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Malin Akerman encourages men to 'nab' Jennifer Aniston

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman has a bit of a girl crush on Jennifer Aniston, it seems, coming off filming the 2011 comedy "Wanderlust," in which Aniston and Paul Rudd play an urban couple in search of a counterculture lifestyle.

And no, it isn't because of any topless scene -- the cast simply spent a lot of time together on location.

"She is such a loving, genuine woman and fun. You want her to be your best friend," the "Proposal" and "Couples Retreat" actress told People on Wednesday.

Apparently, one of the benefits of being friends with Akerman is a sort of bare-bones matchmaking service as well -- not the jealous type, Malin aimed to drum up some chemistry on Jen's behalf.

"Guys, get out there! Nab her! She is every guy's dream."


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Actress Malin Akerman gets a little sumpin' sumpin' from Marcus Steinle, left, and Steve Graziosa at a Veterans Day event sponsored by the USO and Maybelline New York on Nov. 11. Credit: Amanda Schwab / Starpix, Associated Press

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That's beyond desperate when you have to have someone advertise to make men want you. Jen's every man's dream alright. They never have to worry about Jen coming up pregnant.

If "Rachel" is every man's dream then she failed miserably in holding on to Brad. Sadly, most men end up breaking up with "Rachel", wonder why?

I think the 2 of you posting are idiots. I think it's pretty funny how so many people can judge someone on what the media reports...How honest and truthful are the media? They will make up any type of story to sell a paper or magazine.(I guess everything that has been written about Brad and Angeloonie is the god gosspel truth)
If Jen was a man no one would care what (or who) she was doing!
Look at Hugh Hefner...he is idolized by all the macho men out there...that's ok because he is a man??
Please get over yourselves.
Jennifer also isn't married...meaning I she should do whatever she wants, and enjoy life and have fun however she wants.
I still thinks she is a class act and is hopefully laughing at the idiots like you who think they have the right to judge her.
At least Jennifer's Co-Star that she is linked to is SINGLE Unlike some people I we heard about (Angie & Brad)(LeAnn &Eddie)(Tory & Dean)Just to name a few....

Why are you 2 so ready to torch Jen, She has done nothing wrong just because her relationships didn’t work out it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with her!! May be she didn’t like the type of men they were! Whats wrong with having a little fun with sexy Gerard i mean who wouldn’t? And for all the other guys why are u so ready to believe she was with any of the other guys just because there was a pic of them out together ugh ppl are so ready to make judgments,Then here's a quick judgement everything that has ever been written about Angelina and Brad is the god gossiple truth? Right? And Dancingbear we all know About Angelina and Brad and there affair that you and them claimed never happened!!!!!ROTFLMAO and that is why Jennifer filed for the divorce remember Brad was with Angelina in Kenya!!!!!!!!On the beach with Maddox!

This girl is silly to think Jen needs her "nab" comment. Jen is perfectly fine, talented, beautifully single and needs no assistance from anyone. I guess Akerman is needing publicity.

Yo!!! I'm here!!! Tell Jennifer i wasn't that mean on Days of our lives...


Please post this comment. Be fair and allow other perspectives.

These posts are so perverse. You worship Aniston and buy into these delusions because of the media's corrupt manipulation and misportrayals which play in Aniston's favor. The media is primarily biased against Pitt-Jolie and promotes such an inaccurate perspective on their lives because they managed to sell a pseudo-scandal thanks to Jennifer's calculation, lies, and manipulation. It is also bizarre that people are being twisted enough to act like Aniston is a media target when she is the ultimate beneficiary of the media. You love her because of how the press and her celeb minions promote her. You support her and wrongly hate extraordinary people like Pitt-Jolie because of the media misportrayals. Then anybody who wasn't brainwashed by all of the sleaze gets call an idiots by people who are serving as tools to the tabloids and people like Aniston.

Pitt and Jolie did NOT have an affair and it is disgusting for people to categorize them with scum who actually committ adultery. They are not the first people who deal with false accusations and rumors but they are the first to be officially branded as philanderers and become the objects of spin and unfounded hatred because of it.

Most of the evidence is subjective because it is about personality. It is astonishing to me, how any accurate understanding, insight, information, or perception about Pitt as a man got erased or contradicted because of this pseudo-scandal and Aniston's campaigning! How many of you would have
presumed the worst of Pitt, who most once rightfully perceived as a family-oriented, good, real, and sincere person? He is a nice guy who had been hurt in the past by several of his exes, who displayed disapproval of infidelity and manipulation, was devoted to all of his partners, was nothing but a gentleman and class act, who earned the reptuation of being grounded & trustworthy...but all of that gets forgotten because people were blindsided by
a made up-scandal that got sold out of calculating gossip. Pitt would NEVER cheat, most of his fans once understood that fact, because he is a very nice and conscientious guy who values love, romance, and truth. Jolie made mistakes in the past but had reformed as a person when she became a humanitarian and mother, which was way before Pitt. She also was brutually honest about her life and suffered consequences for her past behavior.
This is another discussion, but Billy Bob Thortnon mislead her by thinking he was single. Jolie would never deliberately cross that line because her father's infidelity caused her mother life-long pain and also Jolie has been
betrayed by men in her past but people can't get pass the false images that the media sells. It is disgusting that Brad and Angelina are being categorized with real adulterers and scandalous people when they lead respectable lives and actually are a good couple.

