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Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen cover 'Whip My Hair' [poll]

Willow Smith, watch out -- the old guys are coming for ya, whipping what hair they have left.

In character as Neil Young and singing with Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon covered the tween's debut single, "Whip My Hair," Tuesday on his late-night show.

Who knew Fallon's Springsteen-"Glee" Emmys mashup would lead us here?

Let us know which version you prefer -- you can watch Willow's below the poll.

(And hey, speaking of "Glee," can Sue Sylvester maybe have a chat with Springsteen about that beret? After all, even Gwyneth Paltrow listened up.)


'Pants on the Ground': Jimmy Fallon's 'Neil Young' unplugged version

Willow Smith: All you need to know, including what it's like with Justin Bieber in the picture

-- Christie D'Zurilla


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Are you SURE that's Springsteen playing himself?
He doesn't sing or look like that anymore.
I realize his appearance is something that can be mocked-up with costume and makeup, but it doesn't seem likely that Springsteen could suddenly sing like his old self, even for just two minutes. And if he did, he used up his voice for the night (which also doesn't seem right), because the Springsteen who performed his own songs later in the show didn't have the power of his younger-style voice anymore. He's still capable of singing strong (I saw him in concert only about 2 years ago), but it's a voice that has evolved over time, the delivery doesn't sound quite like his younger self, and it seems at least questionable that he has a secret self-parodying talent.
Has anyone looked at whether someone was playing Springsteen, as Fallon played Young?

it's not a beret,it's a scally (or flat) cap.Brought over from Ireland and very popular with East Coast big city white boys.

Bill Stella - it is him. Take a close look at his features. He was intentionally singing that way as part of the act.

Springsteen was impersonating Bob Dylan.

Nick - he was not impersonating Dylan
Bill - that was most def. Bruce
What he was doing was doing a parody of everyone who impersonates him (Fallon included). And as far as his outfit - thats one of his outfits that he used to wear in the mid 70's: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/112/272638032_bc9a040501.jpg?v=1166382016

Yes, its Bruce. He's impersonating his 1975 Born to Run look. He always wore that type of hat in concert during that tour and he had a beard back then. Easy Google search will come up with lots of photos.

And he's not definitely not impersonating Dylan!

Besides he was the guest for the entire hour.

Folks: Thanks for the replies.
I absolutely recognize the look of Springsteen from the mid-70s (That was never in question.)
My skepticism derives from my sense that I don't know of any other older musicians who can *pretend* to be the kind of singer they were in their late 20s/early 30s.
I'd imagine it was *possible* that someone else was doing it convincingly, that it'd be fairly easy to find someone.
It seemed possible, for a friendly parody like that performance, there's no harm done in bringing in a ringer, but keeping it quiet could have been part of the joke.
It seemed more possible that someone else was doing it than that Springsteen could sing like "young Springsteen". I **guess** Bruce could pull it off because he limited himself pretty much to that one line, but being able to parody oneself convincingly is a pretty rare deal.
I'm as amazed as anyone if/that that's true. I'm only missing seeing an authoritative quote, preferably from Springsteen saying "Yup, that was me." Then I'd believe it for sure.
I'm not posting to cause problems. I just have a healthy skepticism.

@Bill Stella -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. Heck, dude, your question inspired an entire other post!




Thanks heaps for pointing out the post-performance video.

BTW, I was being as tenacious as i could about being skeptical because friends of mine also told me of their doubts, and I promised I'd try to find out. I'm pleased and more than a little amazed this was where I got the answer, but no less grateful to you for being such a big help.

As Fallon said in the clip "That was tight". In this case, confirming and knowing the truth absolutely worked to enhance my admiration for both of them. I doubted, but clearly Bruce *has* revealed a hidden talent. (Which means, by not usually singing in that voice, which would be an easy way to perpetually pull nostalgia, he confirms all the times I've distinguished between people like him who, although aging, (Bettye LaVette, Dolly Parton, Howard Kaylan, Leon Russell, etc.) do not phone it in, and too-many aging slackers.


@Bill Stella -- Credit goes to @silver, who sent me the video link off that first post. @silver is much more hip than I am.



I absolutely love this video. Such a great performance! Major props to THE BOSS... "The Promise" is really great as well. Love!


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