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They wore *what*? A stroll down the AMAs red carpet

Kesha-minaj-willow Though the 2010 American Music Awards broadcast was definitely tamer and more "family friendly" than last year's Adam Lambert explosion, the red carpet still had its share of "OMG" moments Sunday in Los Angeles -- and no, it wasn't just about Taylor Swift's hair.

Among the flashier folks: Ke$ha stepping out in Hefty bag chic, Willow Smith in an '80s-redux onesie, and Nicki Minaj in a sort of Versace meets Carmen Miranda meets "The Fifth Element" ensemble (actually, it was Manish Arora).

Though Justin Bieber didn't stop on the red carpet on his way to winning four awards, including artist of the year, his mentor, Usher, played it cool on arrival in black leather and shades.  

Amas-pictures-refer Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum, the most nominated group of the evening, rocked jackets and ties and a gown, for the lady, with boots for the gents. The team took home one award out of five nods, for favorite country band, duo or group.

Gavin Rossdale shared the "very fluid" dynamics of his rehearsals with Carlos Santana, and members of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys discussed their upcoming mash-up tour. It hits Los Angeles on June 1, ladies -- you know who you are.

Pop & Hiss has instant reviews of the night's many performances -- but be forewarned, Todd Martens was not grading on a curve. Click the pic of Usher and Bieber above for more photos.


Holy blowout, Taylor Swift! What do you think of her straight hair? [poll]

Justin Bieber sits courtside with Jaden Smith, cheerleaders and a big fat Lakers championship ring

American Music Awards 2010: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Santana, Ke$ha and all the performances, graded

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Upper photos: Kesha, left, Nicki Minaj and a map-not-to-scale Willow Smith (she's 5 feet tall, shorter than Minaj by 2 inches, in stocking feet). Ke$ha towers over both of them -- but we wanted to show you the shoes. Credits: Mike Nelson / EPA, left; Jason Merritt / Getty Images, center and right

Lower photo: Usher, left, and Justin Bieber in the press room at the American Music Awards, where between the two of them they took home six trophies. Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP/Getty Images


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If by 'family friendly' you mean boring, they had it down to a T. Blah.....

Can someone clue these idiots on how SILLY they look.

WHAT A BORING WASTE OF TIME! I turned off after only a few minutes, and watched Adam Lambert's True Hollywood Story instead. Now that was entertainment! It is so refreshing to listen to someone who can actually sing, rather than tone-deaf posers using auto-tune.

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder that we don't publish comments that include profanity, even if the word contains asterisks or symbols to fool the filter, or is a profane acronym. I'm the filter, and I sorta figured out those tricks.

Feel free to resubmit clean. Thx!


I didn't bother watching this year. Last year ABC used Adam Lambert's name to get ratings. The whole week before they kept sending out teaser commercials saying "you'll be shocked". LOL!! Turned out to be an understatement. But no one can deny that he was used to get ratings. Articles went up speculating what he was going to do and the AMA website put up a short video of his rehearsal. During the entire broadcast the MC kept saying "shocking performance by Adam Lambert". Well he did shock but only 1,500 out of 15 million complained. ABC's reaction: Blackball Adam Lambert from every broadcast to this day even though he brought some of the highest ratings they'd ever seen. Adam Lambert gave the AMA's priceless free publicity. It was talked about around the world and has been for a year now. Did anyone ever really give the AMA's a second thought before? So what did ABC choose to do? They chose to throw Adam Lambert under the bus. Only 1,500 people complained and ABC cowered to the special interest groups. ABC got what they deserved for the 2010 AMA's, the lowest ratings ever in the 18-49 year old demographic. They catered to "family friendly" and viewers left in droves. I as well as my family and friends and co-workers all watched Adam Lambert on E! instead. ABC two can play at that game.

Have to say I didn't bother with The AMAs this year or the Red Carpet.The obvious snub of Adam Lambert turned me off. He brings men's fashion to a greater level, exciting, creative, rock dapper and not boring. He's also a photographer's dream with his classically beautiful features and model's body. He's also playful, friendly and so articulate. His worldwide over 113 sold out Glamnation Tour speaks for itself. He would have taken the Red Carpet up several notches! I watched his hour long special on E! instead, as did millions of others.From what I hear, the AMAs were more like the teen choice awards. Hope next year will be more about real talent and entertainment and the Red Carpet won't be "ho-hum". Adam Lambert would be a great improvement.

I totally agree with BK99 and those before that post. ABC really shot themselves in the foot,ignoring the double standard and Adam stepping up and taking full responsibility for assuming that 11:00pm would have children in bed and Janet Jackson grabbing male dancers crotch and Emin singing about abusing and raping women would be family friendly, especially after ABCs "shocking promo hype!"His subsequent tv appearances on Leno, Ellen, Oprah,etc.were not shocking and showed his articulate side, explaining in detail very generously, I might add, that ABC hwas not to blame. Viewers have duly noted ABCs hypocrisy and doble standard, as well as bending to a minority of viewers. The overkill is ridiculous and is also noticed. E! had a surge in viewership with an hour long special of a very well done special of Adam Lambert. Very satisfying to many former ABC viewers.

Adam Lambert was what was missing on the Red Carpet. He already has influenced men's fashion and takes out the boring predictability without goung the Gaga route. He dresses like a elegant worldly rock star should, not outrageous, just tastefully interesting. He's also playfully honest, articulate, well informed and great to interview and act as an interviwer.The AMAs really dropped the ball this year and E! picked it up big time with their excellent and well done Adam Lambert True Hollywood Story. I highly recommend the out of touch ABC execs take a look and learn. The AMAs turned into the Teen Choice Awards. The Grammys will most likely be just as irevelant, ignoring valid talent in favor of the bubblegum, autotuned crowd. The grownups that spend money expect vocal ability and real talent, not politics.


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