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Surprise Taylor Swift street concert snarls rush hour traffic in Hollywood


"If you're at Hollywood and Highland around 4 today, my band and I will see you there." So it was written on Taylor Swift's Twitter page Friday afternoon.

Miss Swift, haven't you learned anything from President Obama's mistakes? No matter what Angelenos think of you and your work, we are guaranteed to hate your guts if you snarl up our rush-hour traffic.

Especially on a Friday.

Swift performed her short, surprise Hollywood Boulevard concert atop a double-decker bus with her face splashed all over it. With various streets closed from 1 to 5 p.m., traffic was a mess, eliciting some "fan mail" on Twitter for @taylorswift13:

@WalkerMark10 Just sat in traffic at Hollywood and Highland because Taylor Swift was allegedly singing a song on top of a moving bus...

@TechFrog: Taylor Swift is on Hollywood blvd doing an impromptu concert on the sidewalk and causing traffic. Helicopters above following

@sylviag_: Taylor Swift is causing a traffic jam in Hollywood. Stop waving and start driving! I have places to be.

@katlenhart: I should clarify: I'm OK with Taylor Swift. I'm not OK with major-league traffic.

@brandy29:  Really?! During Friday traffic hour?! Seriously poor judgment on part of organizer. Via @TotalTrafficLA

At least she didn't use the bus to block the Hollywood Freeway, like that other band Angelenos now hate.

Swift move, literally. At least when she played for JetBlue on Thursday at JFK Airport in New York, they didn't have to close the runways.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Taylor Swift performs live for JetBlue Airways at JFK Airport on Oct. 27, 2010 in New York City. Credit: Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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Must be nice to be off work at 4pm!!

And to think I almost came home through Hollyweird tonight! So glad I took the 405! Only an hour an half compared to two hours through the mess that has become Hollyweird. So true to its name. LAPD closes streets so idiots can perform on a bus. How much did the city make at the expense of its citezens?

Apparently her IQ is the same as her age. She's at fault, not her management or agent. To tie up traffic on Friday at 4 or any other time for a promotion should result in at least a fine if not an arrest. Also, didn't she or her people learn from the Freeway tie-up a few weeks ago?

It's 8 PM and traffic is still messed up. Thanks. Appreciate it. Now I know that Taylor Swift's organizer thinks that his job is way more important than life and, now, I will never go to one of her concerts. Even if it is free. How inconsiderate.

Self serving inconsiderate celebrity idiots like this deserve to be on the street performing because they don't have the wherewithal to perform in appropriate venues that don't disrupt the working peoples daily lives.

A nice thing about taking the subway to work is I never have to deal with these inconveniences. Sing away, Taylor, sing away.

Why aren't people up in arms about this like they were about the President snarling traffic?

it is nice to be off at 4...
the quicker to get on that subway and outta traffic!!

There is aways Traffic - This time of day in Hollywood at least we got to hear music - streets were cosed at 1:00 so people had lots of time to find a new way home for just one day - gee- This is not like a freeway was closed down. The concert was great for Hollywood!

Where are all the angry comments about L.A. traffic being snarled? Oh right, it wasn't Obama, it was Taylor Swift. No problem.

It is Hollywood.

IT WAS PLANNED! i was there. waited for her for 5 hourse

The "traffic jam" was definitely not as bad as these people made it seem. I was there today and they closed down Hollywood Blvd between Orange and Highland. She arrived at 4, sang one song, then left. The street was opened up right away. Buncha drama queens.

People...relax! What's wrong with taylor giving a free concert to her fans. Taylor wasn't blocking the road for the whole day. She only performed on her bus for frickin' 6 minutes. I would give anything to be there myself.

Really bad idea, swifty.
Also, that is a terrible pic of her and that dress is so ugly.

Hollywood is thought of as a place to go see show biz STARS (OH! Like Taylor Swift!). So, boo-hoo-hoo, LA Droids!

Buncha self-absorbed mice, all scurrying hither and yon under the pressure of your pseudo-business deadlines. Y'all need to lighten up and learn to enjoy life a bit. Listen to more Taylor Swift! Smile!

Awesome Taylor Swift! Go for it - hahahhaa


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