of wrenching sobbing are fewer. How I will get through the
Christ=mas holidays I don't know . She was such a big part of them for me. God bless you and may he give both of us the strengh we need to get through this.

I too lost my 40 year old son, Steve, to a tragic accident in 2006. This is my tribute to all who grieve this type of loss. Amother's tribute...
"HERE, YET THERE" First thought every morning;last thought every night; keeping me connected to my son now out of sight. I know all things are different now; my life perspective changed. What could have been,what should have been, all is rearranged. Your songs replay, your voice so clear, I draw you close through memories dear. Your laughter echoes in the night, your face appears in shining light. You're there, you're hear, I laugh, I cry; my heart can say you did not die. You live in every breath I take, and move like ripples across the lake. Your presence flows through out my days, in wind and sound...so many ways. The things you did, and thought and said; your legacy remains instead. If here on earth, if I could see, I often wonder where you'd be. I ache and wish you could return, reality is cruel I learn. A mother's grieving for her child is complex and confusing. Closure for our children's lives, is not what we are choosing. The door to be left open, to share your time on earth, Keeping you alive and known; your birth, your life, your worth. No one can replace you, your uniqueness, God's creation. The footprint that you left behind, an imprint of inspiration. Your faith in God was strong and true, you had no fear of dying. Your words I rememeber clear, "We'll meet again on Heaven's shores." On this I am relying. A paradox of here and there, a phenomenon of such. Always here beside me, though far beyond my touch.

Jane C. Barrick, 3/23/2008

My son died 9-15--08, suicide. He shot himself and let me tell you, it does not get easier. I miss him. I miss his smile, his laugh, him.....my heart feels for you not matter what, boys are special. i love my son, I miss my son. he had a heart of gold but made bad decisions. If he just waited and seen that the rents loved him and would have done everything to help. My heart aches for you. My heart aches....one mother to another. I miss him...

Marie ... A friend asked me to have dinner and watch the Oprah Show when you talked about Michael ... I, too, lost my youngest of 3 sons this past year on April 7, 2010. My son was 20. (Your Michael passed on my Mom's birthday who I lost in 2001). I was SO touched by your comments and gracious approach to many difficult feelings and circumstances that surround a Mom after such a tragic loss. The way you described your son fit my son to a "t". We're SO close and I've been told by a medium/intuitive counsellor that our spirits are very much in alighment! I truly believe that. Also, the way you answered Oprah about your marriage. I too was tired when I remarried, but my husband absolutely idolized the son we lost (actually, played favorites). Our marriage had become strained before this happened; not sure if we'll make it now. I just loved your response though ... I'd single-parented for 7 years and I was "tired". My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as the anniversary date approaches. God bless ...

AFter watching the second showing of the Oprah Show today I wept so hard; not for myself nor even for Marie but for the hundreds of thousand young people who felt as Michael did and for the beauty that we lost. I saw the first airing of this show and wept for hours but today I know that deep pain more. Nov. 23, 2010 my first beautiful and precious grandson of 23 yrs old shot himself in the head. I cannot begin to discribe the pain I felt as I had been his GranAnn, his confidant, his friend. He live with me for six yrs until he had moved 2yrs previous to his death. He was not on drugs--he was in a downward spiral and a bad realtionship with a baby and the girl kept him away from his family--He was isolated and she used the fatherhood as a means of manipulation. I do not blame her they had a very sick realtionship and no experience in dealing with what they had created. I once again weep for all the young people who find themselves in so much pain and despair that they take from the world a light that would shine for others to find their way. Thank you Marie for your bravery and May God Bless you and your loved ones in this loss. It seems the pain will never go away right now for me it has only been four months. He would have been 24 yrs old 12-24-10. I Miss him and love him so much and each night I sit on my deck I see a dancing star over my house. I know his spirit will forever be with us. I saw him on the morning of his death--and he said--"I love you Gran Ann and I know you and Boom-Pa (my husband) love me. I have beautiful memories of him and he was a precious, loving baby, youth and young man. Ann Ford

I am on my couch cuddling my son's hockey jersey. I've been here all day, tears,laughter come and go, on April 15th it will be the one year since my soon passed away. After a 9 month battle with lymphoma,my 24 year old baby left us to be with our Lord.He was my only child and so much more my friend,the person who such a great sense of humor,he was my sunshine!
As I was sitting here today you caught my attention on Oprah. I am so sorry,we should not have to bury our children.I hope I can get to a place where you are, I see your pain but I can also see a fighter in you. We all have our reasons to get up everyday inspite of our loss, today was a hard day for me, and I know it will get a bit harder as we get closer to April 15. phew nights are the worst... Do you have any pointers? Have you ever thought of starting a support group for parents who lose their "grown" babies?

Even something moderated online?

You are in my thoughts..... Gail R

I know exactly how it feels I have just lost my son to suicide on the 14th of February 2011 and the feeling is hard to describe.

We dont know why and at the young age of just 15 he was popular, did well at school and good looking as a mother I wonder why but will never know.

We did not know he was depressed that it stared us in the face, he always laughed was the class clown and a joker so his friends were as shocked as we were. He simply got up from the supper table went to his room and shot himself, total shock.

To all the mothers out there tune into your kids tune into what they do and who they socialise with keep tabs where you can.

Wish I had another chance.

To all mother enduring the same pain be strong and allow yourself to miss them as much as you can.


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