Fanistons love to believe lies and distort the circumstances according to the
press's misportrayals. Pitt and Aniston annouced their separation in January. It was made clear to the world that their marriage was over. Their behavior and statements indicated it was a mutual, amicable breakup but Aniston
would publicly change her tune and backtrack & attack when Pitt got with Jolie by taking advantage of how the media was misportraying matters and how she achieved the ultimate popularity and press power because of the
victim label which was deeply wrong. Aniston knows how that Pitt would never cheat, he is too kind-hearted and moralistic to do so. Also, she was Pitt's rebound after Gwyneth cheated on him. She also know Pitt was too soft
to speak out against her claims and twisted version. That he was too soft, naive, and shocked at the irrational backlash and lack of loyalty from his fans who quickly bought into an ugly misportrayals. So many celebs in the past, Paul Newman, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Tom Cruise, Penelope, and etc received the benefit of the doubt when having to cope with false accusatins of an affair. Co-star gossip, the co-star being wrongly blamed for the breakup, and rebounding with a co-star are quite common and has happened frequently in the past. Yet Pitt and Jolie who were utterly classy and sincere. Yet Pitt who was well-known to be good and honest, even Jolie
who brutally candid about herself, even in her wild days, got cruicified.

Pitt and Aniston split up in January. They both annouced their marriage was over. Aniston's camp even annouced that she and Pitt were not getting back
together. Their marriage ended when they separated. The legal process
of the divorce was just a formality, like it is with a lot of American couples.
Pitt and Jolie got together unexpectedly about 3 months after he and Jennifer
split up. Photos surfaced of them in Africa with Maddox only a couple of weeks after they started dating before they had the chance to explain matters
or discuss anything with their exes or friends. They were lying low because
it was too early for them to declare themselves as a couple. Also, Africa was far away, it was the primary location of their humanitarian work, and Pitt was
also shooting a movie there and scouting for locations. It is insane how people are declaring that as proof of an affair, when those photos came out
nearly THREE months after he and Jennifer split up. Yes, she filed for divorce
after that but that was just a legal formality, their marriage had ended
several months before April. Their marriage had ended when they separated,
both Pitt and Aniston said that. She also started her relationship with
Vince Vaughn way before her divorce got finalized, but people don't penalize
her for infidelity over that. She knew Vince when she was married for many
years. You don't have people making that ignorant presumption about her.
She also had to deal with her fair share of rumours before their breakup and
was also caught smooching Matt Leblanc off-set on the mouth before she became single. Most people I know who get divorced, don't wait until it is finalized to move on with their lives, because it can take months, years even.
I also know about Jennifer's lack of committment and flirty behavior with
other men.

It is still bizarre to me, how after 15 years of analysis, people just turned against Pitt by buying to false claims that contradict his personality. It was also insane to me that they just bought into Jennifer's acting and PR
opportunisim when she never came across as sincere to me. Her golden girl image that people blindly fell in love with, came out of extension due to her
marriage to a true golden boy Brad Pitt and what people loved about his
personality. People are adoring a fraud with a false image that uses and
manipulates people because she is obsessed with her ego & popularity.

It is no suprise that every celeb she pretends to befriend, sings her praises.
She schmoozes and uses people for that very purpose. Some people
uncovered her tactics and recognizes her for who she really is: an
overrated, shallow, self-centered, manipulative, narcissistic, conniving,
power-hungry, vindictive, two-faced megalomaniac who is just out of control
because she compels everybody to support her agendas and worship her.
She is every man's worst nightmare. She just uses men and play games with
them for her own pleasure or her career. She was hardly committed to her marriage, had no real love for her husband, no interest in family, and pretended to be something she was not, so she could become the golden girl of the world. She is self-serving, fake, ruthless, and opportunistic. She
can ruin a persn but cover up her tracks by blaming other people and using
underhanded tactics.

@T -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. I trust you saw my note on the other post about there being only one of me OKing comments? Has nothing to do with "fair," everything to do with "sleep."


@cdz from the ministry why on earth did you allow that psycho post? is that Brangelina's agent/s or something?

@Sophie -- cdz here. Ya know, sometimes I just enjoy letting people show themselves off exactly as *they* would like the world to see them. Can't resist hitting "publish."

Especially after they go off on me first. ;)

And unless Angelina's agent is hanging out in Haltom City, TX ... I fear that's simply a "passionate fan" chiming in.

Happy New Year to you!! :))


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