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Randy and Evi Quaid ask Canada for asylum from 'Star Whackers'

Evi and Randy Quaid leave their asylum hearing in Vancouver, B.C., Canada After being arrested in Vancouver earlier in the week, fugitive actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, petitioned Canadian authorities for safe haven Friday, sending their attorney out in front of photographers with a note indicating they are "requesting asylum from Hollywood 'Star Whackers.'"

"Hollywood is murdering its movie stars," Evi Quaid said at their Friday hearing, during which, according to the Vancouver Sun, the couple alleged eight of their friends had been murdered in recent years and that they feared they were next. They also said they thought they had been treated unfairly by the U.S. justice system.

The Quaids have repeatedly failed to show up in court on various charges, including allegedly skipping out on a $10,000 hotel bill and vandalizing a home they were squatting in -- one that they had once owned.

The Daily Beast reported previously that the Quaids had hired a private investigator to check out who might be trying to kill them. Investigator Becky Altringer said last year that Evi Quaid believed Randy's costars Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine and Natasha Richardson were among those killed by a mysterious group. Michael Jackson was also included on that death list, perhaps for good measure.

Quaid-asylum-note "Randy Quaid told me that he knew Evi needed help, but he didn't want to be the one to commit her," Altringer said Monday on "The Early Show."

How asylum in Canada could protect the couple from the alleged Star Whackers is unclear; Carradine died in a hotel room in Bangkok, which is a good deal farther from the United States than, say, Vancouver. Also, though she died in a hospital in New York, Richardson was injured in a fall while skiing in Quebec.

Ledger overdosed, Penn died of a heart condition, Carradine accidentally asphyxiated and Richardson's death was ruled an accident.

The Quaids are due in court in Santa Barbara on Tuesday.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Evi Quaid, left, and her husband, actor Randy Quaid, background right, are escorted from an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday. Credit: Darryl Dyck / Canadian Press

Bottom photo: Brian Tsuji, the Quaids' attorney, holds up a note written by the couple that he read during a break in the Friday hearing.  Credit: Stuart Davis / Postmedia News/MCT

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Hi. I live in Vancouver. We have enough nuts. Could someone from the US please come and take these extra ones away please?

They're coming to take me away ha ha, they're coming to take me away....


How many martinis do you think their poor lawyer goes through in a week? Sheesh. Nut jobs.

I don't think it's just Evi who is more than a few blocks off Main Street.

Randy's just as whacked out and culpable here.

Perhaps they're trying for a defense of "innocent by reason of insanity"?

I don't see why the lawyer can't recommend to have her committed or at least treated. That would be better than parading this family tragedy for all to see in the media.

Being Jewish is a religion ... Catholics-Protestant once were condemned, tortured and all put to death.

So why IS one religion more important in … Hollywood? More than any other?

IF MEL had said, "curse the Catholics or Lutherans" ... or "those Catholic bastards” ... would be OUTRAGE been LESS? OF COURSE!!

When the POPE is cursed – where is the OUTRAGE?

Tyson is not only a rapist. But he unmercifully BEAT (Robin Givens) HIS WIFE and was a CHRONIC ABUSER w/ghastly photos to prove it.

I think it's simply a "travesty" that a supremely spoiled sophomoric pack of so-called ACTORS can RULE the film industry. LIKE anybody in THAT CAST has EVER DONE anything (frankly) remarkable in THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.


Or, it could be partially true. Sonny Bono had a "skiing accident" that was proven to be rigged. Blood splatter test was all wrong for Bono's "accident." Anyone who thinks 70+ year old David Carradine accidentally hung himself is not thinking clearly. He was hung in the closet postmortem. Crime scene photos prove he did not do it himself. Bono was about to endorse a political hot potato that would have indicted higher ups. His death was an organized criminal event. Carradine had a personal enemy - most likely someone working on the crew of the film he was making OR he died while doing something with someone who wanted to cover it up. If the argument is that Carradine regularly practiced auto asphyxiation, the counter argument is that by age 74, he would not have made such a blunder by using vertical attachment in a closet. Simply hire a massasge therapist to do it for you on a horizontal table. The U.S. did not investigate the Carradine death. You might as well believe the Nazis when they said Hitler was dead. The Nazis were the only witnesses to the alleged suicide of Hitler. Recent bone fragments of Hitler's skull, in storage in Russia, have been proven to be female. I'm sorry to break everyone's simplistic reality tunnel. But, there are no Star Whackers. The Quaids, it seems, may simply be out of money. I'm just keeping it real, dawg.

This is all the work of Evi Quaid. Whenever you seem them, in court or in mugshots, Randy shows the appropriate shame. Evi, on the other hand, is always beaming. She loves this stuff.

She's either starved for attention or a total whack job. Or both.

I think Evi & Randy Quaid are posting as Karen Lee on here ... seriously, finally someone is talking about mental illness when referencing these two but even though they're pointing to Evi, Randy would have to be a bit off to go along with these paranoid fantasies. Sad.

I just think it is so sad to see this. First their child dies and now they are losing their minds.

I suspect crystal meth?

Yeah, I believe it's Evi who's the nut job (albeit a smart one) here. All for attention. Let's face it. Randy Quaid hasn't had a good paying job since "Christmas Vacation" and her, well, you tell ME where you heard of her other than all the press lately. At any rate, I feel for the both of them since they obviously need someone to feel for them. As they old saying goes, "You want to play, then you got to pay" and looks like they played and haven't paid. Yeah I feel sorry for him, not so much her. If HE was the nut job, 99.9% of ALL WOMEN would have done left his ass for now. Dump her Randy, hookers are cheaper!

"Can't sleep, Star-whackers will eat me..."

They should be seeking asylum. Insane asylum.

Yes, they should be given asylum. AN INSANE ASYLUM!!!

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder -- there's no dark conspiracy, we just don't publish comments that include profanity or (in general) links.

Feel free to resubmit without.



How does the saying go? "Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean that they aren't out to get me."

Extortionists, kidnappers and murderers are ultimately attracted to famous people with money. Seeing their friends and colleagues dying in bizarre circumstances must really be freaking them out. I feel for them - even if it is paranoia.


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