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Lindsay Lohan sent back to rehab until Jan. 3 -- no jail

Lindsay-lohan-october-22 Lindsay Lohan avoided jail and was sent back to the Betty Ford Center by Judge Elden Fox on Friday in Beverly Hills as a consequence of violating probation with two dirty drug tests in September, L.A. Now reports.

"You're staying there past the New Year, and there is a reason for that," Fox said. "I'm not going to be manipulated.

"If you can make it to Feb. 25, I'm going to convert this case to unsupervised probation," Fox continued, according to Access Hollywood. "Hopefully, you'll put this long episode behind you."

The actress must stay in rehab until Jan. 3 and her SCRAM bracelet will come off, but she'll still face random drug and alcohol testing, TMZ reports. Fox had said he'd send Lohan to jail for 30 days in the event of a probation violation, but was convinced by the center's report and a handwritten letter from Lohan that a return to rehab was the better move.

Lohan cried and said "thank you," according to TMZ.

With attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, Lohan showed up about half an hour early for her 8:30 a.m. hearing at Beverly Hills Courthouse, breaking a habit she's displayed over the years of slipping in by the skin of her teeth, and even showing up late for the July 20 hearing where she was sent to jail.

The starlet's parents Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan were both in court, though on opposite sides of the room. Michael is under a restraining order requiring him to stay away from his ex-wife.

The "Mean Girls" actress voluntarily entered rehab in late September at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage and remained there until 4 a.m. Friday.

Despite an alleged attack Thursday night outside his Santa Monica home, Lohan's estranged daddy Michael was spotted in the crowd outside. Typically, a statement to the media has followed such an appearance, but this week Michael made a statement that he was done making statements about his daughter.

 -- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan arrives for a probation violation hearing at Beverly Hills Courthouse on Friday. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press


"You're staying there passed the new year and there is a
reason for that."
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You know what really upsets me, I so don't get how come everyone is so hard on Lindsay yet little Princess Hilton does whatever the dang blast she wants and gets a get out of jail card every single time, heck come on she lies to the cop, had cocaine on her, oh and less we forget her other little pot episode for which she was again given a get out of jail free card. Yet each time they throw the book at Lindsay what gives, this is a load of crap if you ask me, and I know nobody has, however I think its wrong, I am however glad she is in rehab because it is evident she needs the help and she even seems happy and doing well, I for one wish her all the very best, I hope and pray she get sober and stays that way, she'll have a brand new view on life and it really is a great life when your clean and sober. I just hope she is able to loose the crowd she hangs around with because if she doesn't her sobriety will be at a huge risk. I do agree with those saying she needs to stay away from her mother, its too much stress for a person as young as her, how is she suppossed to take care of her when they are all worrying about themselves. I wish she'd give her dad a chance, he really does seem to really care about her, but only if he also is clean and sober, something I don't ever see in her mother's future,sadly!
Best of luck to you Lindsay, and I mean this straight from the heart!
Hugs, nikkixo

I think it is great that Lindsay Lohan can go back to rehab and avoid jail. She is a fun actress, a pretty face, and could turn her life around if she just wants to bad enough.

I never feel upset that anyone in Hollywood or anywhere else avoids jail time because of celebrity status. I am not bitter about that because I don't do anything for which I could be arrested, therefore it isn't as if they are getting away with something I have to pay for due to my lack of celebrity status.


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