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Conan O'Brien debuts on TBS, for 'people who can't afford HBO'


Conan O'Brien debuted his "second annual first show" Monday night on TBS, riffing off his unceremonious departure from NBC and the "much less" he says he's making doing "Conan" on basic cable.

So, all of you "people who can't afford HBO" who also couldn't find TBS Monday night, pull up a beverage of your choice -- remember, it's still morning, so the boss would probably smile on, you know, coffee -- and mainline a Team Coco fix. The cold opening to the show is embedded above, and his first monologue is below.

By the way, a lot has happened since Conan went off the air, and unlike Jay Leno did when his new show launched, the redhead covers all the old stuff in one fell swoop, instead of pretending folks hadn't heard any jokes since his last show aired.

-- Christie D'Zurilla






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I'm really pissed that Conan took Lopez spot. I know a lot of people in Dallas who aren't happy about Lopez moving to midnight. As a matter of fact, they don't like Conan at all, nor do I.
How was this decision made? You certainly didn't ask the public.
Here's to Conan failing big!

My gal pals and I rotate locations where we get together. I guess you could call us the brew crew gals of Birmingham. We are just sick that Conan has stolen Lopez's spot. Lopez has been apart of our fun since he aired. We don't like Conan and hope the station will reconsider. We have to record Lopez and watch the following night because we work. Why change Lopez when he had a strong following?

Lopez sucks. Long live Conan.

George Lopez wanted Conan to go to TBS and take the 11 pm slot. Lopez knew Conan has a huge following and that with all the viewers tuning in to watch Conan, Lopez's ratings would go up with new viewers tuning in.

Joe, our own government doesn't listen to the general public, why would a television network bother?
Do what I do- watch the show on the internet the next day when it's a good time for you.

I really wasn't aware anyone watched the Lopez show of their own free will.

Conan is a talk show lifer. For George Lopez, this is just a thing to keep his profile fresh until his next gig. Lopez will give it two or three more years then he'll have a new series on TBS called the George Lopez Show and that'll be that. TBS is trying to get into the late night game for a long time and you need someone who can get it done. Lopez is one of my favorites but his forte is episodical comedy, and that's where he'll eventually end up. If you don't like conan, then you'd best find something else to watch, because he's there to stay.

George Lopez is just awful. He is lucky to have a talk show let alone be allowed on the air at all. Didn't actually anyone actually watched his show...huh

SERIOUSLY? Lopez is the least funny person on TV. that's why his ratings are so terrible. He is lucky he still has a job. If they had not signed him to a contract, he would not be on TV.

Conan > Lopez

Conan is the best thing to happen to late night. Lopez, unfortunately, is the worst. His unbearable raspy voice paired with his terrible and meaningless jokes make for an hour of wasted air time that I am overjoyed to see moving to midnight. After Conan last night, I had thought to myself -okay, this is great Conan is back and my life is complete again, cool. you know what, i'm going to give this lopez another chance. lets see how this goes- So i begin to watch. His jokes actually made me angry they were so bland. To try to make them seem better, I noticed he tried adding antics that made no sense, repeating them over and over again as if they might make someone out there laugh after a couple more times of drawing your hands from your nose to your ears. Then he did the spin move. I turned my tv off.

Conan can't lose, fan wise. We're here, and ready to show this cat FULL support.
I went out and bought tickets to his tour and watched him there too! Stop the race related hate comments guys!
There are haters out there who support/watch the George Lopez show, but they don't seem to realize or remember, or flat out KNOW THE FACTS that George Lopez actually INSISTED that conan take the 11pm spot!!!!!
you idiots! Do your damn research before you get beside yourselves anymore!! seriously! You look 200% stupid when you talk without any idea of what you're talking about...

Uhhhhh Joe and Deb, you are idiots. Lopez came up to Conan and offered him the 11:00 time slot...

Conan actually rejected the offer from TBS initially because he didn't want to do to Lopez what NBC/Leno was going to do to him. Lopez personally called Conan to convince him to come to the network at 11 and that he would gladly move his show to 12. So he by no means stole the Lopez spot.

Great to see Conan back..His new look (whiskers) is a great addition.
I along with many fans....wish TEAM COCO...all the best !

Oh by the way I've feature Conan O'Brien's Hair Style (how to get the look)
on my web site George Caroll.com ...Hollywood Hair Styling Beauty Secrets...with styling tips and a few giggles along the way.

Follow your dream...Conan

Fundamental difference between what happened to Conan and what happened to Lopez: Leno many years ago announced he would hand the show to Conan, then took it back in less than a year. Lopez offered the time slot to Conan and even helped promote it on Conan's 24 hour webcam. Lopez has been awesome to offer the time slot to Conan both as a fellow comedian and a smart business man looking for a great lead in. While I liked Lopez' sitcom a lot better than his late night show, I hope folks also help him out by sticking around for his show as well.

The other night i accidentally watched Lozep Tonight for 5 minutes, and now I can't remember why i liked television.

I love G.Lopez and when I saw he had a show I was ready to watch. But he sucks. I don't get why tho. He is so funny live, we always go to his shows when he comes into town. As a Mexican I support his show for that but honestly I LOVE CONAN and wont miss his show. He is way better than Jay and I have always thought so since before all this drama happened. Even G.Lopez is better than Leno.


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