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Cookie Monster auditions for 'Saturday Night Live' [video] [poll]

Cookie Monster auditions for SNL Cookie MacGruber, Cookie news, Cookie Gaga, Cookie crew -- the Cookie Monster has put together a one-man show to audition for host of "Saturday Night Live."

It starts a little slow, but then the wigs hit. So why not take some time out from the pre-Thanksgiving rush and spend it with the "cookie enthusiast" of "Sesame Street"?

Betty White never launched a campaign like this one.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Cookie Monster. Credit: Sesame Workshop

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You know, there's a new Muppet movie next year and I think having Kermit and the Gang host the show would be genius. Dr. Teeth can sit in with the Band, Statler and Waldorf could be in the Audience and Fozzie might even do the Opening Monologue. Seth Meyers might not like what happens during the Muppet News Flash segment.

In all seriousness, the current cast seems to have a real fondness for the Muppets, so the whole thing might really work - With Both the Sesame Street Muppets AND the Muppet Show characters. - Hey, maybe the Gay Couple from New Jersey know Ernie and Bert!

For those young'uns out there, some Muppets were originally on the first Season of SNL, but it didn't work out (huge understatement!). This was BEFORE "The Muppet Show" - Those Muppets have never hosted. I suspect that this is already in the works - I can't imagine they're going to turn down Cookie Monster!

...if Katy Perry's bit with Elmo gets cut from Sesame Street for being too adult, why would Sesame Street want to send one of their characters into the world of adult comedy? Double standard much?

I mean, I love Cookie Monster as much now as I did when I was watching Sesame Street before nap time, but seriously...SNL is not really the place for a Muppet from a show that is too snobby to keep Katy Perry's adorable skit in their show.

Saturday Night Live's gonna let the Cookie Monster host the show?

That'd be the most spectacular "jump the shark" moment in television history.

And Curtis? Nobody cares.

The Cookie Monster and Saturday Night Live seem like a bad combination. The only thing they have in common is that they're both a little dated. Well, maybe a LOT dated.

Seems like kind of a stupid idea to me.

Rolf the Dog, in my opinion, has the better pedigree for hosting SNL. But if Cookie Monster is the one running, I hope he gets it. :)


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