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Kim Kardashian turns 30 in Las Vegas with Khloe, Kourtney and friends

Kim Kardashian celebrates her 30th birthday Kim Kardashian said goodbye to 29 on Friday night in Sin City, surrounded by her mom, sisters and closest pals.

For her 30th birthday bash, Kardashian checked in with matriarch Kris Jenner and siblings Khloe and Kourtney to The Palazzo's Siena suite, where the girls primped and prepped for a night out at Tao Asian bistro.

Kelly Rowland, Lala Vazquez, Brittny Gastineau, rapper Trina and Mr. "Girls Gone Wild" Joe Francis joined the family for a dinner of sea bass and sushi, followed by a massive party at the adjoining nightclub. Hosted by video game Fallout: Vegas, the bash saw Kardashian in a body-hugging silver number by John Richmond -- with a pair of spiked Christian Louboutins she got for the occasion from Khloe and husband, Lamar Odom

Kim has mixed feelings about the milestone birthday, she told People: "It sounds so old ... it sounds so old. And then the other half of me is like, I feel so accomplished, and it's really no different than 29."

Jenner took the opportunity to remind Kim that she'd had four children by the age of 30, and if Kim happens "to find a husband and have 1,000 kids, I'd really be happy." 

Kardashian celebrated until 2 a.m. at Tao, where Rowland took the mic and serenaded her friend with her single "When Love Takes Over."

Sound like a day to remember? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kim Kardashian poses with her  birthday cake. Credit: Denise Truscello

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"I feel so accomplished"?

Now I don't begrudge you your moment in the sun or your 15 minutes of fame or whatever, but let's not turn it in to more than it is sweety - you haven't actually ACCOMPLISHED anything.

really now, is this news? does anyone care?

Accomplishing what. Their show is just a total waste of time. Even though I tend to watch parts of it when it is on. However, it is just a total waste of tim.e

I was there and we had such a good time!!! Happy Birthday Kim!

Anyone who says she never accomplished anything clearly has not seen her homemade porn tape. It delivers the inspirational message to girls everywhere: if you want to be afforded a life of privilege: record yourself having sex! Well done, Kim!

Wow. I can't believe so many people are leaving negative comments about Kim. For those who say nobody cares, ummm apparently you do if you took the time to research her 30th birthday. & for those who say she hasn't accomplished anything, you are just plain dumb and ignorant. You think her life is easy? She's beautiful and strong but she also works hard for what she has and for who she is. So she made a porn video, do you care? That made her famous, well Great for her. Bet u wish you were her. People really need to stop being ignorant!

i saw the porno, it was hardcore. ray j jack hammered that! congrats to selling your own home movies hunny.

"I feel so accomplished..."

Whoring yourself out is no accomplishment!

Well why didn't I hear about this sooner?! I've been here in Vegas for the weekend

who ever is leaving negative comment are the biggest haters!!!!! and all of you people saying bad things are so jealous.You have to be a girl, and you have to be really UGLY, and thats why your leaving negative comments about her because your ugly.... LMAOOOO>>


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