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Judge gives Oksana Grigorieva a 300% child support raise from Mel Gibson

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson A judge on Thursday ordered Mel Gibson to boost his child support payments to Oksana Grigorieva to $20,000 a month from the $5,000 he's been giving his ex-girlfriend. Hey, now we all know of someone who's getting a nice raise!

Eleven-month-old daughter Lucia reportedly needs round-the-clock security, plus the usual necessities like food and medical care -- plus mother and child were used to the "Mel Gibson lifestyle," sources close to Oksana told TMZ.

Lucia was born in October 2009, and Gibson and Grigorieva broke up in April, with Oksana hinting days later that there might be a scandal. (Gee, ya think?)

The actor's divorce from Robyn Gibson, his wife of almost 30 years, with whom he had eight children, is not yet final, though a report Thursday indicated a settlement might be near. Robyn filed for divorce in April 2009.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson at the Spanish premiere of his film "Edge of Darkness" on Feb. 1. Credit: Juan Medina / Reuters.

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Yes, Mel Gibson needs to take care of his child. Round the clock security could cost 6 to $10,000 a month. Also, Oksana should be getting a million a month for putting up with the alcoholic abusive behavior of Mel Gibson. He is still attacking her through the media. Shame on those in the media for condoning abusive behavior toward women or others.

Look at the cyber bullying going on in the country--the insensitive behavior towards others.

Mel wanted the child, and didn't believe in birth control because of his religion--and he is the typical abuser. He's a perfect example of what is wrong in the country. He abuses, threatens to kill, and accuses his partner of the very things he is guilty of. He is afraid to look as his own soul. He was also feeling guilty for using prostitutes, and that is why he was so jealous of Oksana.

Except for her child, I'm sure Oksana is sorry for ever believing in Mel Gibson. By the way, I hope Robin gets a large chunk of Mel Gibson in the divorce. I'm sure she went through a living hell with him.

The Judge should not have done this.

The gold digger should to be arrested for extortion,

Not that any child should be denied anything... but doesnt that seem a bit steep?

I dont know-- I cant comprehend that much money for support-- then again I really dont understand the situation...???

Was Tennessee Williams talking about Oksana Grigorieva when he said, "The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite"?

Oksana has brought out every piece of ammunition imaginable to score a financial package but extortion doesn't pay. Didn't she see "Ransom"?

If you plug the keyword "gold digger" into the Google search box, Oksana Grigorieva's name is a top ten result. Poetic justice?

WindyD: Your comments that Mel Gibson is still attacking her through the media needs citation from a reputable source. I have not seen anything in the LATimes re: Mel Gibson attacking Oksana in the media. Even Mel's lawyers are not trying to litigate this case in the tabloid press. If anything, Oksana is the one who has hired PR reps, not lawyers in this matter.

If the judge, after reviewing the child's needs feels that $20,000 per month child support is justified, then so be it for the time being unless the matter is appealed.
Although, $20,000/month is only $240,000 per year, and Mel, the best thing for you to do is to make sure that a conservator is appointed by the court to make sure the money is being spent on the child's interest and not to enrich the Oksana lifestyle.

Even though it's A LOT of money, Mel can afford it. And, if this is all he is forced to give her - I'd say he got off CHEAP! Small price to pay for peace of mind.

Run Mel!

This won't satisfy her though - you watch - she'll be screamin' for more soon.

Please.....Oksana is insane, it is very obvious. Mr. Gibson needs to toss her out of the house and allow her to live on the money she is getting. The house now doesn't seem to be factored into the child support monthly amount. In fact, Judges hate to do this with houses. They prefer separate arrangements and separate incomes paying for homes and etc. I think Oksana is in for a very big surprise. She should be silenced however with some kind of rightful justice to shut her mounth on this mess. It is pathetic.

Mel needs help...I mean he's had trouble before...he's left his wife of 30 yrs..he got in trouble with the law..Gee this sounds like Alec Baldwin...

Seems like as some men get older they easily go into rages over the smallest things and because everyone loves their movies, they can murder someone and it makes it okay cause they are movie stars. Very sad for the woman and child.

If this scam artist Oksana hadn't pulled the same stunt on Timothy Dalton she might be able to fly under the radar, but ALL her skeletons have fallen from the closet. She has a long history of 'extorting' well-to-do Older men. Those tapes have been spliced, and diced to be self serving to HER. Audio forensic EXPERTS have already said there are TWO tracks, and she is using a HIGH quality microphone. The (so-called) picture evidence was debunked by her OWN dentist! And Anyone who has ever played with photo-shop can tell you how easy it is to layer that type of evidence. Real Domestic Violence victims GOTO the police, not their lawyer (which I might also add, she has gone through FORTY, Yes 40 lawysers so far!)
I believe very soon we will see HER get arrested, and Mel Gibson's family will be taking VERY, VERY good care of Baby Lucia. Hopefully she will be immediately DEPORTED after serving her time, (since she IS here illegally!) and baby Lucia will never have to be tainted by such an opportunistic witch who uses her kids as social steps on her ladder to fame. Tim Dalton, isn't it about time you stepped up and got your SON out of that situation..? Or are YOU ok with your son growing up thinking the way SHE acts is how ALL women Should act? Mel shouldn't have to be the ONLY man to stand up for his child here!



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