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Johnny Knoxville toasts his 'Wild and Wonderful Whites' with Kid Rock, The Situation

KNOXVILLE-JOHNNY Johnny Knoxville would know a good hoedown when he saw it, so naturally the "Jackass" host-turned-actor would be an appropriate host for an authentic backyard barbecue.

Host he did tastemakers and celebs, with Tribeca Film and American Express, to mark the release of "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia," a documentary that Knoxville executive-produced about the intense rural White family. 

Situation-STARTRAKS (1) American-made musician Kid Rock stopped by to chomp on a cigar and chat up former fling Jamie King. Footage was screening and a live performance offered from White family patriarch Jesco, David Alan Wade and film composer Deke Dickerson

Actors Bryan Greenberg and Michael Rosenbaum enjoyed spiked punch and cornbread at the fete, though all eyes were on "Jersey Shore" breakout Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

He of the iron abs came, snacked on barbecue chicken and spiked iced tea, and chatted up partygoers including Brittny Gastineau


Andrew Garfield and Aziz Ansari: friendly Outsiders

Talk about where the boys are -- all hitting the 2010 GQ Men of the Year party

-- Matt Donnelly

Right photo: Johnny Knoxville hosts celebration of "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia." Credit: WireImage 

Left photo: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino throws his deuces over some BBQ. Credit: StarTraks

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It's Popeye! Sitch your the best!

I can tell you as someone from West Virginia that this movie is very painful for our state. Every time we think it's gone away without notice, it pops back up like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. We are all holding our collective breath hoping that this movie doesn't find and audience, or worse yet, becomes some pop culture phenom.

We are already so maligned and bullied in the media and by the rest of the country over our image and this movie only enforces every closely held stereotype the media has worked overtime to perpetuate. It serves absolutely no other purpose whatsoever.

West Virginia has its problems and there are more than enough people who fit the stereotype but the fact is, we are no worse than other states yet we are constantly under the white hot pin light of negative perceptions. This might sound funny and you might laugh but it's painful. Johnny Knoxville is just some piece of excrement looking to make a buck. That's what makes the world go round. It's the White family I blame. They, like so many in this state, were more than glad to lay it on thick for the cameras and cast this state in a horrific light. You would be surprised how much of what is fed to the media is an act. I've never understood it but some people think there is nobility in being stupid, ignorant and backward. And the rest of us here in West Virginia have to live with it.

For once, I'd like the media to come here with an open mind instead of zeroing in on the stereotypes. I've watched the media operate, up close and personal. They will stand idly by while non-stereotypes pass by only to turn and run when a stereotype comes into their sites. Every time there's a national news event, I cover my face in shame knowing what's coming. When the Upper Big Branch mine exploded, the local people bent over backwards to accommodate the media only to be made fools of.

Well, here we go again.

What Mr. Knoxville wont tell you is the filmmakers received a grant to produce this film, then just like big lumber, big coal, and big steel exploited the tragic lives of these people for the sake of entertainment and didn't give them a dime, no royalties, no nothing. To me…that's the story.


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