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'Hellcats' star Aly Michalka -- channeling Christina Aguilera circa 1999?

Aly Michalka inspired by Christina Aguilera circa 1999?

Fashions have a tendency to come full circle, and though "Burlesque" star Christina Aguilera might have matured beyond the pop princess wardrobe of her "Genie in a Bottle" days, that doesn't mean others can't pick it up and run with it.

Witness the photos above. At left is Aguilera in 1999. At right, check out Aly Michalka (the blond) from the CW's cheerleader drama "Hellcats."

Light blond wavy-curly hair? Check. Midriff-baring logo top? Check. (Yes, technically Michalka is in character and wearing a uniform, and Xtina is just being herself, but somehow that makes it even better.)

Tell us in comments if you see the resemblance, and who you think rocks the look better.


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-- Whitney Friedlander

Photos: Christina Aguilera arrives at the 1999 Billboard Music Awards, left; Heather Hemmens as Alice, left, Ashley Tisdale as Savannah and Aly Michalka as Marti in "Hellcats" on the present-day CW. Credits: Brian Jones / AFP / Getty Images, left; Sergei Bachlakov / The CW, right

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Oh girl lol christina aguilera looks are timeless weither they are good or bad this one however.... is s good one lol aw memories lol but see nothing wrong with aly bringing it back amen!

Jme†: U R illiterite and its knot kewel. Lurn how to spel bee-4 U post cuz U are wats bringing Amurika downe, grrl.


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