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Lady Gaga with Yoko Ono: Please explain? [caption this]

Lady-gaga-yoko-ono The official caption for the photo at left is "Singer Lady Gaga, left, and singer-artist Yoko Ono perform at 'We Are Plastic Ono Band' at the Orpheum Theater on Oct. 2, 2010, in Los Angeles."

We have no doubt you can do better -- so would you help us out, in comments? Keep it clean, please, and feel free to aim for  ridiculous, sublime or all points in between.

In addition to Gaga, guest performers included Perry Farrell, RZA, Carrie Fisher, Vincent Gallo, Harper Simon, Cornelius, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Haruomi Hosono and Merrill Garbus (aka Tune-Yards), Mike Watt and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.

Read a review of the show on The Times' Pop & Hiss blog.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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Yoko Ono gives 'Nowhere Boy' John Lennon's stamp of approval at film's premiere

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...and I thought my hat was ridiculous

Gaga concedes early at the start of International Staring Contest. No one has beaten the Dragon Lady, no one.

So that's what happens after I take the colon cleanse.

Gaga and the gag-gag

Goodness, I didn't know John meant this when he told me to to Imagine!

@Chad Gerard -- Ha!



If Sean evers brings something like this home...

shame this has nothing to do with john lennon, but the publicity machine and fame mongers.

Yucko and Gagme

Jiminy Cricket is supposed to be looking for the North Star but is being mesmerized by the Southern Lights!

Lady Gaga thinks "Yoko Ono... crap there goes my career!"

Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon

"she got very very little egg roll"-yolk...i mean yoko

Gees Yoko,sorry you did not get the memo about wearing matching abyss outfits, but your shining time station conductor outfit is cool too.

I've never been an Ono fan and really not interested in Lady Gaga so this picture of them together just makes me laugh! Yoko Ono's only claim to fame was that John Lennon married her. If it weren't for that there would be no way in hell that anyone would remember her name as any measure of talent (particularly musical talent) is sorely lacking there. I always wondered what happened to Cynthia Lennon who, unlike Yoko, has chosen to keep a low profile all these years and not make a public spectacle of herself by riding on the coat tails of once being married to a Beatle. She's a classier act in her silence than Yoko ever has been or ever will be.

Lennon's message just gets cheaper and cheaper...................

Lady Gaga has a out of the body experience , while channeling the ghost of elvis..... will she return same gaga time same gaga channel

LGBT in the Sky With Diamonds

Yoko's mind is in the gutter while Gaga's eyes look to the stars.

Lady Gaga racking her brain trying to figure out who the old Japanese broad on stage with her is.

"All we are saying is give good taste a chance."

The first time in her life Yoko Ono has said the words "Oy vey!" out loud.

Lady Gaga believed her crew when they jokingly told her, "Whatever you do, never look Yoko directly in the eyes."

"No, young lady, you are not going out of the house dressed like that."

Vincent Gallo was the surprise of the night when he ever so sweetly sang Yoko Ono's song I'm going away Smiling". He stole the show


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